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Museums of Beirut Day Tour
"Enjoy a fascinating introduction to Lebanon's vibrant history. The National Museum of Beirut holds countless treasures through which you will witness the living proof to the country's rich heritage. Mim gets its name from the 24th letter of the Arab precisely because it is the first letter of the Arabic words for museum minerals and mines. The museum exhibits more than 1400 minerals representing around 300 different species from over 61 countries. Then we will head to Lebanon’s central bank Museum where you will know more about the central bank’s roles and responsibilities in keeping the stability of the Lebanese economy and financial system.The last destination is a walk in Hamra streets where we will encounter shops restaurants
From $80.00
Small Group Tour to Biblical Highlights of the Galilee from Jerusalem
"After you have been picked up from your hotel in Jerusalem drive to Tel-Aviv to start your exciting full day tour to the north visiting Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. You will then be driven along the coast to visit the city of Nazareth where Jesus spent his childhood. Proceed to Tiberias and visit the history and the Jordan River. It is here that Jesus is said to have been baptized. Before ending your day and returning to point of departure you will stop to visit the famous baptismal site at Yardenit. Having followed in the footsteps of Christ you will be returned to the point of departure.""""Enjoy a fascinating full day trip to Israel's biblical highlights of the north visiting the town where Jesus spent his childhood
From $95.00
Hot Air Balloon Flight Including Champagne Gourmet Breakfast and Souvenirs
"Travel the winds with this bestseller package. Imagine morning breeze caressing your face while standing in a field in a beautiful valley the first rays of the morning sun through the trees and you standing in front of a giant hot air balloon high in the air! Ready to take you on a journey with the winds you are invited into the balloons basket.You will be instructed to meet the team at the 'take off' location. First of all you will see the city of Nazareth mount. Gilboa the kingdom of Jordan and much more. After the amazing flight you will enjoy the opening ceremony of a traditional bottle of champagne after landing. You will then have a picnic in nature with rich and luxurious breakfast with a unique menu in the landin
From $225.00

Souk El-Hamidiyeh Tips (20)


I don't suppose many of us will ever get the chance to wander around Damascus in the near future but if things cool down their it is certainly worth wandering around the souks. I could not resist the temptation of taking this photograph of a crooked house which can be seen through one of the small enclave at the souk. Let us hope that it is still standing today.

davidjo's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2016

Make way for shoppers!

If Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world – if not the oldest city in the world – one would expect it to have a considerably old souq. Damascus does not disappoint whatever the visitor’s expectation might be in this regard. Al-Hamidiya Souq is a massive complex, teeming with merchants selling everything imaginable, as well as restaurants and sweet shops that cater to traditional tastes (such as the ice cream shop Bakdash). Of course, many of these stores, at least before the outbreak of unrest and the civil war, had an eye to the tourists came in from Europe and North America, but their main clients continued to be Syrians and the hordes of Iranian tourists who came for religious pilgrimage and stayed for the shopping. Al-Hamidiya may have a covered arcade that is similar to shopping areas in Paris or Brussels, but it is in fact a remnant of Ottoman rule, despite incorporating older architectural features, such as the Ruins of the Jupiter Temple.

mikey_e's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2012

Al-Hamidiyah Souq

The largest and most popular market in Damascus. Located just beside the citadel, ending in the large Umayyad Mosque plaza entrance. The market is full of people and shops that sells anything from foodstuff to clothing. I passed by here just for the ambience.

June.b's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2010

Al hamaidiya indoor market :-

This souk is similar to but smaller than that in Istanbul. The main section is devoted mainly to clothes, especially for women, There are shops for tablecloths and decorated table mats, sheesha pipes, toys and a myriad other things. Light filters down from the roof or from side streets.
It can be very crowded, but also great for people watching. The drink sellers in their fez and bright garments are photo-shy which is a pity as they are so colourful.
At the end on the market is a courtyard with some ancient pillars and then the entrance to the Omayyad Mosque.

We were not tempted to buy anything.

uglyscot's Profile Photo
May 31, 2010
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A Main Attraction

This massive souk seems to be the main thoroughfare into the old city, as it ends on a square at the Umayyad Mosque. It is not the most exciting of the Damascus souks, but still a great place to stroll. It is always busy.

Mostly textiles and clothing are sold here, although there are also some souvenir shops.
There are many touts approaching you with invitations to their shops, located in other souks or areas.

