Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

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    Sultanahmet cats
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Istanbul

  • 1. Women's Safety

    To all travelers, you can never be too careful in big cities. I'm not singling out Istanbul as a crime ridden place but I have been traveling there back and forth there for nearly 10 years for work...

  • 2. Taxis

    I think tourist hot spots in Istanbul is where your are more than likely to come across a dishonest taxi driver as they will think tourists will carry a lot of cash. I went to Istanbul in November...

  • 3. Scams

    we visited istanbul in march this year- beautiful country, awe inspiring architecture and a new culture.our tour guide took us to the first shop in the spice market-alladin and recommended it.we...

  • 4. Pickpockets

    As a solo female traveller I've always felt very safe indeed in Istanbul and, although normal city commonsense is required, have also felt that the risk of pickpocketing and petty theft is likely to...

  • 5. Traffic

    The traffic in Istanbul is quite heavy. You would do well to avoid taxis and use the tramway or walk, especially in the Sultanahmet area. Not only are the places situation nearby, it is interesting to...

  • 6. Shoe Polishers

    There are some shoe polisher crooks in town, especial around the Grand Bazar area. The trick is simple: -Shoe polishers will pass you in a quiet narrow street and "accidentally" drops a brush -Of...

  • 7. Taksim

    Taksim is the centre of modern and nightly life in Istanbul, and, to be honest, an ugly square. Furthermore, it is bigger than it seems, very irregular, with a garden squeezed in the middle, and it...

  • 8. Sultanahmet

    As will be the case with many Arabian and east European countries that are still run by Mafias and corrupt Governments, crime and corruption will spread wherever the people are able to go. Albanian...

  • 9. General Advice

    Tourism seems to play already a strong role in Istanbul, where some places show a seasonal functionality. We were in a park, with what should be a great and probably nice complex of lakes and...

  • 10. Health & Safety

    Please do not expect the same sort of health & safety precautions and regulations you may be used to at home. In Istanbul you need to take responsibility for your own health & safety. Expect potholes...

  • 11. Fake Goods

    Wish I had read the warning about Divas Jewelry before we went to Istanbul (Oct. - Nov. 2012). I purchased earrings there and have just returned home where I will confirm whether they are actually...

  • 12. Toilets - Restrooms

    All mosques have toilets as well as washing facilities. In the visitor-popular areas of the old city, at least, mosque toilets are clearly-signed (usually with 'WC') and available for visitor use....

  • 13. Carpets

    On my way back to my Hotel, I was stopped by a Carpet shop owner. As I had steered clear all holiday, I thought I would have a look, he seemed nice enough, no worries that you don't want to buy,...

  • 14. Animals

    It always breaks my heart to see stray animals wandering around cities, in Istanbul it seemed that the stray cats far outnumbered the stray dogs and they were everywhere. It did seem like people were...

  • 15. Queues

    The Aya Sofya is one of Istanbul's top attractions. The entrance is split into an entrance for organised tours and an entrance for occasional visitors. The organised tours have their own guides who...

  • 16. Crowds

    In the most touristy areas, such as the Sultanahmet, the Grand Bazar, Taksim and the likes, it can get absoloutely incredibly crowded during the tourist season. Buses everywhere taking the tourist...

  • 17. Bazaars

    Be aware that haggling down the price of any thing you buy,The seller,vendor mostly raise the price because the vendor knows very well the buyer will try to haggle it down. It is part of the...

  • 18. Aksaray

    Surely Istanbul is a must-see city. Especially the European side of the city is very beautiful and filled with interesting historic places. But there are some places that must be avoided. Generally,...

  • 19. Water

    One of my guidebooks stated that drinking water from the tap was not such a good idea, I still brushed my teeth with it but for drinking water we found a guy selling cold 1.5L bottles for 1tl (about...

  • 20. Ataturk Airport

    Here's the situation that I'v heard of multiple times: As a tourist you don’t know the shortest way to your destination, so the taxi driver can easily make an extra tour around the block and spice up...

  • 21. Nightlife

    I can recommend to you avoid to visit nigh life areas like Taksim,Beyoglu,Kumkapi,Samatya,Atakoy Marina. You can go there but be careful.Those places full of pubs,bars,night clubs and lots of...

  • 22. Streetfood

    Not the best advertisement for food, but Turkey is where I have experienced many TUMMY BUGS! Usually when travelling, I have no problems, be here, it didn't seem to matter if it was street stall,...

  • 23. Smoking

    If you're sensitive to cigarette smoke or don't want to expose your children, you might have problems in restaurants and businesses. Most of these are full of very heavy smoke, due to a combination of...

  • 24. Istiklal Caddesi

    Sorry if I will be repetitive..other persons posted the same. The area of Istiklal caddesi at night can look so warmful , funny , democratic , westernalized but lots of traps for tourists exist. ...

  • 25. Beyoglu

    The backstreets of Beyoglu may look picturesque, but some of them are decidedly risky, especially for women, even more especially at night. There are no hard and fast rules as to which ones are ok,...

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Comments (2)

  • Apr 22, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    To be honest, I am from Istanbul and had many foreign friends visiting me over the years but when I read these things I though I was reading about Rio or Wire's Baltimore. For instance, I have been drinking the water you are afraid of brushing your teeth. Funny enough, some go to certain red districts, surrounded by a dozen of hot western european chicks and then complain about expensive service !!! Really? anyways. Use decent taxi stations (check the side door for company's name, if there is only plate number in blue , skip that taxi). If you want to have fun or good cheap food, follow local people. There are three universities near taksim, follow the youth if you want to go out and grab some food or beer... Again don't shop in the touristic areas., go to stores locals go. Finally, I cannot stop myself commenting on this but there is this freak local guy talking above about women's safety and telling them not to show their neck, etc... Even high school students have mini-skirts in these days. Better check Istanbul city cameras on "" to see what local women actually wear (of course, I am not saying you can go out in your bikinis or something)... AND If you have any problem, just go to police. All young police offers can speak english. This is not Russia, guys. Yes there are tourist hunters trying to get your money near touristy areas, but be smart to avoid them. . Be aware that there 15 million people living in this city.

  • Feb 4, 2013 at 11:20 PM

    about these tips they are just lies İ am living in İstanbul for 14 years and none of this are true but one taxi drivers dont trust them they trying cha of peooles of Istanbul but Turkish people are one of the most helpfull peoples on the world if you wanna visit istanbul begin from fatih fevzipaşa street and I have little frind in fatih his name is ALİ he is the most reliable person I met. His in akdeniz