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  • View from the Anzac Golden Bed
    View from the Anzac Golden Bed
    by Lambrusco
  • The Library of Celsus
    The Library of Celsus
    by Lambrusco
  • Kusadasi
    by tuff

Kusadasi Things to Do


    We got off Oceania cruise ship ...this shop was not on the approved list but said they were regulated as they were a port shop! .. there a reason you should shop the recommended shops! (note all ways they make you feel comfortable)I bought a ring with a "Zultanite" stone...changes colors...they had real ones in the boutique on ship but could not...

  • The Karvansaray

    It was difficult to decide whether to list the Hotel Karvansary as an attraction or hotel accommodations. From the outside, the Karvansary built of solid stone with roofline crenelations and grand portico appears to be an Ottoman fortress. The original Ottoman Caravanserai was built by Okuz Mehmet Pasha in 1618. Today the karvansary seems to be one...

  • Climb the hill

    I climbed to the top of the hill to pay respects to Kemal Ataturk (or Mustafa Kemal). Ataturk means Father of Turkey.


Kusadasi Hotels

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Kusadasi Restaurants

  • Kalyon Restaurant

    The Kalyon Restaurant, which is situated only a short distance back from the sea-front (see map on its website), is a very pleasant place to eat. The staff are very friendly, and we particularly enjoyed their Kalyon 'Special-For two Person' (Beef,Mushroom,Cheese,Vegetables).

  • Quiet, romantic and relaxing place

    I went there several times for a drink because I really enjoyed the ambient and the music.Unlike many restaurants and cafes, in Captain's place they play nice,relaxing music, mostly turkish Anatolian songs or other romantic world wide popular music.In this restaurant waiters don't dance, don't run around you, don't try to become your friends, don't...

  • Pizza & Pide

    Guests in this restaurant are mostly turkish people and tourist which stay in nearby hotels. Ambient-nothing special, but the food is great if you like pizzas. Pide is some kind of a turkish pizza, taste is the same as pizza, shape is different, not circle but a line shape. It is very clean, you can see people when they prepare food. Vegetarian...


Kusadasi Nightlife

  • Bar Street

    A great place to enjoy the night in bar street Kusadasi. Jimmy's is very easy to spot and great night is virtually guaranteed.There is Live British & European football along with live GAA.Prices are very reasonable and i am sure that you will enjoy a night at Jimmy's.

  • Bar street

    There are lots of nightclubs,discos and bars in this steer.The prices is very cheap.Especially beer.But i advise you to drink turkish raki if you wanna get drunk early:)

  • Turkish Night

    Every Thursday night free Turkish night - brilliant mixed show- open to all and free entry.You can just have a drink and or a meal.Recommended Casual - you can even go for a swim in the pool


Kusadasi Transportation

  • Dolmus prices update

    Just returned to the UK from my first trip to Turkey. Thought some people may be interested in the current dolmus prices and some general information as of May 2015. From the port area to Ladies Beach, 2.50 Lira (all prices are for one way); from the dolmus station on the corners of Candan Tarhan Blvd & Adnan Menderes Blvd to Selcuk or Ephesus, 6...

  • Cruise travel to kusadasi

    We will be in Kusadasi for one day, and we wanted a private tour for our shore excursion; however, the cruise rates for a half-day private tour were a whopping $823 per vehicle (mini van), and a full-day tour was $2,265!!! Most of these tours mentioned ending your day by "sipping apple tea and watching a Turkish carpet demonstration."We found a...

  • Ship to Samos, Greece

    There is a daily ship to the Greek island of Samos every day. It is for the most pary ferrying daytripping tourists. You can certainly leave from Samos, just ensure you have your papers/passport etc ok. Daytrippers have their passports taken and left at the harbour immigration office and when getting back from shopping in Kusadasi or visiting...


Kusadasi Shopping

  • Do NOT shop at Peker Optic.

