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Istanbul Small Group Sightseeing and Culinary Walking Tour
"Your tour guide will meet you at Taksim Square at 10:00 a.m. You will start with a stroll through Gezi Park and the Taksim Square. Then following the Istiklal Street the most famous avenue in İstanbul you will be taking detours to discover more about Beyoğlu and Cihangir -two old fancy districts of Istanbul. During this walking tour you will have some time to enjoy the local tea houses and learn how to play Backgammon and Okey both extremely popular among locals. You will also explore areas with some of the best antique shops designer shops and market places. Let's not forget fish markets and delicatessens where you can try some of the amazing tastes Istanbul offers. Some of the highlights will be Pera Palace Hotel
From $80.00
Istanbul Evening Food Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in Istanbul’s Karaköy district and ride the subway — the world’s second-oldest underground funicular — to the nearby Beyoğlu district. Set out through the bustling backstreets making frequent stops to sample some of Istanbul’s favorite foods and drinks. As you explore your guide will fill you in on Turkey’s cuisine and how Istanbul on the cusp of Europe and Asia absorbs a plethora of culinary influences making its food scene incredibly exciting.Stop for some borek a moreish pastry oozing with cheese
From EUR82.00
Big Bus Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
"Straddling the Asian and European continents Istanbul has an abundance of cultural appeal with history cuisine and architecture influenced by both the east and west. Both the Byzantines and the Ottomans left their mark on the city once known as Constantinople and architectural legacies of the past are scattered around town. From the mysterious mosques of Sultanahmet to the modern day-to-day buzz of Taksim Square and Galata Bridge Istanbul has something to wow even the most seasoned of visitors.Aboard a comfortable open-top double-decker bus
From EUR30.00

Taksim Square Tips (36)

Tasksim Park

Heart of the modern part of the city built in the 1940's and housing the central station of the Istanbul Metro system. This park is full of monuments and fountains of modern Turkey and has also been used as a focal point for protests against the government.

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Nov 13, 2016

Taksim scam in 30 min

I stepped out of intercontinental hotel near taksim square for a quick exploratory stroll to on my first evening in Istanbul. At the square a man approached me for directions in Turkish and then quite quickly started talking - so you are from india etc...i began talking as the guy started giving me tips on restaurants etc and looked like he was getting back to his home from work (supposedly from hilton). He asked me to follow him so he could show me fashion street as he was walking in that direction. Then after showing me a few restaurants and pointing to to a few clubs and bars as per my interest asked me to take his number so I could reach out for tips. I thought to myself that no harm in taking his contact but since i did not have a pen, he asked me to step into a bar to givd it to me. Made me sit at a table and very quickly the drinks came on and I tried to say i did not order n tried to leave but then suddenly the bar door was closed and I was surounded by ppl and forced to pay $300 (later i realised it was more). I think they took more from my wallet during the argument and I was not sure if I resisted to tried to make noise then it could get violent so gave in n left the bar as quickly as I could. Thought of reporting to the police on my way back but thought they might be involved if these ppl can so easily extort money...just avoid stranger however nice they seem...i should not have stepped into the bar and little did I know that i will trapped and extorted from forcibly...hope they enjoy the $300 or $500 because they will suffer sooner or later...

Dec 05, 2015

Beware of Thugs

There are cheats who advertise on Rentmen agree on a price come to your hotel & demand 10 times more money. They are not scared of hotel management or Police. Burkcan_Turkish is one such guy who is a BIG CHEAT!

Nov 28, 2014

Taksim Square, Istanbul, TR

"Taksim Square" is the center of Istanbul and its the "Heart" of the city ...

Taksim Square is situated in the European part of Istanbul and is a major tourist and leisure district famed for its restaurants, cafes, nightlife, shops, and hotels. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul, with the central station of the Istanbul Metro network.

Taksim Square is also the location of the Monument of the Republic which was crafted by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica and inaugurated in 1928. The monument commemorates the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, following the Turkish War of Independence.

Taksim is a main transportation hub and a popular destination for both tourists and the native population of Istanbul. "Istiklal Street", a long pedestrian shopping street, ends at this square, and a nostalgic tram runs from the square along the avenue, ending near the Tünel (1875) which is the world's second-oldest subway line after London's Underground (1863).

