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Historic Off the Beaten Path Tour of the Real Istanbul
"Our tour begins at the ancient Hippodrome where thousands of spectators were entertained and kept happy by the chariot races. The historic Sultanhamet Mosque or now known as the Blue Mosque due to its magnificent interior filled with blue Iznik tiles is we will navigate through the labyrinth of streets and passages that are home to more than 3000 shops known as the Grand Bazaar. Make sure you have practiced your bartering skills. After looking Grand Bazaar you will have a chance to rest and you will get to experience traditional Turkish tea or coffee and a popular Turkish pastry called borek all while enjoying the ancient practice of hookah at a favorite local hangout. You will then make your way to one of immediately you feel the energy in the air. Your senses will be filled with bright colors and powerful aromas of the exotic spices that will surround you. Istanbul is a city that has a rich religious history and now is composed of many different religion this church has been the location of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and is recognized as the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Religion. Your day concludes with an old world cultural experience like no other city has to offer. Your churches and synagogues that date back to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Further to witnessing the local's life thereYou end the tour with a ferry back to Eminonu
From EUR70.00
Dinner Cruise On The Bosphorus
"Start your evening with pick up from your hotel before heading to the port to embark on our 3.5-hour evening Bosphorus cruise from Istanbul. Watch the sun set over the Bosphorus Strait and cruise under Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. See Istanbul’s illuminat your experience finishes with drop off at your Istanbul hotel.""""Spend your evening in Istanbul cruising around the beautiful Bosphorus Strait while enjoying dinner and an Anatolian folklore show with belly dancing. Gliding through the water your boat follows a route that includes views of Istanbul’s top attractions – all enchantingly illuminated at night. Cruise past the Blue Mosque and Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge while eating drinking and enjoying the show!"title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+a+romantic+night+including+dinner&2=Dinner+included&3=Free+drinks+included&4=Hotel+pickup+included
From $50.00
Private Istanbul Walking tour
"This walking tour of Istanbul provides a perfect introduction to the city that straddles Europe and Asia.When Istanbul was known as Constantinople it was the capital of the Roman Empire and the wealthiest metropolis in Europe. On this city tour you’ll visit Istanbul’s 4 most important historic sites with a local guide.The Blue Mosque is an iconic monument in both the Turkish and Islamic wor and features 6 towering minarets and 260 windows that provide illumination for its vast inner chamber that is lined with more than 20000 Iznik tiles.In the 6th century the Hagia Sophia was built by the Emperor Justinian. After the Ottoman conquest it was converted to a mosque and later converted into a museum featuring many beautiful Byzantine mosaics.One of the largest and oldest palaces in the world
From $59.00

Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum Tips (17)

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

I liked this museum very much because it exhibits Turkish and Islamic artefacts from different periods and regions. There are wonderful carpets, old woodwork, metalwork and old Korans. There is also an ethnographic section downstairs with “dolls” dressed in traditional cloths and a yurt (a nomadic tent). Around Turkey I have enjoyed many museums like this, showing artefacts and traditional life in Ottoman Turkey.

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Sep 27, 2004

Carpet Heaven

It's sometimes tough to compare museums - admittedly, New York has some great museums, and the Islamic collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is outstanding, so perhaps I'm a little spoiled.
The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts was one of the most impressive museums I visited in Istanbul, and the collection is well worth seeing. The highlight: the gallery of carpets. They're hung side by side, surrounding a large room. It's impressive (and they won't try to sell you one!)

danchatman's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2004

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works

The palace of Ibrahim Pasha houses the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works. During the Ottoman centuries, the palace served as the loggia for the sultan during imperial ceremonials in the Horse Square, such as circumcision feasts and military parades. Now functioning as a museum, the structure seems still to hold many secrets from the past. The museum provides an ideal outdoor setting for a cup of Turkish coffee while overlooking the Hippodrome through a wooden lattice. The beautiful minarets of the mosque seem to replicate and echo the vertical shafts of the obelisks.

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Apr 01, 2009

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts is a very interesting museum located near the Hippodrome and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul's Sultanahmet neighborhood. Located in the 16th century palace of Ibrahim Pasa, Museum houses an excellent collection of decorative items, most of which are from the Selcuk and Ottomon Turkish empires. Highlights include illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy, decorative swords and daggers, ceramics, jewelry, and the museum's excellent collection of antique carpets. There are also a small number of Byzantine religious items on display, as well as some items from nearby Islamic regions.

Downstairs, underneath the main section of the museum, is a small ethnographic museum that is great for children. It contains a series of rooms that are decorated as they would have been during various eras of the region's history. Within each room, there are also mannequins dressed in period costume.

