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Jerusalem Jewish Heritage Private Tour From Tel Aviv
"We’ll start our tour at the Western Wall – “Kotel” as it is called in Hebrew. Visitors who stand at the Western Wall most often have a sense of not only the rushing presence of the “now-and here” but also of all those who for centuries streamed to this the most sacred place to the Jewish people. Two thousand years ago it was a part of the most magnificent building Jerusalem had ever seen – The Temple. We’ll further proceed to the Jewish Quarter where plenty of religious and historical sites of worldwide importance are actually “squeezed” together. We’ll walk through The Cardo which had been Jerusalem's main street 1500 years ago and is now one of the most interesting sites in the Jewish Quarter. And we’ll visit “Hurva” (“Destructed”) Synagogue which was the largest building in the Jewish Quarter prior to its destruction during Israel's War of Independence. For decades only a lone arch remained as symbol of the Quarter’s destruction.We’ll descend the Herodian Quarter
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Little Town of Bethlehem Half Day Trip from Jerusalem
"Your day tour begins with an air-conditioned drive south-east from Jerusalem to the holy city of Bethlehem. Focusing on the Nativity your visit begins at the Church of the Nativity - widely cited as the birthplace of Christ and one of the oldest surviving Christian churches in the world.The hub of religious activity in Bethlehem is Manger Square which is flanked by the Church of the Nativity and also the Mosque of Oman - a site of importance for the many Muslims who and go on to explore the Milk Grotto. Here you will notice the white color of the chalk walls which tradition states was caused by a drop of milk that fell while Mary was feeding the baby Jesus.Visit the Greek and Catholic churches before moving onto the Shepherd Fields where the 'shepherds watched their flocks by night'. Returning by air-conditioned coach to Jerusalem you'll take home special memories of your visit to this must-see Holy Land city."
From $70.00
"5-Day Israel Tour from Jerusalem: Dead Sea
"5-Day Israel Tour from Jerusalem: Dead Sea Nazareth and Masada""Your 5-day Israel experience combines guided tours during the day and evenings spent at your leisure. Breakfasts are included on each day with the exception of Day 1 and your guide can provide suggestions on local restaurants to enjoy the rest of your meals.For the first three nights of your tour you'll stay overnight in a 3-star hotel; your final night is spent near the Sea of Galilee at an Israeli kibbutz giving you a taste of traditional Israeli culture.The accommodation for this tour are with at Shani Hotel in Jerusalem and Nof Tavor Hotel in Kibbutz Mizra."""
From $802.00

More Transportation in Ramallah


Travel between Jerusalem and Ramallah

To get to Ramallah most people travel from Jerusalem. Buses to Ramallah depart from Nablus Road opposite Damascus Gate, Old City as early as 6 AM. The bus depot on Nablus Rd is essentially just a car...
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Getting to Ramallah

Most people coming to Ramallah do so from Jerusalem. You can get Arab buses and service taxis to Ramallah from the station on Nablus Road near the Damascus Gate. Because you're entering the West Bank,...
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Kalandya check point

To get to Ramallah, you'll have to go throught the check point of Kalandya. So the taxi will drop you there... you'll have to walk a while. If you are a foreigner, the israelian soldier will not make...
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Things to Do Near Ramallah

Things to Do

St Anne Church

part two of my St. Anne Church tips with more picture of the crypt below where the Virgin Mary was born. Saint Anne was the Mother of the Virgin Mary and this Site along the Old City of Jerusalem,...
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Things to Do

Church of the Flagellation

The actual Station two of the Via Dolorosa is the Nearby Church of the Comdemnation and the Station 1 is a few feet across the narrow street facing the Church of the Flagellation at the Al Omariya...
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Things to Do

Via Dolorosa

The Way of Sorrows If you have seen "The Last Passion of the Cross" or any of dozens of other commercial or religious movies about the life, especially the last few days, of Jesus the Christ or Issa,...
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Things to Do

The Old City Gates

Part of the Jewish Quarter below the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall and extending near the Dung Gate was formerly the Morrocan Quarter (which existed from after the time Saladin defeated the...
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Things to Do


The Kenneset is the Israeli Parliment and this is where they sit in Jerusalem. If you are interested in seeing where everything starts in Israel there are tours, so take a look at the...
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Things to Do

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Daily the church opens at 4:00 in the morning and it closes between 7.00 pm, and at 9.00 pm between April and September. According to Eusebius of Caesarea, the Roman emperor Hadrian in the 2nd...
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