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Luxury Small-Group Tour of Imperial Istanbul Including Lunch
"Start your full-day tour with a pickup from your European-side hotel in Istanbul by luxury Mercedes minivan. Settle back in air-conditioned comfort as your guide talks to you and your small group about Istanbul’s Imperial history on the way to your first Istanbul served as the capital city during the Roman Byzantine Latin and Ottoman empires and architectural relics from each of the eras can be found around the city’s streets today. Hop out of your minibus at Istanbul Archaeology Museum and follow your guide inside to see classical artwork sarcophagi and other intriguing artifacts — some of which date as far back as the 4th century. Your group is small
From $130.00
Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour in Istanbul
"Depart your old city accommodations at 8:30am and visit the Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Market). Built between 1597 and 1664 it is the second oldest covered bazaar in the city. There you will find mystical smells of different aromas of various spices shops selling fruits vegetables flowers fish and more.After visit the Rustem Pasha Mosque. Mimar Sinan built this mosque in 1560 for Rüstem Pasha
From EUR65.00
Bosphorus and Golden Horn Full Day Tour in Istanbul
"Begin this full-day excursion with a stroll around Pierre Loti Hill. Hop on a cable car and let it take you to another world where the ancient Byzantine walls of Constantinople the Chora Church and the Castle of Seven Towers awaits. Learn about the history of this centuries-old metropolis and how it functioned as both the capital of the eastern Roman empire and as the head of the Ottoman empire. Then board the boat and cruise aroun making Istanbul one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the only one built astride two continents; this romantic cruise along the Bosphorus allows you to admire the Dolmabahce Plalace the Beylerbeyi Palace the Ciragan Palace and the Rumeli Fortress ancient wooden villas and bridges and all the wonderful and unige maritime landscapes."
From EUR60.00

Gulhane Park Tips (22)

Gulhane Park: An Island of Tranquility

Gulhane Park borders the northern border of the Topkapi Palace, entered by a pathway from the first courtyard and also through a massive gate from an adjacent city street. During Byzantine times, it was an area of military barracks. The Ottomans recognized its potential as a park and created an elaborate refuge for the sultans. The name means "rosehouse park" and it was filled with roses, other exotic plants and trees, as well as assorted pavillions and even a museum. After the Topkapi was abandoned, the park was gradually developed with a small and apparently decripit zoo and a funpark and became a gathering place for locals. In 2000, a three year renovation did away with all the "attractions" and new walkways were built surrounded by immaculate lawns, beautiful 18th C trees, and assorted monuments. In the midst of the hustle of the Sultanahamet district, the park is a welcome peaceful interlude in an otherwise hectic day.

Today, there are by law no vendors, no grills, no attractions - just a peaceful walk on well tended pathways between columns of oriental plane trees ( image 1 ). Off to one side, a large rose garden ( image 4 )recalls history. Very few benches are seen in the park and walking on the lawns is frowned upon. Most people stroll back and forth, taking in the views of the water (image 2 ) and the stylized plantings.
Do note that the park is in the shape of a semicircle heading downhill and ending far away from Sultanahamet and public transportation. It is an easy walk down the hill, a far longer walk back up the hill to return to the rest of the city.

nicolaitan's Profile Photo
May 03, 2009

Gulhane Park

Gülhane Park (House of Roses) is a historical, urban park in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the oldest and one of the largest public parks in Istanbul. It is located between the Topkapý Palace and Sarayburnu. The entrance of the park has one of the larger gates of the palace. The park is spread over a very large area and has very interesting and rare kinds of trees and bushes.

When I was a kid we were coming to this park for picnic.Yes Turkish style picnic.dozens of kid
with mothers.And we bring balls and our tea pots and Small gas tubes.We play ball or other games with kid under the old trees during the summer.

This place was open to public.Like a picnic area or a small forest in the city.Now it is well planned park and modern.This is good maybe but not warm.Not like my children times.

