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Doy Doy Tips (13)

Doy Doy Restaurant: Cheap and tasty food in the heart of Sultanahmet

Pradaoxally it's not so easy to find a good restaurant in Sultanahmet. They are so many! And a lot of them are serving quite a tasteless food. Or quite expensive. Doy-Doy is an exception (I'am sure not the only one) - here you can try a real, delicious turkish food at inexpensive (for Istanbul) prices. If the wheather is good don't miss the terrace with a splendid view on Blue Mosque on one side and Marmara sea on another.
They have also several dishes for vegeterians.

Favorite Dish They have a lot of my favorite dishes! You have to tty their excellent Mercimek Corbasi (lentil soup), Patlican Musakka (eggplant mousakka), at least one of more then 20 sorts of kebabs! Turkish pizzas (Pide) are also a good choice!

tommix's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2004

Doy Doy Restaurant: Doy-Doy : Great view, great food

Doy-Doy is geared more toward tourists than Sukru Nun Yeri, but it was still excellent. It is also a much, much bigger restaurant, with several floors. We chose to dine on the roof both time we visited because of the fantastic view. Located right in the shadow of the Blue Mosque, it's hard to imagine anywhere else in the city with a much better view of the Marmara Sea and the Blue Mosque than this.

Favorite Dish Everything we tried was great. Turkish pizza was a new one to me, and I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit.

AcornMan's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2004

Doy Doy Restaurant: Fill up, fill up!

Great spot around the corner from the Blue Mosque with great views from the terrace of the same. Some building work going on next door but still worth a pit stop here at lunch time for a relaxed atmosphere

clouds111's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2007

Doy - Doy !: Kebabs !!!

It is one of the most easy thing to find a place to eat kebabs in Turkey ( as easy as carpets shops :)
Doy Doy means getting full..It offeres u all kind of turkish kebabs&pizazas as well as vegetarian foods.It is delicious and inexpensive
While you are enjoying your meal, at the same time you can enjoy the stunning view of Marmara Sea and the Blue Mosque.

80-bettyboo's Profile Photo
Feb 15, 2003
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Doy doy: Excellent food and view

Apparently doy doy means "fill up" in Turkish. Well, they really feed you, and at a reasonable price that you won't always find in Sultanahmet.

The restaurant is just right behind the Blue Mosque. (see picture) We were there on a beautiful sunny day, and the view of the Blue Mosque and the sea were just spectacular.

The food was good -- very well-done Turkish fare. We ordered a doy doy special, with pide (Turkish pizza), different sorts of kebab, and a lamb stew. Everything was delicious. Including multiple soft drinks, the lunch was about $11 per person. Thumbs up!

My friend got addicted to the Cappy vişne suyu (sour cherry juice) while there. You might want to give it a try also!

Favorite Dish Tender kebabs, pide (Turkish pizza), stews, etc.

Aug 15, 2009

Doy Doy: Terrace dining Sultanahmet

We asked at the hotel where to get a good Turkish meal and Doy Doy was his recommendation, he said that it was a local place, not a tourist place. For lunch there were only a couple of other tables filled on the terrace, a large group of Japanese tourists and another couple that was clearly not Turkish. Downstairs I think there were a few more people. To get to the terrace you have to climb several flights of stairs, terrace restaurants are very popular in Istanbul and usually they are multi story restaurants with the top floor being a terrace.

Favorite Dish I ordered the Doy Doy special, a kebab with a little tomato sauce, yogurt, lettuce and slices of tomato. The grilled meat was good but I'm not a fan of the tortilla style wrap on this kind of kebab which is popular in Istanbul, I've never seen it before, all of the other kebabs I've eaten have been on pita or another type of bread. David ordered a pide, the Turkish version of pizza, with ground meat and cheese, it was good. We split a rice pudding for dessert for 5tl, a little cheaper than my favorite pudding shop. The total was 39tl with one drink each.

Dabs's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2013


I sort of the ink most of the reviews are a bit exaggrated. U can search for more authentic and interetesting places. The food was nothing spectucalar and bit overpriced ( but not much ).

I advise going around a bit more to get more alternatives. Best would be to checkout where the local salesmen eat...

Aug 25, 2005

Doy Doy Restaurant: Excellent, great prices, friendly service !!!!

Located near the Blue Mosque we stumbled into this place, even though only one or two people spoke a little English we were presented with English menu's with pictures on it.... The price were excellent, and the portions great. We ordered a house specialty plate and it brought everything we wanted, kehbabs, chicken, lamb, rice and flat bread for $13 lira. The service was friendly even though the language barrier was a small issue....but we got a great experience. No liquor is served so the international word of coca-cola was understood really well !!!!! Highly recommend it !!!!!

Favorite Dish It is winter now in Istanbul so the roof top terrace was closed :(

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Mar 27, 2011

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Doy Doy: Fantastic food !

The restaurant is clean and has friendly waiters who seemed always eager to please.

The menus were straight forward with pictures of all foods and waiters would explain when needed on particular dishes.

There were Veggie and meat options available. The prices were great and the food excellent. Tasty and wholesome.

We stayed 5 days and ate there every evening - the kids loved it.

The locals at the mosques would not recommend many places to us but highly recommended the Doy Doy and it didn't serve alcohol.

Overall 10/10 !!!

Favorite Dish The kebab dishes and the Turkish pizzza. Hmmmmm.

Jul 04, 2008

Doy Doy Restaurant: Easily the best deal in the Sultanahmet area

Fabulous traditional Turkish food, very clean, with great service.

A filling entree will run you around three dollars- no kidding! All the kebabs and pides are good. With a couple sodas and dessert (great baklava and sutlac - rice pudding), you'll be looking at maybe six dollars a head.

Ask to sit on the terrace if the weather is nice. On the floor below the terrace, they have a nargile (hookah) salon. They'll set up a pipe with tobacco for 4 million lira, about $2.50. It's worth a try.

They do not serve alcohol. They also do not add a service charge, so we would tip about 15% Nice, friendly people.

Ask for directions, since street names are meaningless in this neighborhood (if you want the address, it's Sifa Hamami Sokak No. 13). We ate there every night, as well as a couple lunches.

Favorite Dish Adana kebab. But everything is good.

pflewis123's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2004

Doy doy: Pass , don't stop

When you enter doy doy for the first time you think "must be very good" looking at the staff preparing vegetables!
I had a horrible vegetarian dinner, never again.There are many good restaurants in Istanbul.

Favorite Dish None

Sep 24, 2008

Doy Doy Restaurant: Food, food, food!

I went to this restaurant the first time I went to Istambul and I remember it like a crowded place, with a nice terrace where you can enjoy a good landscape (the blue mosque, I think to remember) and normal/good food.

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Jun 08, 2005

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Getting to Doy Doy


Sifa Hamami Sok, 13, Sultanahmet


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