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  • Things to Do
    by colindr23
  • Things to Do
    by colindr23
  • Ataturk Monument
    Ataturk Monument

Erzurum Things to Do

  • Erzurum Citadel

    The history of the Erzurum Citadel (Erzurum Kalesi) dates back as far as to Urartian times at 900 B.C. when a first castle was built at this spot. The current structure was a Byzantine construction from the 5th century, but it was re-built several times.The 11,5 metres tall Clock-Tower was erected as a minaret in the middle of the 12th century and...

  • Yakutiye Madrasa

    The Yakutiye Madrasa was built in the early 14th century during the Ilkhanate period. It is named after its builder, the local mongol sovereign Hoca Yakut Gazani.The main facade consists of a richly engraved portal standing between a turquoise shimmering minaret and a half minaret. The building has a covered courtyard and a Kümbet, which is a...

  • Three cupola tombs

    The oldest and largest tomb of the three cupola tombs (Üç Kümbetler) was errected at the end of the 12th century. It is decorated with animal zodiac signs of the Middle Eastern Turkish calendar. This tomb is said to belong to Emir Saltuk, the founder of the Seljuk State.The other two cuploa tombs were built in the 14th century and it is unknown to...

  • Cimcime Sultan Tomb

    When I walked along Erzurum's main street Cumhuriyet Caddesi I noticed the Cimcime Sultan Tomb, which stands right on the pavement of the street and between all the shops.The Cimcime Sultan Tomb was constructed in the 14th century on a circular base. It is believed to belong to a woman called Firuze.Directions:The Cimcime Sultan Tomb can be found...

  • Ataturk Monument

    The Ataturk Monument was errected on the 23rd of June 1965, just 46 years after the Erzurum Congress. The congress was led by Mustafa Kemal, later known as Ataturk. It played an important role in the formation of modern Turkey.The pedestral of the monument shows a scene of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) speaking to the delegates of five easten provinces....

  • Cupola tomb of the Double Minaret...

    Unfortunately one of Erzurum's most famous buildings, the Double Minaret Madrasa (Cifte Minareli Medresi) was scaffolded when I was in there. Also the sun was standing just behind the minarets, so that it didn't make much sense to take any photos.A cupola tomb adjoins the backside of the Double Minaret Madrasa. It was built in the 13th century and...

  • Rustem Pasa Caravanserai

    The history of the Rustem Pasa Caravanserai dates back to 1561, when it was built in Ottoman style by Rustem Pasa, the grand vizir of Suleyman the Magnificent. It was used as accommodation and custom house for the traders of the Silk Road.Nowadays it houses a covered bazaar, spcialised in jewellery and beads made from stones from Oltu, a local town...

  • Üç Kümbetler

    Behind the Çift Minareli Medrese through some narrow streets you can find the Three tombs, Üç Kümbetler. There's really nothing to see here except to gaze at the three tombs which aren't really any different from some of the others in town, but it's an interesting enough walk through the old neighborhood in Erzurum, with some decaying old houses...

  • Yakutiye Medrese

    This is now a museum with some ethnographic, religious and historical (Ottoman Period) collections. The building itself is pretty interesting and is in a big square at the center of Erzurum. The minaret is very distinctive with its Central Asian look. There's another historic mosque right behind it and further down the road some others although...


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Erzurum Restaurants

  • Gelgör Cag Kebap (Sakir Usta)

    This place was recommended to me by Turkish VT member revontulet. I decided to give it a try as the dish Cag Kebap is said to be originated from the Erzurum Province. It consists of special marinated slices of lamb, which are piled on a spit (cag) and horizontally cooked in front of an open fire.From the outside the Gelgör restaurant looks kind of...

  • Erzurum Evleri

    Erzurum Evleri consists of several traditional Turkish houses, which were converted into an interesting mixture of a restaurant and a museum. I was taken here by some local students who met me by chance in the city centre near the Lala Pasha Mosque.They were quite happy to show me Erzurum Evleri, which is packed with Ottoman memorabilia especially...

  • Tea Gardens

    Around Yakutiye Medrese there is a teagarden. It is a very peaceful place to sit down in for a rest. There are not only men here but many women and families, and even woman sitting alone.You can have tea, nescafe, dondurma etc.Children who wants to sell things ar polish your shoes sometimes cruise past the tables.

  • Great food in an incredible place

    We thought we had seen everything in Erzurum until we found this place. Eight old houses have been merged together to make the most amazing restaurant. Loads of rooms full of things hanging on the walls. Cosy corners and attics with hundreds of cushions and great food and a simple menu. One of us was vegetarian and was immediately accommodated...

  • Wow such cakes!

    Fantastic cake shop. Try the chicken semolina rice pudding thing (although I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't kept thinking CHICKEN?!?)Nothing else is weird, by the way, just great, great value cakes

  • Restaurants in Erzurum are...

    Restaurants in Erzurum are mostly segregated other words, there is a room for men, and a family room out of sight in the back for groups including women. Sometimes it is not always clear which sections are which, so always wait to be seated rather than parking yourself in the wrong section. The food however is the same food as you'll...