Gülhane Park was once part of the imperial garden of Topkapý Palace and mainly consisted of a grove. A section of the outer garden was planned as a park by the municipality and opened to the public in 1912. The park previously contained recreation areas, coffee houses, playgrounds etc. Later, a small zoo was opened within the park. The first statue of Atatürk in Turkey was erected in this park, in 1926

The park went through a major renovation in recent years. During the renovation, the zoo, funfair and picnic grounds have been removed and the open space ratio was increased. The excursion routes were re-arranged and the big pool was restored in a modern style. Concrete structures were turned to open space areas and the park gained its natural landscape of the 1950s, with the view of the old trees dating from the 1800s, which were hidden behind the concrete buildings.

The old barracks within the area of Gülhane is expected to be converted to a cultural center in due course. This center is going to host a library and an exhibition hall, together with a workshop on kilim and handicrafts

neodue's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2008

Gulhane park

Not easy seing the sights on a hot sunny day here,I found this nice park so decided to take a rest,a policeman was passing so I asked him to take my picture while I rested,it is a very famous park in Istanbul ..

benazer's Profile Photo
Oct 05, 2006

Gulhane Park

oldest park in the city, spread over a very large area and has very interesting and rare kinds of trees and bushes, it used to be a zoo (like said Orhan Pamuk in "Istanbul-Memories of the City" strange it was considered being a zoo, because all you could see from fauna there..were 3 cats and 2 goats all sitting in same cage:) after 2 years renovation now the park looks like in 1950s and some trees are more that 200 years old

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Sep 04, 2006
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The Oldest Monument in Istanbul; "Column of Goths"

When you enter the Topikapi Palace, you will visit the Fouth Court, because you can see the marvelous view of the Bosphorus from there. Well, please look at the left of the sea. In the Gulhane Park, you will notice this simple column.

This is the "oldest" monument which we can see now in Istanbul, "Column of Goths". It was erected during the reign of Claudius II "Gothicus"(which means "conqueror of Goths" in Latin; his reign is during 268-270 A. D.)) to commorate his victory over Goths. In the middle of 3rd century Ancient Roman Empire was collapsed, and many emperors and usurpers took the throne, but most of them met miserable deaths. He was the only person who can meet his end on the bed. Actually, he was a man of ability, and loved by people.

Well, when you see this column, please remember this emperor!!!

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May 04, 2005

Gulhane Park

The wisitors should wisit The grand Gulhane Imperial Park at Sultanahmet district. The tram will stop infront of the park and for a cheep amount you will see the great trees and great view from the tea gardens in the park.

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May 12, 2004

Gulhane Park

The best and easiest way to escape from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul (not to mention the annoying tour guides and merchants) is to visit scenic Gulhane Park. Located on the northwest side of of Topkapi Palace (and serving as the entrance to the palace grounds), Gulhane Park is a gorgeous and peaceful sanctuary with soft green grass, tall shady trees, and walkways dotted with park benches. We sought refuge there more than once and always enjoyed our time there. It's also a great place to bring a carry-out lunch and eat at your leisure. If you plan ahead enough you can even have a relaxing picnic on the grass. We concluded that there must be some law against solicitation inside the park, because no one ever approached us trying to sell us anything. Gulhane Park is the only part of Istanbul about which I can say that (except inside museums and mosques).

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Mar 26, 2004

Ruins of the city

There are also other vestiges of what was once the fastuous Constantinople. Some of them you see suddenly, beyond a corner of a street. Unfortunately, these are not maintained, history forgot them, time and people passing by without noticing them, except maybe the traveler who for a short time stops, wonders in front of the remains of times long passed and continues its journey.
Maybe you will understand now the disappointment of a reader about passed great times, with kings and princesses, who steps over history’s traces like a traveler, truly understanding the sense of the saying: SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI
( the big pic in the collage is taken right near Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Camii and the one from the right upper corner from the wall which surounds Gulhane Parki –first tram station from Sultanahmet toward Eminonu is Gulhane Parki)*

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Oct 18, 2003

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Gulhane Park

It used to be the Rose garden of the Topkapi Palace. It has been turned into a public park. It is located just in the heart of Sultanahmet and it is the right place to take a walk or rest after a busy day.

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Sep 02, 2003

Gulhane Park

Next to Topkapi Palace and the Archaeology museum is this large park that runs from Sultanahmet to the golden horn

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Jul 27, 2012

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