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Museums of Beirut Day Tour
"Enjoy a fascinating introduction to Lebanon's vibrant history. The National Museum of Beirut holds countless treasures through which you will witness the living proof to the country's rich heritage. Mim gets its name from the 24th letter of the Arab precisely because it is the first letter of the Arabic words for museum minerals and mines. The museum exhibits more than 1400 minerals representing around 300 different species from over 61 countries. Then we will head to Lebanon’s central bank Museum where you will know more about the central bank’s roles and responsibilities in keeping the stability of the Lebanese economy and financial system.The last destination is a walk in Hamra streets where we will encounter shops restaurants
From $80.00
Private Tour: Pompeii Rail Tour from Sorrento with Family Tour Option
"Meet your private guide at Sorrento train station and set out on your private morning or afternoon trip.At the station catch the train to Pompeii (own expense) and admire the Bay of Naples as your guide shares tales about the Roman town and how it lay buried under ash for centuries after the devastating eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD.After a roughly 30-minute journ leave the train and walk to the Pompeii site entrance. Head inside (own expense) with your guide and enjoy a walking tour of the highlights.As you stroll listen avidly as your guide describes the rituals of daily life here and how 20000 of Pompeii’s citizens perished in the eruption. As this is a private tour talk to your guide about seeing more or less of any sites so they can tailor the itinerary to your particular interests.Walk down the well-preserved streets
From EUR43.00
"Private Tour: Nazareth
"Private Tour: Nazareth Tiberias and Sea of Galilee Day Trip from Jerusalem""Leave your centrally located Jerusalem hotel or prearranged location in a comfortable private vehicle and drive north to Nazareth Jesus’ childhood home in the Galilean hills. As you travel chat to your guide about tailoring your itinerary to your interests perhaps to spend more time at a particular site than another.Arrive in Nazareth and head to the old quarter as you learn how the town became a bastion of Christianity as the story of Jesus spread
From $121.00

More Local Customs in Palmyra

Desert Bedouins

Palmyra's natives are originally bedouin tribes linked to Arabia. Their traditions and Arabic dialect are quite different from Western Syrian cities. Many of them still wear the red kufiya worn in the...
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Dec 17, 2007

the old Palmyrene language

Syria is sometimes (rightly) called the cradle of civilisation. Many languages originate from there, like the ancient Palmyrene alphabeth. The first western alphabeth, or one of them at least, was...
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Jan 08, 2003


Camels are a common sight in Palmyra, being in the desert and all. They make good subjects for photographs.
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Nov 05, 2007

Many cultures, many languages.

Since Palmyra was a center for many different cultures, you will find areas like this that have writings in multiple languages.
Apr 02, 2006
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"One of the Great Cities of the Ancient World"
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"tadmor, please - the city of dates"
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"Palmyra - تدمر (Tadmor)"
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"Palmyra - Bride of the Desert"
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