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Fish Sandwiches- Eminonu Tips (17)

Tarihi Eminönü Balik Ekmek

One day at around lunch time we decied to have a fish sandwich (Balik ekmek) at the Eminönü pier near the Galata Bridge.

At the stall "Tarihi Eminönü Balik Ekmek" the fish (mackerel) is directly grilled on the boat and then put in a half-bread together with some salad and onions. It costs 5 TYR.

In front of the boat you can take a seat at one of the many small wooden barrels and tables and enjoy some people watching.

My fish sandwich was tasty but I must admit that my fish had quite a few fishbones, whereas others were more lucky.

HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
May 14, 2013

Fish Sandwiches

By the Galata bridge, in Eminönü, you can buy sandwiches with grilled fish from small boats. It is very tasty (and greasy) and cheap. A fish sandwich cost 1 500 000 TL.
I bought another deliscious fish sandwich (that also had sallad, tomatoes and onions) in Anadolu Kavagi.

MalenaN's Profile Photo
Jun 05, 2004

No name at all )))): Just Fish & bread...

A few enterprising fisherman had an idea: Why not cook the fish right on the boat and offer it for sale ready-to-eat?
They built grills and fryers right in their boats, built fires in them, grilled fish fillets, stuffed them in half a loaf of bread, and handed from the boat to thousands of hungry, thrifty Istanbullus every day.
Balik ekmek! Balik ekmek! They shouted. (Fish in bread! Fish in bread!)
Then came Turkey's aspiration to join the European Union, and such old-fashioned, romantic, but perhaps unsanitary practices were outlawed.
Istanbul's newspapers were filled with requiems for the Galata Bridge fish sandwich, paeans to its flavor, nutritional value, cheapness, and tradition. A part of Istanbul's age-old culture died.Or did it?

Favorite Dish I'm happy to report that the Istanbul fish sandwich lives! still continues !!!
Although the boats-with-fires-in-them are long gone, Istanbul fish sandwiches are still
being served daily at little restaurants beneath the Galata Bridge.
Just go to Eminönü, then to the western (Golden Horn) side of the bridge's lower level, and you'll find several small restaurants with low tables and chairs. Waiters will cajole you in with shouts of Buyrun! ("Come on in! Help yourself!")
Sit at a table and a waiter will bring you balik-ekmek, a grilled fish fillet inserted in a half-loaf of bread along with a scoop of salata (lettuce, tomatoes and onions).
Order a drink—I recommend ayran, the yogurt drink—and enjoy. (No alcohol served.)
If you're there in the evening, you'll have a sunset view of the Golden Horn, and a good, cheap dinner: the bill may be less than YTL5 (about US$3) per person.Cheap and efficient ))))

traveloturc's Profile Photo
May 10, 2012

Couldn't find them!: So where are the boats selling fish sandwiches???

Prior to my trip, I have imagined having a delicious fish sandwich in one of the bobbing boats that serve this Istanbul speciality. Unfortunately I was up for a disappointment when I couldn't find any in Eminonu, and instead had to settle for those sold in sidewalk kiosks (seen here). I was told the bobbing boats are found mainly in Uskudar, which could be accessed by a ferry from Eminonu.

Still, I enjoyed my balik sandwich, which went well with Coke. If you can't get the real deal, i.e., fish sandwiches served from the bobbing boats, the kiosks at Eminonu are a good substitute.

Tijavi's Profile Photo
Jan 14, 2007
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Tarihi Eminonu Balikcisi: Fresh Fish Sandwich

Upon disembarking from the ferry at Eminonu we came across a boat that was selling grilled fish sandwiches to hungry patrons on the shore. I had read about this and it was one of the things on my "must-do" list. Despite still being pretty hungry from lunch I just had to get one. A grill on the boat that was tied to shore was manned by a single gentleman keeping an eye on the fish. No protocol here...just get the attention of the attendant on the shore and tell him how many sandwiches you want. I don't think there's really any other choice on the "menu". "Beer" for one, "ee-KEE" for two, "ooch" for three.

Two grilled fish (bluefish I think) with sliced onion and tomato slapped into a fresh baked crusty sub roll (nice and soft on the inside). A bit of bottled lemon juice and voila! Although the fish was minus its head and tail, it still had the spine and other bones which required some bone-spitting. But it was pretty good I have to say. The sandwich was all of 3 YTL ($2.40 US). A great local experience!

Besides this one, there are many other boats that serve up balik sandwiches along the pier in Eminonu. Take your pick!