Here you can read my "Istiklal Street" review for more detailed information ... :
Istiklal Street

Surrounding Taksim Square are numerous travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and international fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Subway, and Burger King. It is also home to some of Istanbul's grandest hotels including the InterContinental, the Ritz-Carlton, and The Marmara Hotel.

Here you can watch my "Taksim Square" Video ... :
Taksim Square

Taksim is also a favourite location for public events such as parades, New Year celebrations, or other social gatherings. Atatürk Cultural Center, a multi-purpose cultural center and opera house, is also located at Taksim Square.

Taksim Square is an important hub for public transport in Istanbul. In addition to serving as the main transfer point for the municipal bus system, Taksim Square is also the terminus of the Hacıosman-4.Levent-Taksim-Yenikapı subway line of the Istanbul Metro. The İstiklal Avenue-Tünel nostalgic tram line also starts in Taksim.

Here you can read my "Tunel" review for more detailed information ... :

Taksim's position was given an extra boost on June 29, 2006, when the new funicular line connecting the Taksim Metro station with the Kabataş tramway station and Seabus port was opened, allowing riders to ascend to Taksim in just 110 seconds.

Here you can read my "Tram and Metro Lines" review for more detailed information .. :
Tram and Metro Lines

"Taksim Square" and connecting "Istiklal Street" pedestrian avenue is a "must see" for your Istanbul visit, enjoy ..... :)

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Jul 28, 2014
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Indipendence Monument

The Independence Monument (Istiklal Aniti) in the circle at the southern end of the square commemorates the Turkish Republic's founder, Kemal Atatürk, in both his roles, as military commander-in-chief and as statesman.
The open space to the north was once a reservoir. Facing the square at its northern end is the Atatürk Cultural Center.At the back famous revolution area of Gezi Parc ...

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Jun 05, 2013

Cumhuriyet Aniti

Cumhuriyet Aniti, or the Monument to the Republic, commemorates the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The foundation of the Republic is an event of prime importance in Turkey, and the founder of the Republic, Atatürk (born Mustafa Kemal Pasha), is a revered figure in modern Turkey. His features prominently in the statue, which was erected in 1928. On the side looking north, he is in military uniform, while on the southern side of the monument, Atatürk and two of his comrades (including the first Prime Minister, Inonu) are in European dress, signifying the Europeanization and secularization that were core tenets of the Republican project. The statue also has two Soviet figures in it, as a sign of gratitude for the aid lent by the Soviet régime to the Republican forces in the War of Independence. The monument was designed by an Italian, Pietro Canonica, and is often the site of official ceremonies.

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Dec 04, 2012

Monumental Spaces

Taksim Square may be impressive for its size, but I won't try to pretend that it holds a huge amount of interest for other reasons - especially given the proximity of Istiklal Caddesi and its myriad of shops, cultural centres, restaurants and religious buildings. The square, the name of which means division or divided, comes from the statue of the same name. It acts as a sort of terminus for this section of Istanbul, a place in which the traffic and people that congregate from Sisli and the northern reaches of the city merge with the denser and my touristy crowds of Istiklal and the Golden Horde.

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Dec 04, 2012

Taksim Tram - Colourful & Crowded

Istikal Caddesi the 3km walking street at Taksim can get very crowded and some people may find the walk exhausting. If you arrive via the Taksim Tunel you are best to walk Isikal Caddesi downhill from the tunel for the 3km or whatever shorter distance you decide.

My suggestion is to take the tram(historical light rail) back up to the tunel, it will save you a long walk especially if you are carrying a load of shopping.

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Feb 27, 2012

Top 5 Istanbul Writers

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"The only city in the world build in 2 continents"
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"Istanbul not/and Constantinople"
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"istanbul tips"
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"My Beloved Istanbul"
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Independence monument

Independence monument symbolizes former Turkish president Kemal Ataturk, his companions, also the depictions of Turkish independence war and Turkish soldiers with flags.

Momunent was built in 1928 by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. At the moment it is the main object at Taxim square, always full of people. The Taxim square is the final stop of old tram, running all Istiklal street and suitable more for tourism attraction than for transportation.

