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  • The Waqif Art Centre
    The Waqif Art Centre
    by greekcypriot
  • The Villaggio Mall of Doha
    The Villaggio Mall of Doha
    by greekcypriot
  • The City Centre Mall
    The City Centre Mall
    by greekcypriot
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  • Burj Khalifa

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Dubai Things to Do

    The design is borrowed from stenciling Islamic architecture, the Y shape plan designed for hotels and residential usage. The structural system support the height of building which consists of a hexagonal core reinforced by 3 buttresses that form the Y shape. This design enables the building to support itself laterally and keeps it from twisting...

  • Grosvenor House Dubai

    Dubai Hotels

    Probably the best hotel I have ever stayed in. Service was amazing including your own personal...

  • Burjuman Food Court

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Dubai Restaurants

    Yes, we all know the the Bur Juman Mall is a luxe mall and has expensive restaurants too. however, like in any malls, it also have a food court where you can buy budget meals too! so if you are staying in any of the Apartment Hotels in Bur Dubai just a stone's throw away in Bur Juman Center and don't want to cross the street to Al Karama District...



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See all 645 Marmaris Tips
  • Icmeler beach

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Marmaris Things to Do

    Nice situated all inclusive hotel on the beach. Nice view to Marmaris bay, beach boulevard 3,5 km to the centrum, dolmus leaves to centrum or Icmeler just front of the hotel. The hotel itself was very good size, nice hotel staff, good food, good entertainment group, hotel guests in many different countries. We had good 2 weeks holiday July 2014.

  • Club Likya Apartments

    Marmaris Hotels

    Great hotel & staff,unfortunately when we were there in August 2011 the place was overrun with...

  • Taj Mahal

    4 out of 5 stars

    Marmaris Restaurants

    Ordered Lamb Madras along with starter which was not bad,not a lot but what do you expect for four pounds!!Main Course arrived after my wifes which looked good and according to her was lovelyMy own one came cold and did not look good it was as if the lamb was out of a tin sent it back infairness a replacement was served If I do revisit I will...



See all 766 Amman Tips
  • Citadel

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Amman Things to Do

    Given that Amman spreads itself over so many hills (19 now, 7 for centuries before that) it's not really obvious why this particular one should have been chosen as the location for the city[s most ancient structures. It isn't any higher than the hills immediately surrounding it and, as far as I could see, there nothing particularly special about...

  • Four Seasons Hotel Amman

    Amman Hotels

    The Four Seasons Hotel in Amman is definitely fit for a king (or queen). An Arab sheikh would like...

  • Starbucks

    Amman Restaurants

    we all know that Starbucks is the largest coffee house company in the world, do we need a thorough Introduction for it? Although Arabian Coffee is popular among the locals of Jordan, tourists and young jordanians continue to flock to this Iconic Brand and other local Middle Eastern Coffe Chains like the Coffee Shop Company. their branches in amman...



See all 724 Jiddah Tips
  • Old City

    4 out of 5 stars

    Jiddah Things to Do

    Beit Matbouli is one of the few traditional houses in Old Jeddah (al Balad) open to the public. It was recently converted into a 'museum' but it is not quite so. I walked into it in Oct 2015 and it was quite interesting to see the beautifully decorated interior (see photos) and some old furniture. The exterior is very traditional with intricately...

  • InterContinental Hotel Jeddah

    Jiddah Hotels

    I don't normally look to stay at the Intercontinental when I'm visiting a new city, but the hotel...

  • Al Baik

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Jiddah Restaurants

    Albaik the best chicken and sea food quick service restaurant in the world.... Guys check it out i was searching around for their website and i actually found the original website for ALBAIk not the eqyptian one ... click on to find out more about them ... www.albaik.com Miss it soo much .... Albaik normal chicken Albaik nuggets and the shrimps...