Erzurum Transportation

  • To Erzurum by bus

    I came to Erzurum by bus from Trabzon. In Trabzon I bought my ticket for 30 TYR (May 2015) at the Ulusoy Office near the Atatürk Square.The bus left at 10:00 h from Trabzon's bus station (otogar), which is located 3 km east of the city centre. At 9:30 h passengers got collected by a free shuttle at the Ulusoy office and were driven to the bus...

  • To Erzurum by train

    I left Erzurum by train to Kars. The route is served by the daily Dogu Ekspresi train, which connects Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours. In future this line is planned to be continued to Tbilisi in Georgia and Baku in Azerbaijan.I bought the 2nd class ticket 1 hour before the departure at the train station of Erzurum. The price was with...

  • From Erzurum to Dogubayazit

    I took a taxi from the hotel to the otogar in Erzurum and for that I paid 4 000 000 TL. There is also a bus, number 2, going to the otogar. But the first time in Erzurum I could not see the bus stop. The journey from Erzurum to Dogubayazit took about 5 hours and it cost 15 000 000 TL. Along the way there was one road control where the military...


Erzurum Local Customs

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    Having spent most of my time...

    by maykal Written Oct 4, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Having spent most of my time in Turkey on the Black Sea coast, it was a bit of a shock to suddenly be in such a conservative city again. The cafes were segregated, and I was turned away at a couple of them because the only free tables were deemed too close to tables occupied by families. So,if you are a single man, don't just sit down at any table in a cafe...look around for groups of men, and sit near them, rather than suffer the embarrassment of being asked to leave! In restaurants, men always sit in the front room, while unaccompanied women and families disappear behind a curtain into the segregated area...even the waiters are unable to pass through this curtain, so many restaurants employ young boys to take the orders and serve the food to women.

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Erzurum Warnings and Dangers

  • Erzurum is a very safe...

    Erzurum is a very safe city...or at least it felt safe to me. There is a huge army presence, but this doesn't seem to cause any problems...might be wise to stay away from military areas, and be careful where you point your camera, just to be on the safe side though. Other than that, the main worry will be the heat and the thin air. Coming from...

  • erzurum,is more than 1900 m...

    erzurum,is more than 1900 m high,it is extremely cold in winter,I had -4°C at noon and -15°C at night,it is the biggest city in north-east turkey

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Erzurum What to Pack

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    Travel guide books – Eastern Turkey

    by HORSCHECK Written Aug 9, 2015

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: As Eastern Turkey is still an undiscovered travel destination I felt the need to have at least one up to date guide book.

    From my local library I lent the German "Trescher – Osttürkei (1st Edition)" and in addition I bought the English "Bradt - Eastern Turkey (2nd edition)".

    The German Trescher guide book had much more detailed maps, whereas the Bradt guide offered better information about transportation and routes between cities. So the mix of both books was just perfect for my individual trip.

    Bradt Travel Guides:

    Trescher Verlag:

    Bradt: Eastern Turkey Trescher: Ostt��rkei (German)
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Erzurum Off The Beaten Path

  • One day, I decided to visit...

    One day, I decided to visit the town of Hasankale, also known as Pasinler. From the guidebook, I was expecting a mountain resort with a hilltop castle, and the best Sulphur baths in Turkey...unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment. The castle, while being hilltop, was falling apart and was obviously used as the local public toilet. The...

  • border turkey/iran:I do not...

    border turkey/iran:I do not know how I crossed the border;after having waited some hours on the turkish side,suddenly a beautiful beard opened the iranian side and told me that my visa was unvalid since yesterday.Finally an officer let me in and accepted me,I jumped quickly into a shuttle to maku,just in case the officer changes his mind.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Erzurum Sports & Outdoors

  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    The Universal language- Football!

    by suvanki Updated Jan 13, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    No matter where I travel, I can't escape the Universal attraction for soccer!

    Throughout Turkey, I've seen football played, either by teams of men/boys, kitted out, and with a leather ball, playing on a marked pitch, or having an informal kick around on a dry patch of land, or around the bus station, or young boys knocking about a makeshift ball.

    As you can see from the photo, an improvised game can take place even among the tombs!

    It's often a starting point for a conversation, talking about your local team. When people ask where I'm from and I say Sheffield, I sometimes get the reply - Sheffield Wednesday! Now I don't know why they associate the 2, as Wednesday aren't the better accomplished team in my city!!
    I have to politely grit my teeth!! and say, No, Sheffield United!!!!

    Equipment: Football souvenirs will always be welcome, from stickers/badges to team shirts!

    Boy and Football- 3 Tombs, Erzerum, East Turkey
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Erzurum General

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  • Mosques

    Erzurum has numerous mosques all around the town. Among the most prominent ones is the Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii) from 1179 and the 16th century Lala Pasa Mosque. Both can be found close to the main street Cumhuriyet Caddesi.Other mosques I visited include the small Pervizoglu Mosque whose construction started in 1715. It can be found just south of...

  • Tourism Information Office

    Only on the late morning of my second day in Erzurum I discovered the local Tourism Information Office. Even though it was about two hours before I was to leave the town I decided to visit it. The guy in charge was more than happy to have a client and greeted me with a handshake.He spoke English very well and provided me with a bunch of helpful...

  • Spring has not the same meaning in the...

    Beware that Erzurum is especially known in Turkey for its ski (kayak) facilities.I was there in May 05 and the weather was bad with low temperature and a bit of snow !


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