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Historic Off the Beaten Path Tour of the Real Istanbul
"Our tour begins at the ancient Hippodrome where thousands of spectators were entertained and kept happy by the chariot races. The historic Sultanhamet Mosque or now known as the Blue Mosque due to its magnificent interior filled with blue Iznik tiles is we will navigate through the labyrinth of streets and passages that are home to more than 3000 shops known as the Grand Bazaar. Make sure you have practiced your bartering skills. After looking Grand Bazaar you will have a chance to rest and you will get to experience traditional Turkish tea or coffee and a popular Turkish pastry called borek all while enjoying the ancient practice of hookah at a favorite local hangout. You will then make your way to one of immediately you feel the energy in the air. Your senses will be filled with bright colors and powerful aromas of the exotic spices that will surround you. Istanbul is a city that has a rich religious history and now is composed of many different religion this church has been the location of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and is recognized as the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Religion. Your day concludes with an old world cultural experience like no other city has to offer. Your churches and synagogues that date back to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Further to witnessing the local's life thereYou end the tour with a ferry back to Eminonu
From EUR70.00
Dinner Cruise On The Bosphorus
"Start your evening with pick up from your hotel before heading to the port to embark on our 3.5-hour evening Bosphorus cruise from Istanbul. Watch the sun set over the Bosphorus Strait and cruise under Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. See Istanbul’s illuminat your experience finishes with drop off at your Istanbul hotel.""""Spend your evening in Istanbul cruising around the beautiful Bosphorus Strait while enjoying dinner and an Anatolian folklore show with belly dancing. Gliding through the water your boat follows a route that includes views of Istanbul’s top attractions – all enchantingly illuminated at night. Cruise past the Blue Mosque and Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge while eating drinking and enjoying the show!"title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+a+romantic+night+including+dinner&2=Dinner+included&3=Free+drinks+included&4=Hotel+pickup+included
From $50.00
"Istanbul Sightseeing Tour Including Grand Bazaar
"Istanbul Uncovered with Grand Bazaar Suleymaniye Mosque Sultanahmet backstreets and great views of the city""Get the most out of Istanbul in the company of an expert local guide. As we tour Istanbul your guide will point out places to get the best local snacks and coffee as well as show you the main points of interest along the way.You'll start this Istanbul walking tour by exploring Istanbul’s ancient Hippodrome. Following this we’ll make our way to Divanyolu
From EUR27.00

Hammams Tips (11)

Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam, Istanbul, TR

This historic hamam in "Tophane" is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful and has only recently reopened after years of restoration.

Contemporary "Turkish Hamams" find themselves in a difficult position. For centuries, these public bath houses were an integral part of Ottoman life. Islam places great significance on cleanliness and hamams were the only place to go for a hot, soapy bath. They were buildings of such importance to society, that the empire’s greatest architects were often employed to design them.

But then came the advent of indoor baths with hot water. And just like that, the primary function of the hamam vanished. Sure, they were still pleasant communal areas to meet friends and catch up on gossip, but for day-to-day life, taking a hot shower at home was a lot more convenient.

These are buildings of great architectural beauty, and you can’t just let them sit around empty. Luckily, hamams generate a lot of interest from visitors. For many, a trip to Istanbul would be incomplete without experiencing the famous Turkish bath. So in order to survive, many of Istanbul’s hamams have reoriented themselves to serve tourists.

Built in 1583 by the master architect "Mimar Sinan", the "Kılıc Ali Pasa Hamam"ı is incredible, all domes, white marble and water. After decades of neglect, it was purchased privately and beautifully restored by its new owner, who was intent on returning it to its original purpose. The interior bathing room is stunning, with a large marble stone in the center, bathed in rays of light.

I advise to make a reservation to get your treatment.
08:00 – 16:00 Women-only hours
Last reservation 15:00
16:30 – 24:00 Men-only hours
Last reservation 23:00

A nice experience for your Istanbul visit ... :)

TrendsetterME's Profile Photo
Jun 17, 2013

Go for a Turkish bath

You could go to for a hammam bath while in Turkey. However be careful not to get ripped off!! There is an old Turkish Hammam In the old district of Istanbul which is supposed to be one of the 1000 must be places in the world. No doubt it is an authentic old hammam, however the prices quoted there are too exorbitant. It is about 60 to 70 Euros per person for a one hour -- this includes a scrub, steam, massage and bath. But I was later told that in the Asian side you will find more reasonably priced hammams.

vpas's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2012

Don't Go to the Pricy Cheesy Hamam's, Go Here!

So many of the Hamams in Istanbul are SUPER cheesy (tourist-oriented) and SUPER expensive. If you want to go to an authentic Hamam, which is actually used by a Turkish community in Istanbul, visit Kocamustafapasha Hamami, located at Kocamustafapasha Cad. 441. Here you can get the real deal (seperate facilities for men and women, as is tradition) for less than 6 Euro - sauna, shower, scrub, and massage.