See all 527 Riyadh Tips
  • Desert

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Riyadh Things to Do

    In the numerous trips to the Petroglyphs or Canyonland areas, one passes grazing camels. These animals can be quite large, and in colors ranging from white to black. They are intelligent animals that are usually quite friendly, but not particularly interested in the visitor. Camels don't bread naturally and need the help of their caretakers to do...

  • Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom...

    Riyadh Hotels

    The hotel is well reviewed on TA elsewhere. Of three high quality hotels I have tried in Riyadh this...

  • Camping in the Desert Canyon Lands

    Riyadh Things to Do

    In the winter months, taking a 4x4 into the canyon land areas west of Riyadh provides some relief from urban chaos. We would gather together a group of interested people and several 4x4 vehicles. One time teachers from the American School and ourselves celebrated Thanksgiving in the Canyon Lands. Traveling time is about an hour on the highway until...



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  • Mount of Olives

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Jerusalem Things to Do

    The mountain ridge east of the Old City is the Mount of Olives, named after the olive groves that used to cover its slopes in the past. The highest point is at-Tur (818m). I was surprised there are no buildings there but then I read that the ridge is full of soft chalk which is very weak for safe construction. We took bus 75 (one way ticket for...

  • The King David Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Hotels

    Without doubt, the King David Hotel is the most famous and prestigious hotels in Israel and possibly...

  • Bus or Taxi

    Jerusalem Transportation

    We had a rav kav card bought somewhere and had some money remaining when we went to Jerusalem. The money in the card cannot be used to buy any ticket in the local transportation network in Jerusalem. Whatever you want to buy, you need to use cash or credit card. We didn't know about this and just boarded the light rail. I thought since there's...



See all 717 Bodrum Tips
  • St. Peter Castle

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Bodrum Things to Do

    The best thing with Bodrum Castle it that it works as a museum anyway but there are some interesting separated rooms where you see several antiquities. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology houses item that had been found in the Aegean sea from wrecks, an ancient shipwreck replica etc The old mosque(suleymaniye camii) was originally a...

  • El Vino Hotel

    Bodrum Hotels

    This small property is both central (10 min walk to the bazaar and waterfront) and secluded and...

  • Seafood

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Bodrum Restaurants

    The Bodrum Fener Restaurant is located in Bodrum Milta Yacht Club. Me and my family went there in summer 2011. Its view was good. But it had an awful service. The waitresses didn't interested in us. We had to wait for 30 minutes just for a waitress come near us but at last we left the restaurant. No one apologized from us for being waited. I will...


Abu Dhabi

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See all 993 Petra Tips
  • Siq

    5 out of 5 stars

    Petra Things to Do

    I was fortunate enough to have lived in Amman for 5 years in the late 70's and my work often took me to Petra where i managed to visit the Nabataean City several times, and back then it was free for me ! Nowadays it can cost 90 Dinars to visit. By the way Petra means rock in Greek. No matter how many times i walked through the Siq i was always...

  • El Rashid Hotel

    Petra Hotels

    I was moved to this hotel in Wadi Musa, after the hotel I booked did not have a room available. The...

  • Basin Restaurant

    3 out of 5 stars

    Petra Restaurants

    Run by the Crown Plaza Hotel in Wadi Musa, Basin Restaurant is one of two dining option in the Petra archaeological site. Come lunch hour, it is infested with groups of tourists and thus scores zero in terms of atmosphere and no better on service. The redeeming factor is that the buffet and grill it serves are surprisingly decent (normally I avoid...



See all 462 Muscat Tips
  • Muttrah Souq

    4 out of 5 stars

    Muscat Things to Do

    Muttrah Souq, the oldest marketplace in Muscat, is a place to visit for shopping. The covered bazaar consists of many shops and stalls selling souvenirs, clothes, silverwear and goldwear, spices, etc. Just like any other tourist spot, bargain is a must. In the heat of Muscat, it is nice to hide in the shade and look at the shops. The shop owners...