    This is a large, beautiful eyeglass shop. However, the owner, Mr. Peker is a thief. He takes your debit/credit card, turns around to swipe it, and adds an extra zero to the charge card bill. He has been doing this since at least 2008, and he did it to my Uncle when we were there in Dec. 2014.Uncle's glasses should have been $225. because we had...

  • Ripp-off when purchasing jewellery in...

    Ripp-off when purchasing jewellery in TurkeyDear Sir /Madam Many tourists are tempted into purchasing hand-made jewelers when visiting Turkish gold manufactures. However, purchasing gold jewelers in Turkey often turns out to be overpriced, and the holiday-makers wish to withdraw from the purchase.Hand-made Gold jewelery has always been a popular...

  • Benny's Shop / Benny's Leather - TOTAL...

    The shop sells leather clothes both mens and womens. There's nothing special about it, it's a complete scam. They will intentionally mislead you and steal from you. They are organised criminals. The police have been alerted but have so far done nothing (probably bribed I'd guess). DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM OR ANY BIG TICKET ITEMS FROM...


Kusadasi Local Customs

  • Do cruise passengers need a visa for a...

    You can get a 90-day sticker at the port of entry for your passport for $20; however, we asked our EKol tour group operator about the visa, and this was their reply:"All cruise passangers ( the nationality is not important ) will pass through custom with their boarding passes given by cruise during your embarcation on your first day..We have many...

  • Sunset in Kusadasi

    If you stay in any of numerous Kusadasi’s hotels you will not want to miss the perfect sunset view from your room balcony at which the sun seems to be sinking into the beautiful Aegean Sea! You can watch my 1 min 38 sec Video clip Kusadasi Sunset with Xenia Akeynikova – Dawn over Moscow music.

  • Sunrise in Kusadasi

    Usually during my trips I collect scenes of sunrises and sunsets wherever I happen to watch these nature miracles. Every sunrise and sunset is unique and I've never been tired watching them in reality and virtually on my videos. Here in Kusadasi I was happy to see a wonderful sunrise over the Aegean Sea.You can watch my 1 min 38 sec Video clip ...


Kusadasi Warnings and Dangers

  • Benny's Shop/Benny's Leather - IT'S A...

    There are 5 different 'Benny's Shop' stores in Kusadashi (also called 'Benny's Leather') they each sell leather goods for both men and women. They are NOTABLE SCAMMERS, who will sell tourists defective and fake products for extortionate prices. They are also responsible for currency scams which are done by quoting prices in Turkish Lira then...

  • Blonde gals are popular here

    I had this problem when I was in Greece, with a lot of men staring at me and flirting with me. (It happends to a lot of tourist women.) However, I personally found it to be a lot worse in Turkey. Before arriving here, all the girls with me on this school trip were told specifically NOT to wear any tank tops, belly tops, or anything that showed any...


    When it comes to renting a moterbike or motor scooter for the day then think again. It is dangerous, none or hardly any wear crash helmets, and turkey has one of the worst fatality records on the roads in europe, so best leave well alone and use the fantastic public transport that Turkey has to offer


Kusadasi Tourist Traps

  • Kushadasi Carpet - it can be ok

    Visited off a cruise ship (although the shop didn't know this). The Kushadasi carpet shop was recommended? to us by a another shop where we bought a leather jacket. Went to look with no intention of buying a carpet. The presentation was very slick and they have this off pat. Prices as you woud expect start high and as a rule are seem to start at...

  • Kusadasi Carpet Scam, Ersel Ozturk, ...

    We purchased a carpet from The Orient Bazar No: 7/D and also 10. They have at least one other store selling souvenirs, as well. We paid $3500 for a large, beautiful wool on cotton carpet to be shipped to our home. We did not buy from a store approved by our cruiseline, Celebrity, since we could not find the exact type of carpet we wanted in those...


    When I was at Kusadasi about to walk the causeway to Pigeon Island, I happened to notice a Taxi stand with prices to Ephesus. The driver saw me looking and asked if I wanted to go. The price 60 EUROS! for an 18k (36k) round trip. You would have to be joking! but I guess Cruise ship passengers fall for this astronomical price as they don't know the...