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Apr 04, 2011
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museum is situated in the palace of Ibrahim Pasa built approx.1520
most interesting islamic artefacts are exhibited on 2nd floor, which includes pottery, ceramic, unglazed ware , metalwork, Koran
manuscripts, but i was most impessed by the rugs, finest in the museum collection and by wooden doors, window shutters with very complicated ornaments on it

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Sep 07, 2006

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts is located in the 16th century palace of Ibrahim Pasa who was a close friend and adviser to the Sultan Suleyman. It is a great place to get somekind of idea of the splendor that the Sultans of the Ottomans lived in.
From outside the palace seems rather plain but inside is a strong collection of Turkish and Islamic artifacts that include large exhibits of ceramics, carpets, glasswork and calligraphy. There are also ethnographpic exhibits depicting life during the Ottoman Empire. I visited the palace after a very long day of touristing the sites of Istanbul and was very tired so my attention span was more than a little short but still I thought that this was a very good museum. However if you are limited in time while in Istanbul, I would not rate this as a must see however if you are interested in Islamic decorative arts then by all means go. This is the strongest collection outside of Topkapi.
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. A visit cost about $2.00US.

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Apr 20, 2005

Turkish&Islamic Arts Museum !

Built in 1524 by Ibrahim Pasa, grand Vizier of Suleyman the Magnificient, it was the grandest private residence ever built in the Ottoman Empire. It is now used as a museum for many beautiful Turkish and Persian miniatures, Seljuk tiles, Korans and antique carpets.( some of the oldest carpets in thw world )
Open everyday except Monday..

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Feb 17, 2003

TURKISHand ISLAMIC ART MUSEUM: brief on the east

the Turkish and Islamic Arts' Museum is located next to the Blue Mosque in Sulanahmet Square. it demonstrates the historical flow of arts from the very early Turkish-Islamic states to the last ages of Ottoman Empire.

the items include clothes, kitchen instruments, wood carving items, stone crafting, jewels, ceramics, even some doors of old mosques and many other things; and the museum is really successful in giving an idea to a traveller about the Turkish and Islamic arts.

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Apr 17, 2007

Top 5 Istanbul Writers

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"My Beloved Istanbul"
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Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Over 40000 items are on display in the former palace of Ibrahiam Pasa, the most gifted of Sülyeman's many grand viziers.
The collection was begun in the 19th century and ranges from the earliest period of Islam through to modern times. Each room concentrates on a different chronological period or geographical area of the Islamic world.

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Oct 08, 2008

Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts/IbrahimPasaPalace

This is an excellent museum in Sultanahmet, right on the Hippodrome/At Meydani across from Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque). The large building is 16th-century palace of Ibrahim Pasa, a powerful Ottoman official and Grand Vizier to Suleyman I (kanuni - the law-giver, or "the Magnificent" to western Europeans).

The museum has a nice colelction of just what it says, with heavy emphasis on the Turkic world, especially Anatolian Turkish art like Seljuk and Ottoman, as well as a very impressive collection of old Turkish and Persian carpets, some very large and some very old.

The museum is also interesting for the building. It is rare for Istanbul in that it is an old palace of an Ottoman official other than one of the many imperial palaces of the sultans and their families. Moreover, Ibrahim Pasa was a very important figure in Suleiman's reign and very famous to students of Ottoman history. Finally, the balcony overlooking At Meydani gives some nices views of the area.

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Feb 19, 2009

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Housed in an old palace overlooking the Hippodrome the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts charts the history, influences and changes in Islamic Art through the use of pottery, tiles, artefacts, calligraphy, glass and metal work, manuscripts and friezes.

There are some wonderful exhibits, especially the beautiful calligraphy and decorated manuscripts, vibrantly coloured tiles and also the exquisite, elaborate pins and brooches used to decorate turbans.

The later galleries and the Main Ceremonial Hall contain one of the world’s foremost collection of antique carpets. The exhibition explains the different types of carpets and how some styles are named after certain artists i.e. Holbein, because they were featured in paintings by those artists. In the west Turkish carpets were so prized that they were used as table coverings rather than on the floor, thus showing the wealth of those who owned them.

The museum also has an Ethnographical Section which includes a reconstruction of a traditional Yurt dwelling and also details of how natural dyes are made from such things as plants, dried flowers and even crushes insects.

All the exhibits are well displayed with descriptions in Turkish and English There is a lot to take in however the museum also has a lovely tea room where you can refresh your senses and feet and, in summer, sit out on the terrace with beautiful views over the Blue Mosque.

Open: Tue-Sun. 9.00am-4.30pm

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Nov 07, 2006

Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts

This excellent museum looks over the Hippodrome and is well worth a visit. Constructed in 1524, the building was formerly the palace of Ibrahim Pasha, who was the first grand vizier to Suleiman the Magnificent.

The collection includes notable examples from the Ottoman (14th to 20th centuries),
Seljuk (11th to 13th centuries), and earlier periods beginning in the 8th century of Islamic calligraphy, tiles, manuscripts, and one of the world's best collections of carpets. There's also ethnographic displays on various cultures in Turkey, particularly nomad groups (see next tip).

Open: 9am-4.30pm Tue-Sun. Admission: TL10.

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Mar 01, 2010

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