Favorite Dish Grilled fish sandwich

Hopkid's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2008

Fishing Boats in Eminonu..: They are back!

These boats are one of the symbols of Istanbul. A few years ago they were prohibited to sell fish because of the pollution or something. This year, their prohibition is dismissed and we all can enjoy their existence.
They are selling fish sandwiches in Eminonu. In my childhood, they were selling grilled or fried bonito. There were men cooking the fishes in the boat, and some other men passing the sandwiches to customers and collecting the money. I was wondering how they could do their job while the sea was wavy. They usually put the half of a fish into half of bread. There were big buckets full with onions and small salt bags on the parapets. You could add salt to your fish and eat onions as much as you wanted. They were the best part of going to Eminonu for me.
Now they are selling mackerel imported from Norway. I am not sure about the onions, may be they add it into the sandwich. Also some people have some pickles and brine from the street vendors with fish sandwich; they are really good together.

Favorite Dish Fish sandwich with onions

Jul 04, 2008

Fishing Boats in eminonu..: Eating fish and watching Istanbul

In front of Eminonu pier, you will see many boats selling fish after 3 years of ban by the Istanbul municipality. Starting from June 2007, they are back again. They put the grilled fish inside a half-bread with some side dish and you are ready to enjoy your meal with the magnificent view of Istanbul. All the boats serve almost the same quality with same price so try to choose the place which has the best view. Some restaurants in Galata Bridge also provide the same menu so take the best available view as your priority.

Favorite Dish Make a guess :)

muratkorman's Profile Photo
Nov 13, 2007

Fish sandwiches at Eminonu

At the Eminonu pier, near the Galata Bridge, you can find a couple of little boats that sell fish sandwichs with tomate. The fish is fresh, just fished and they cook it (grill) right there. They cost 1 euro each, and you can buy some drink in one of the many bars by the ticket office. I had mine with a hot (bloody hot) tea, standing on a fence looking at the rush of Galata Bridge…

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May 19, 2003

Top 5 Istanbul Writers

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"The only city in the world build in 2 continents"
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"Istanbul not/and Constantinople"
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"istanbul tips"
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"My Beloved Istanbul"
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Tarihi Eminonu Balik: Tarihi Eminonu Balik boat food

Dining at the fishing boat is not something you get a chance to do every day. We had some fine weather so decided to pick up a snack just in passing. This is Eminonu's answer to McDonalds...and much tastier (not to mention HEALTHIER)....Here at the Golden Horn, just down from the Topkapi Palace you will find several fishing boats anchored at the pier. The pier itself is covered with tiny chairs and tables where you can sit...but first you get your meal off the boat itself as it rocks to the waves in the sea.

Favorite Dish Tarihi Eminonu Balik, okay, not sure what that means, could say "sit and eat" or it could be an advertisement for cigarettes...but whatever that is what it said on the boat. If anyone who knows Turkish could help me out here please.

Martin_S.'s Profile Photo
Dec 25, 2008

Fish Sandwiches under Galata Bridge

We'd crossed the Galata Bridge about six times before we finally succumbed to a fresh grilled fish sandwich from the first restaurant nearest the Eminonu Ferry Ports. This first restaurant is popular with locals and is cheaper than the restaurants further along the bridge. They serve Efes on tap and Fish Sandwiches and not much else so if you’re looking for variety and a filling gourmet meal then I would go elsewhere. But for a quick bite before our ferry trip, this place was perfect. When we went the toilets were being repaired and there were no alternative arrangements – I’m not complaining, just saying that the standard of this restaurant is closer to an English greasy spoon than the places further along which mainly cater for tourists.

Favorite Dish Hmmmmm..... So many to choose from! Either fish sandwich or fish sandwich.... Or the fish sandwich...

Firestar24's Profile Photo
Jan 05, 2008

Fish Sandwiches

On the bridge near Emononu, you encounter Istanbulians lined up on the both sides of the bridge giving no rest to the fishes. The good thing is some berbecue those fishes and make sandwiches with tomato and salad and 'durum' (Turkish bread). Cheap and tasty!

travelife's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2004

Fish Sandwiches: Fish Sandwiches

You can get fish sandwiches on and around the Galata Bridge. On the north side is the Galatasaray fish market where you will get the cheapest sandwiches 3YTL. On the bridge there are other sandwich restaurants that look quite nice 5YTL. On the south side are sandwiches that are cooked on boats on the river and served on tables by the river 5YTL.

graeme83's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2008

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