Though my wife and I couldn't enjoy the hamam together, we both had a great time. I strongly reccomend it! It's clean and the staff are friendly.

Kocamustafapasha Hamami
Kocamustafapasha Cad. 441
Tel (0212) 529-0948

Greatwalk0's Profile Photo
Nov 20, 2007

Cagaloglu Hamami

Cagaloglu Hamam? is located in Cagaloglu, near the St. Sophia on the right side of the Basilica Cistern Street. Sultan Mahmud I in 1741 to providg this Hamami is a double hammam with sections for both men and women. It was unique in its use of Baroque and Classic Ottoman architectural motifs and was the last of the great hammam to be built before Sultan Mustafa III forbade their construction due to the increasing needs for water and wood in Istanbul. Groups may rent the hammam.

If you haven`t been in a Turkish Bath before, you`ve missed one of life`s great experiences and never been clean. Cagaloglu Hamami was built by a sultan more than 300 years ago. The date of the construction and the name of the architect of the hammam are not known. It is said to have been built in the beginning of the 18th Century. It is also said that construction is one of Sinan`s works of art.

These double baths in which only the changing rooms have been changed since 1969-1971 now consist of two parts, one of women and the other for men in a 2834 square meter area.

Heniko's Profile Photo
Apr 20, 2006
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Suleymaniye Hammam

The Magnificent Sultan Suleyman had this Hamam built by the famous Architect Sinan in 1550.

Services included were: Washing, peeling, soap massage, locked clothes changing cabin, loincloth, patten. Also had two ways free shuttle service for the hotel guests if the booking comes through their reception.

All the guests are also insured from the beginning of their transfer till their return to the hotels.

Suleymaniye Hammam is a mixed (male/female) hammam. There are no different section for each sex thus the families may comfortably enjoy this hammam together. Which I didnt really like that is mixed and felt little uncomfortable, but if you can get a single hammam for you it is good.

Masseurs are trained and professional people.

You can catch your own inner peace with history and water in our hammam in this bath.

Heniko's Profile Photo
Apr 20, 2006


The leaflets of Cagaloglu Hamami reads : Have you ever been in a Turkish bath? Yo've missed on of the lifes great experiences an never been clean....

I believe there is little I can add to this. It is just incredible to be pamper for a few hours, have all you sins exfoliated with a deep body scrub, and to aliviate tension with a good body massage.

You come out just like new.

parsix's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2004

Turkish bath in Turkey

The Cemberlitas Hammam was built in 1584 from a design by the legendary Turkish architect Sinan. This amazing man, born a Greek slave, was also responsible for the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and countless other architectural wonders across Turkey.
A jewel of 16th century Ottoman architecture, Cemberlitas is still a fully functioning Turkish bath catering for both men and women, and indeed is still a favourite amongst locals. Stunningly crafted, each steam room is lit from the top by star-shaped holes in the domed roof. Directly beneath the dome is an octagonal slab of marble heated from below by burning embers.

Don't hesitate to take a massage, it is a more energic than relaxing one because the purpose is to exfoliate your skin but it is so nice that somebody washes you (if you are not tickly, of course)! The sensation of lying down and that somebody pour water on your body from the head to the toes is a very nice sensation! And the sensation of the foam around the neck is also very great!
Price : Bath € 8, Bath & Massage €15

ptitetoile's Profile Photo
Sep 15, 2003


Visit a turkish bath (hammam). I recommend to take the treatment which includes a full- body massage. You won't believe how good it feels afterwards!

I visited the 'Gagaloglu Baths' in Sultanahmet area.

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Sep 03, 2003

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Fee of a hamam visit
One day...

Fee of a hamam visit
One day Hodja went to a hamam (Turkish bath) but as he was dressed so poorly, the attendants didn't pay much attention to him. They gave him only a scrap of soap, a rag for a loin cloth and an old towel.
When Hodja left, he gave each of the two attendants a gold coin. As he had not complained of their poor service, they were very surprised. They wondered had they treated him better whether he would have given them even a larger tip.
The next week, Hodja came again. This time, they treated him like royalty and gave him embroidered towels and a loin cloth of silk. After being massaged and perfumed, he left the bath, handing each attendant the smallest copper coin possible.
- This, said Hodja, is for the last visit. The gold coins were for today.

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Aug 26, 2002

Commisioned by the foundation...

Commisioned by the foundation of Nur-u Banu Sultan, wife of Sultan Selim II, and the mother of Murat III, Çemberlitas public bath was built in 1584. Based on a plan of the legendary Turkish architect Mimar Sinan, the bath is one of the most important works of 16th century Ottoman architecture.

For more info please click here.

aozcakir's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Hammam, Turkish Bath. A...

Hammam, Turkish Bath. A tradition for more than 400 years.

For more information please click here

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Aug 25, 2002

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