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Historic Off the Beaten Path Tour of the Real Istanbul
"Our tour begins at the ancient Hippodrome where thousands of spectators were entertained and kept happy by the chariot races. The historic Sultanhamet Mosque or now known as the Blue Mosque due to its magnificent interior filled with blue Iznik tiles is we will navigate through the labyrinth of streets and passages that are home to more than 3000 shops known as the Grand Bazaar. Make sure you have practiced your bartering skills. After looking Grand Bazaar you will have a chance to rest and you will get to experience traditional Turkish tea or coffee and a popular Turkish pastry called borek all while enjoying the ancient practice of hookah at a favorite local hangout. You will then make your way to one of immediately you feel the energy in the air. Your senses will be filled with bright colors and powerful aromas of the exotic spices that will surround you. Istanbul is a city that has a rich religious history and now is composed of many different religion this church has been the location of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and is recognized as the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Religion. Your day concludes with an old world cultural experience like no other city has to offer. Your churches and synagogues that date back to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Further to witnessing the local's life thereYou end the tour with a ferry back to Eminonu
From EUR70.00
Dinner Cruise On The Bosphorus
"Start your evening with pick up from your hotel before heading to the port to embark on our 3.5-hour evening Bosphorus cruise from Istanbul. Watch the sun set over the Bosphorus Strait and cruise under Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. See Istanbul’s illuminat your experience finishes with drop off at your Istanbul hotel.""""Spend your evening in Istanbul cruising around the beautiful Bosphorus Strait while enjoying dinner and an Anatolian folklore show with belly dancing. Gliding through the water your boat follows a route that includes views of Istanbul’s top attractions – all enchantingly illuminated at night. Cruise past the Blue Mosque and Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge while eating drinking and enjoying the show!"title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+a+romantic+night+including+dinner&2=Dinner+included&3=Free+drinks+included&4=Hotel+pickup+included
From $50.00
Private Istanbul Walking tour
"This walking tour of Istanbul provides a perfect introduction to the city that straddles Europe and Asia.When Istanbul was known as Constantinople it was the capital of the Roman Empire and the wealthiest metropolis in Europe. On this city tour you’ll visit Istanbul’s 4 most important historic sites with a local guide.The Blue Mosque is an iconic monument in both the Turkish and Islamic wor and features 6 towering minarets and 260 windows that provide illumination for its vast inner chamber that is lined with more than 20000 Iznik tiles.In the 6th century the Hagia Sophia was built by the Emperor Justinian. After the Ottoman conquest it was converted to a mosque and later converted into a museum featuring many beautiful Byzantine mosaics.One of the largest and oldest palaces in the world
From $59.00

More What to Pack in Istanbul

Summer in Istanbul

One of the common questions from women is about dressing respectfully as many of the places people visit are mosques. I saw women wearing everything from shorts and a tank top to the local Muslim...
Dabs's Profile Photo
Jul 21, 2013

Free city map from the Tourist Information

Istanbul is said to have six Tourist Information Offices in the European part of the city. I only visited the branch in the Sirkeci Train Station. It can be found on the outside of the new...
HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2013

Packing to Istanbul

Since the weather changes every day, I packed clothes for every occasion. Some days I needed to use pullover and jacket. I was expecting it to be hotter that time of year, but found every day...
Raimix's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2012

Visa on arrival

I visited Turkey in june and getting the Visa at the airport was rather easy. After you land and before you pass passport controls there is a counter at left where you can get visas. It costed me...
SirRichard's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2012

A Shopping Heaven...