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Feb 07, 2012


Tourists might think the former Hippodrome areas west of the Blue Mosque are at the center of the city, but they would be wrong for it is here at Taksim Square the heart of modern Istanbul beats from. This is a main hub in the public transportation network for the city. Some of the best hotels are found here as is the Atatürk Cultural Center. Public events, parades, demonstrations … they all take place in Taksim.

The name refers to the stone reservoir that used to be here from which water lines for the Istanbul districts on the north side of the Golden Horn used to emanate – ‘Taksim’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘division’ or ‘distribution’.

In the center of the square is the Monument of the Republic/Cumhuriyet Anýtý commemorating the 1923 formation of the Turkish Republic. On one side of the monument is Atatürk as a general while on the other side his is portrayed as a statesman.

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Nov 15, 2011

Long, Long Time Ago

I was in Istanbul in the late 1950's and early 1960's, and again, off and on, throughout the 1970's. Taksim Square was always my focal point. It was where "everything happened"! One reviewer said she didn't see anything special about the area -- guess she kept to her guide-book and never looked to the right or left, and didn't consider anything that wasn't a "major tourist attraction" of any importance. Nowadays, Taksim is, unfortunately, filled with all the marvels of the modern world -- it wasn't always like that. 50-60 years ago, it was the "place to be". Stayed at the Istanbul Hilton Hotel for $8.00 per night! Nightclubs were prolific and nearby. Street activity was amazing. My favorite place in the world. The Turkish people are the friendliest people I've ever met.

An old USA government employee, who considers Istanbul his second home.

Yüsuf Eroğlu (My adopted Turkish name.)

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Sep 17, 2011


From Ataturk airport we took Havas bus to the city center and the first thing we saw was Taksim square, a busy hub of Istanbul located at the European side, local buses and taxis passing non stop. Taksim (division in arabic) was once upon a time the point where the water lines from north were collected and from here branched off to other areas of the city. There is still a small stone reservoir as a reminder. For me taksim always reminds me of a special musical style in classical Turkish music.

Near Taksim you can find many 5star hotels but also some cheap ones at the side streets. It’s a good area to have as a base if you don’t want to be at Sultanahmet where you will find most of the touristic sites. I prefer the Taksim area anyway just because I want to be close to the nightlife spots. The square itself isn’t attractive because there are many fast food chains around.

The famous Istiklal street starts from here, a lively street day and night which is full of bars, café, shops, restaurants etc

Right before Istaklal you can see the Monument of Independence, a big structure that was erected in 1928, 5 years after the foundation of Turkey. It shows the figure of Ataturk (founder of Turkish Republic but also a military commander) and other heroes. It was made by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica.

Some times the square is used as starting point of parades, state celebrations but also as a meeting point for protests and demonstrations, that’s why the monument is surrounded some days by heavily armed policemen.

What I like most here are the colorful flowers around (pic 3), especially the tulips (pic 4).

Many people believe that Taksim is just the area around the monument but the truth is that is the general area including a nice small park opposite the monument (pic 5).

Late in the night a lot of trans-sexual gather around so have this in mind if you travel with children.

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May 09, 2011

Things to Do Near Istanbul

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The university is closed to the public but the gates are quite impressive. The University was established in 1453 by Sultan Mehmed II. Today it is still the main university in Istanbul with 60,000...
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Grand Bazaar - Kapali Çarsi

In my first visit to Istanbul, I was taken to the bazaar - "this is the bazaar, let's enter, be careful not to get lost... let's go out... it's seen". Things are better when you are on your own, when...
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Galata Tower

Visible from far, this tower, built by Genoese in the 14Th century and still keeping its italian look, is now the place of a restaurant and, it seems, a "tourist trap". Going up is expensive and the...
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Levent District

The business and financial district of Levent, located away from most tourist attractions in Istanbul, is located in the Besiktas district, north of the Bosphorus Bridge. It is an important area of...
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Bebek Area

In our last year in Istanbul I was sent out to various parts of Istanbul to teach different individuals or in different companies. Once a week I had to teach in Bebek. Bebek is a pretty village on the...
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Beyazit District

"Beyazit State Library" in Istanbul is the first Ottoman state library, opened in 1884 and intended to be a national library. Beyazıt Library is one of the largest libraries in Istanbul, its...
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