Kusadasi What to Pack

  • Kusadasi

    Cap or Hat, Trousers (cotton blend is good, jeans are not), Shirts (mix tees/short/long sleeve), Warm weather gear (swimsuit/shorts/sandals) What must be found in your medical kit: something for the upset stomach medication, Diarrhea Medicine, Insect bite cream, Antiseptic toilettes. Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Electrical Converter/Adapter.


    Make sure you take your own film with you as these can be expensive in Kusadasi Its a good idea to take a plug in mosquito repelent with you. And plug it in before you go out in the evenings. Make sure the doors and windows are shut as well.

  • Climate in Kusadiasi

    Rainy season: Rainy Season is from October to April – it hardly rains in summerAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 11 – 20°C ( 51 - 68°F ); min: 5 - 13°C ( 41 - 55°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 27 – 28°C ( 80 - 82°F ); min: 18 - 22°C ( 64 - 71°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 15 – 23°C ( 59 - 75°F); min: 8 - 16°C ( 47 – 60°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 9...


Kusadasi Off The Beaten Path

  • Meryemana Evi ~ House of the Virgin Mary

    On a beautiful sunlit morning we traveled by bus to our first destination of the day, "Meryemana Evi", the House of the Virgin Mary which is situated northeast of Ephesus and near Selcuk. The journey there took us past beautiful agricultural fields, and olive groves; eventually we climbed higher onto the mountain named Mt. Koressos ("Turkish:...

  • The Ancient City of Ephesus

    Though the ancient city of Ephesus is 30 miles north of Kusadasi, it seems that they are spoken of almost as if they were one and the same city. In actuality, the city of Ephesus preceded Kusadasi as an important trading port and religious center of the fledgling Christian movement. Ephesus' star faded when the important Caystros River silted up,...

  • Mycale Strait

    Samos Island is separated from Anatolia and Kusadasi by the approximately 1.6 km-wide Mycale Strait.Another name of this part of the Aegean Sea is the Kolpos Efesou Gulf of Skala Nuova.You may watch my high resolution photo of Kusadasi on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 37° 49' 5.49" N 27° 15' 51.25" E or on my Google Earth...


Kusadasi Sports & Outdoors

  • Hike at Dilek peninsula

    From Kusadasi you can take a minibus to Guzelcamli (3 YTL).I went there to do a walk in Dilek national park. I've spent the night before and after the walk in Park Pension. (I was the only one there) (10 YTL per night)The walk itself was intense. It was about 30 to 35 km and you get up to 1000m altitude. it took me 7.5 hours;At some moments I saw...


    Im sure most of you with kids will have had a go on one of these. The peddelo is great if your not the one peddeling, my legs still ache now hahahaha. Nothing required exept a strong pair of legs

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Kusadasi Favorites

  • Kusadasi – Bird Island

    Kusadasi is a resort town at the Turkish Aegean coast. The city stands on a bay in the Aegean with the peninsula of Guvercin Ada sticking out into the sea at one end.The name comes from 'kuş' (bird) and 'ada' (island) as the peninsula has the shape of a bird's head.Since Byzantine times it has been known as Ephesus Neopolis, Scala Nuova,...

  • Ephesus Travel Turkey

    Ephesus Tours, and virgin mary houses of kusadasi, cruise of kusadasi and ephesus biblical tours. St John Basilica of selcuk, ephesus tours kusadasi, biblical ephesus tour, kusadasi cruise tours, private ephesus tours, virgin mary houses tours.

  • Things to Do

    Hi Helen,lots to do in Kusadasi and beyond.Wednesday is clothes market day were you can practice your hagglingTuesday and Friday are the farmer's food markets.The Dolmus will take you anywhere. You can hop on the Kusadasi to Soke one if you fancy great deals in gold as Soke is full of gold & silver shops frequented by the locals [sometimes the ones...


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