Preferably buy your luggage in Istanbul. There are many stores offering reasonable prices. Turkey is already a leader country in textiles industry. and buying them in Istanbul will be enjoyable and...
voyageur2's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

A guide book

As you're on VT probably you prefer to travel alone with no organized trips. And probably you're already an experts. But for the ones that are not I wanna say that Istanbul is very easy to be...
mirchica's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2010
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Weather attention

Istanbul weather is little complex , last time i visit it on July and the waether was hot for 5 days suddenly the weather be colder and windy for 4 days and i didn,t realize that i need jacket or...
fouads's Profile Photo
May 30, 2009

Packing for Istanbul

Even in summer, expect to wear long pants (or long skirts for women) and shirts with at least short sleeves. This is because mosques forbid shorts and short skirts and bare shoulders and you will...
mikelisaanna's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2008

Luggage service

If you are in transit and need a safe room for your bags, we discovered the luggage service in the airpot. Emanet Bagaj Servici. It is located at the arricals area, after customs control. Near...
Nita300's Profile Photo
May 27, 2008

Winter clothing

Forgot to take my winter underwear with me and it was kind of difficult to findlong underwear to wear right away. If you need some walk over Istikal Caddesi (st) in Taksim area and you will find...
Guzzie19's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2007

Bring your personal supplies

Don't forget to bring your Tylenol or Advil, whatever you use in case of headacke or hangover ;) It was difficult to me to find some. Electricity runs 220V in Turkey. Try to bring a converter or...
Guzzie19's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2007

customize your packing list

Climatological Information for istanbul is based on monthly averages for the 72 -year period 1929 - 2000 . DailyMinimum DailyMaximum Total Rainfall (mm) Mean Number of Rain Days (in Celcius)Jan...
traveloturc's Profile Photo
Jul 15, 2007

Bring an extra bag

Bring with you extra luggage space. You often end up with having to buy an extra bag As for any trip in the Med Sea extra antibac and some hygienic stuff can be ok. But there are ok toilettes around...
Lomma's Profile Photo
Mar 15, 2007

When Will You Be Visiting Lovely Istanbul?

Between the couple of trips to Istanbul I have made, both were in different seasons, one in summer, and one during the winter. This made all of the difference in the world in regards to clothing!...
H-TownJourneyman's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2007

Top Hotels in Istanbul

Tevkifhane Sokak No. 1, Sultanahmet-Eminonu, Istanbul, 34110, Turkey
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Taya Hatun Sokak #5, Sirkeci, Istanbul, 34120, Turkey
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Kucuk Ayasofya Caddesi Kapiagasi Sokak 5, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, 34400, Turkey
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Ebusuud Cad. Mehmet Murat Sok. No: 4, Sirkeci, Istanbul, 34110, Turkey
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Ordu Caddesi Dibekli Cami Sokak No:19, Beyazit, Istanbul, 34400, Turkey
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Binbirdirek Mahallesi Sehit Mehmetpasa, Yokusu Sokak No:30 Sultanahmet, Istanbul, 34122, Turkey
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Top Things to Do in Istanbul

Things to Do

Hagia Sophia - Ayia Sofia - Ayasofya

It is an absolutely incredible place, but for history lovers it is something really special. We had spent a lot of time researching historical stuff before we went there, but when you go knowing the...
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Things to Do

Grand Bazaar - Kapali Çarsi

If you fall into the category of tourists who catalog attractions as must see,then you will definitely have the Grand Bazaar on your list of must see things. To me it was no big deal.Because we had...
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Things to Do

Topkapi Palace

Plan a lot of time to explore it, because there are a lot to see and it also offers a great views on Bosphorus. A do not miss the church of Hagia Irine at the entrance, because it is unique and event...
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Things to Do

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is the cylindrical tower with the pointed roof that juts out of the Galata skyline on the Karaköy side of the Golden Horn. Historically the Galata area was populated by the Venetians...
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Things to Do

Basilica Cistern - Yerebatan Saray

This sight is also in the Sultan Ahmet area. For some reason many tourists don't visit the Yerebatan Saray. Perhaps they have not heard of it, don't notice it or think it won't be all that...
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Things to Do

Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmed Mosque

I must say I am really impressed by the architecture of this mosque. You feel the peace and harmony when you step inside and isolate yourself from the outside world. I had the advantage to visit Blue...
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Top 5 Istanbul Writers

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"The only city in the world build in 2 continents"
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