PierreZA's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2010

Souks of Damascus

Since ancient times, Damascus has been known as a commercial centre due to its strategic position at the end of the southern caravan routes traversing through Arabia and Africa. As a result, it developed a large market (called "souk") which has become the focus of daily Damascene life. The souk is in fact divided into several adjacent souks, each sometimes specialising in a different product (silk, spices, etc.), though over time, this feature became less pronounced. The most famous is called Souk Al-Hamidiyya, which runs just south of the Citadel from the western city wall to the Roman Propylaea and the Omayyad Mosque. Others include Souk al-Bzouriya (spices, nuts), Souk al-Harir (silk), Souk Midhat Pacha, and Souk al-Attarin (perfumes). These souks tend to be covered to shelter shoppers from summer heat. When visiting Damascus, you must allow yourself at least a day to wander through the souks and discover intriguing merchandise. The friendly shopkeepers are usually delighted to offer you tea. For more photos, click on the travelogue: Souks of Damascus.

MM212's Profile Photo
Apr 10, 2008

Souq al Hamadiyyeh

This bazaar is very busy and crowded all of the time. There are pushy merchants of course here and in all bazaars, but I found the pressure much less here than in Cairo for example where the merchants are very pushy and pratically follow you and plead with you to visit their I found it much easier to navigate through this was very crowded, people everywhere, but the merchants didnt really bother you much.

Bavavia's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2008

Souk Al-Hamidiyya

Souk al-Hamidiyya took its current form in the 19th century, when the governor of Damascus enlarged a much older souk and covered it with its characteristic corrugated iron roof. It is named after the Ottoman Sultan Abdel Hamid II. The two-storey shops which line it sell a range of goods including clothes, accessories, jewellery and carpets.

One thing you will notice is the dappled lighting affect produced by the sun streaming in through the hundreds of bullet holes in the roof. these were cause by celebrating Arab riflemen after the Turks and Germans retreated in 1917. Then more were added in 1925 by machine guns in French planes, firing down at Syrian rebels.

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Apr 14, 2007

Top 5 Damascus Writers

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"Fascinating, fabled city"
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"Damascus - دمشق"
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"touching the sky of pleasure"
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Who will buy?

Light twinkles like stars through the bullet holes in the iron roof of the Hamidiyeh Souq, and the lamps lining the wide passage give the whole place a glow. Below is a seething, heaving mass of people - local women shopping for everyday items, girls pointing at elaborate wedding dresses, carpet and curio salesman trying to lure tourists in to their shops, men with stuffed hawks sitting on their wrist, boys selling the flourescent-lit tubes and other knick-knacks you see all over the world, families heading for the icecream parlours. Druze women in their delicate white muslin veils, old men in traditional dishdashas and checked keffiyehs, young girls in jeans and their mothers in hijab. On and on it goes, until finally you come out into the sunshine of the newly smartened-up square in front of the Omayyed Mosque.
Come back again after 6 and all is shuttered and closed. A few last people are drifting around but that is all. Now is the time to see just how big the souq is before you too take yourself off to your evening pursuits.
Before it closes for the day, stop at the icecream parlour (the second one down) for a mastic icecream covered in chopped pistachios. I'm not all that fond of it, MrL loves it - you need to try it though, it's a favourite Damascus treat.

TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2007

Souq Al-Hamidiyeh

This souq is gigantic and crazy! I personally did not like it as the souq in Aleppo was much better and relaxed (it put me in the buying mood). This souq is nice for people watching though, but as far as shopping goes I though there was too much junk to sift through in order to find anything. The Al-Tekiyeh Al-Sulaymaniyeh Mosque is a MUCH nicer place to buy gifts as the merchandise is higher quality.

xristos83's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2006

Temple of Jupiter turned Souq

The Souq al Hamideh is not as large as the souk in Aleppo by my reckoning, and bargains seemed fewer. However, the retrofit iron and steel roof, shot full of holes by French air assault in 1925 and again in 1945, provides a curious appearance of a constellation of tiny lights in an otherwise dimly lit environment. Outside the citadel wall entrance, the image of Assad reminded had everyone that little would change as long as he's in power. On the first visit, we walked past the shops and spent most of our time examining the columns and arches that are the remains of the Temple of Jupiter.

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Mar 24, 2006

The old souk

Souk El-Hamidiyeh:

one of Damascus oldest places,it`s filled with shops and restaurants.
The prices here are very cheap,make sure you bargain to get the best price for your souvenirs.

It runs 500 meters from east to west and ends at a Roman archway before the Umayyad mosque.

This bazaar has been rebuilt several times, most recently in the 13th century. It is built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress. Some of these remains can still be seen as you walk through the souk.

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Dec 13, 2005

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