  • InterContinental Al Bustan Palace Muscat

    Muscat Hotels

    If you have a chance to visit this prestigious hôtel , you will not regret it. Outstanding...

  • Shandiz Muscat Restaurant

    Muscat Restaurants

    Keep in mind, always try Persian foods sin the best place..... You will never ever be disappointed! The best ingredient being used to get the best result in taste, smell, sight and memory which you will never forget…… The food is tasteful by using the minimum spices but the best…. Shishlik Kebab Tahchin Mahiche Gardan


Tel Aviv-Yafo

See all 1133 Tel Aviv-Yafo Tips
  • Old Jaffa

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Things to Do

    Jaffa is an amazing neighborhood - full of a very special vibe and diverse culture. I would recommend also to explore the southern part of Jaffa - Ajami neighborhood. Tiny streets, old Arabic buildings, lots of local noise and beautiful Midron Yafo Park! If you need any more recommendations about Jaffa feel free to ask! Or since we're living in the...

  • The Diaghilev

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Hotels

    I stayed at the Diaghilev last December and it was really a great choice. The room was nice and big,...

  • Dr. Shakshuka

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Restaurants

    The place is supposed to serve authentic shakshuka - a layer of spiced tomatoes and peppers with poached eggs on top of it. What was served was tomatoes/peppers with one egg mixed into it and the other one, still raw (!), on top of it. Service was rude and the bill was too high (they charged more than what was written in the menue). Upon...



See all 738 Antalya Tips
  • Kaleici - Old Town

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Antalya Things to Do

    The architecture in Kaleiçi is amazing; at every corner on every street you will find an old building worth to take a picture. Many of these building are renovated and are run as boutique hotels. In the evening you can enjoy nightlife at one of the several restaurants and bars, even some with live music. We stayed at Hotel Alp Pasha. When we...

  • Welcome Barut Hotels Lara Spa

    Antalya Hotels

    This was our first time in Turkey and first time in an all-inclusive hotel. i have to say - we all...

  • Havas Tariff Antalya airport

    Antalya Transportation

    This is the recent tarif (2007) of Havas from Antalya Airport to the cityShuttle is available for every domestic aircraft landing at Antalya Airport. International passengers, may use our shuttle buses by coming to domestic exit.Approximately 45 minutesFare10,00 TL (VAT Included)



See all 600 Doha Tips
  • Markets

    Doha Things to Do

    Doha has a well preserved Souq which contains both traditional market sections and more touristy dining and tourist market sections. The Souq is heavily visited by both tourist and locals with the action picking up mostly after dark.

  • Four Seasons Hotel

    Doha Hotels

    I stayed here for one night in Oct 2015 on a business trip (and my second visit to Qatar). This...

  • Doha Golf Club

    Doha Sports & Outdoors

    Ok so this review isn't actually of a place I've been to yet, but I have had Snapchats, facetime and Instagram posts from my family over the last few days making me feel incredibly jealous that I can't go to this amazing place in Qatar. I've been playing golf since I was smaller than a 3 iron and while I don't really care much for professional...



See all 310 Baku Tips
  • Maiden Tower

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Baku Things to Do

    The Maiden Tower (Qiz Qalasi) is said to be finished in the 12th century, although some sources state the 5th century as the start of its construction. The cylindrical shaped tower was erected as part of the fortification system of Baku's old town (Icheri Sheher). The height of the Maiden Tower is approximately 29,5 metres and it has a diameter of...

  • Park Inn Azerbaijan, Baku

    Baku Hotels

    Hotel Park Inn / Baku Most of the basic things are fine. The rooms are good. Cleaning works. The...

  • L’Aparté

    Baku Restaurants

    I love this place! Before I explain why, it’s best I explain why I came to be here late at night. I wasted 3 days getting my Azeri visa so had a lot less time in Baku that I would have liked. This is what happens when the same family is always in charge. To make my most out of the few full days I had in the city, I got up early every day and got...


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