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City Scenes/Streets/sqaures Tips (4)

the scene of car accidents

you have probably heard of the city scene, gay scene, or film scene. but have you ever watch a car accident scene? then welcome to jeddah.

if there is a terrible car accident across the street, people would pull off, park aside, and then watch! i mean it.

it's very common and people love it unfortunately instead of helping out. i once saw this a very horrible car accident, with such a huge crowd, probably over 100 people, blocking the main road. since i couldn't look, my driver slowed down so he could watch. there was a burnt empty car, as he saw. people were parking aside on the service road, standing on main road's pavement. horrible!

i dont like doing that myself but it's such a scene to be in, very jeddawi!

Nov 28, 2007

Rubbish Bins in all sizes and shapes

today is my first time ever i notice the rubbish bins of jeddah. surprisingly they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. i thought that there was only one company responsible for cleaning up the streets, which was the orange relatively large bins. But i find out today they can come blue, green, orange and even beige and brown!
The size depends on the purpose of usage. the small ones are of a man's height for the street sweeper's use. the middle ones are for districts and houses. the big ones for buildings rubbish.
funny noticing that! as in london, i used to see only black bins or plastic clear bags in tube stations. guess jeddah is ghair and unique even in how they collect rubbish;^)

Mar 04, 2007

Take a look at flowers...

Jeddah is very metropolitan city. However if you look closely along the streets, you'd see very beautiful flowers. Believe me, you'd get wondering how such flowers ever exist in here.
For more pictures, see the travelogue.

Apr 25, 2005

Shafe'i house

Here is the famous Shafe'i house that serves as a headquarters for Sami Angawi a famous Hejazi Architect's Amar company!

Feb 28, 2005
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King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Street, PO Box 19541, Jeddah, 22573, Saudi Arabia
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Madinah Road, P.O. Box 41138, Jeddah, 21521, Saudi Arabia
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Old City

Beit Matbouli is one of the few traditional houses in Old Jeddah (al Balad) open to the public. It was recently converted into a 'museum' but it is not quite so. I walked into it in Oct 2015 and it...
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