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  • Lighthouse(1858)
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  • Sunset at Sile
    Sunset at Sile
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  • Sile Port
    Sile Port
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Sile Things to Do

  • Huseyin Kecici Mosque

    Small mosque is located just nearby square where bus from Istanbul makes the last stop in Sile. Husein Kecici mosque is interesting in its interior with Iznik blue tiles, also it looks more provincial, as interior reminds home.I haven't found any facts about this mosque: the history of it, any other interesting things.Here, near this mosque,...

  • Crying rocks

    Rocks are special due to the fact that it “houses” also water spring. As water flows, its water looks like human eye drops, so that’s why the name is like that.Overall Sile seashore is quite rich in various nice looking rocks, also with a castle ruins on one of it.

  • Ottoman lighthouse

    Lighthouse was built in Ottoman period, in 1859. It is famous as it is the biggest lighthouse in Turkey, 19 meters high. In some literature it is written it is second biggest lighthouse in the World, but I personally hardly could say so :)The lighthouse seems to function as restaurant, quite interesting one, as in the area together with restaurant...

  • Sile castle remains

    Sile castle that could now be seen only as ruins on the rock of Black sea shore was constructed already in Byzantine Empire times. In some literature castle is also named as Genoese fortress that shows it was used by Italian origin people.In Ottoman times it was also used, the main aim was to guard Black sea shore. Nowadays it is possible, as it...

  • Monument for Sile soldiers

    It is nice idea to put monument for soldiers, who originally were from Sile, but died in different battlefields, including famous Galipoli (First World War campaign, Great Britain, France against Ottoman Empire). The monument consists of plates with soldier names and the place where they lost lives. This sight looks quite new one, probably put here...

  • Quad biking or paintballing.

    Quad biking (ATV Safari)MUST be over 16 years old.15 minute theory,15 bike practical,Guides front and rear, then 90 minutes biking.Times :- 9,00-10,3010,45-12,1512,30-14,0014,15-15,4516,00-17,3017,45-19,15 19,30-21,00 or until the sun starts to go down.Cost 70 Ytl per person.Paintball, minimum 3+3 people,max 6+6.Cost 30 Ytl per person with 50...

  • Sile Castle.

    Originally thought to have been built by the Byzantines, it was of course then used by the Ottomans.Measuring 10m² and 12 meters high, it sits on Ocakliada now no longer connected to the mainland and is in pretty poor condition.Currently probably not visitable but it looks as though they are working on it as there is a small suspended trolley...

  • Caves and Christians.

    Many caves around the area of Sile and fleeing Christians did hide in surrounding caves especially in Kizilca, Inkese, Sofular and Gurlek. The last being used by the Romans in the 3rd century A.D. to imprison many.

  • Go kart racing.

    Fun for the older children or dads i guess.Cost is 10 ytl for 6 minutes.If no one is there there is a phone number to call at the Hotel Kuzey.

  • Sile Lighthouse.

    One of the most tangible landmarks of Sile, built in 1859.It stands on the Eastern side of Sile and is 19 m high, with 75 stairs to tempt the fit.Not used any more but the light was visible for 20 miles. Nice views out over the Black Sea with a handy cafe below on the promontory.Open daily from May 1 - August 31,10.00-16.00.Open daily EXCEPT...

  • Light House

    Although there is nothing much to do in Sile except experience the Sea...we definitely liked the light house. Its one old structure and is rated as the 2nd biggest light house in Europe (I am not sure if that is true). There is a small museum inside the light house which hosts objects which were used to guide and control ships in the past decades....

  • Fener Bahce - also for non-football...

    Strolling around Sile Feneri, I saw the sign for it's tea-garden.... started to laugh and said to my turkish friend "ohh, so the football teams name is Lighthouse Garden" :o)Fener Bahce in Sile is NOT the blue and yellow football team from Istanbul.Fener = LighthouseBahce = GardenThis tea-garden is laying on the little gras hill behind the...

  • Sile Feneri - famous Lighthouse in Sile

    This famous Lighthouse is laying on top of high cliffes next to the Black Sea.A stone next to the Lighthouse gate tell you the history in turkish and english (photo and text in other tip).It was built in 1858-1859 and searching for more info at the net I found out it has been in use for 138 years. Last shining lights must have been in 1997. When we...

  • Sile Feneri - stone with history info

    This is the englis text at the stone;According to the international Standart the Lighthouse of Sile is the biggest sea lighthouse in Turkey. It was built during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecit betveen the years 1858-1859 its metallic and erystalcomponents were produced in France by a company named Barbir Located in Paris There are eight Lenses...

  • Mushroom Hunting

    Agva is full of different varieties of mushrooms during autumn. The local people know the edible ones. You can ask for help from them and pick some mushrooms with them. We have found several of Boletus Edulis (say this way cept or porcini). It is a great adventure. We had our books and we did not pick the ones that we were not sure about. Even the...


Sile Restaurants

  • Oxiven cafe

    The restaurant is located on the main street walking from main bus station to seashore. Actually as most of Sile restaurants, it provided a view into Black sea. We ordered chicken shish, Turkish halva and apple tea. Food was nice, but I was disappointed that in chicken shish I found some dirty salads, also apple tea was “international” – Lipton....

  • Excellent Restaurant with good view

    We were walking in Sile when we came across this restaurant. A posh place with a an excellent view of the black sea as it is located on the cliff. The food was a bit expensive but, excellent. Continental food. I would highly recommend everyone visiting Sile to definitely visit this place. Everyone knows where it is so just ask around. Dont...

  • Fresh food at bakery incl view over...

    We was a bit hungry and thirsty while we were shopping in the main road. My friend went into a tiny bakery, walked past all the fresh cakes and breads into another room where there was some tabels and chairs and further out to the big balcony with more tabels and chairs.I was not prepared for what I saw; we were high up with a great view over the...


Sile Transportation

  • Yeditepe to Sile

    I am studying abroad at Yeditepe University and would love to spend a free weekend in Sile. I have an Istanbul Kart (prepaid bus card), can I use it on the 139 bus to Sile, or will I have to go to Harem and purchase a ticket? Any and all information is very much appreciated!Also, a cheap hotel, hostel, or cabin recommendation would be great.

  • Transportation to\from Sile

    Sile could be reached by Istanbul city buses 139 and 139A. Stop is on Harem bus station, not so far from Uskudar ferry terminal, so if you get there from, let say, European side of Istanbul, you should use Bosporus ferry from Eminonu or other place.As Sile is about 50 kilometers from Istanbul, I expected about one hour to get there, but it took two...

  • Bus to Sile.

    2/3 buses go to Sile,the 139 and the 139A, from Harem bus station on the Asian side and maybe the 169 from Uskudar,can't find much on it but supposedly takes 45 minutes,try THIS LINK.You can catch a conventional ferry across from the European side.Travelling time is 127 minutes according to the 139 timetable.From the web page below,on the LEFT...


Sile Shopping

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  • Sile bezi

    I always buy some Sile bezi blouses or dresses from there. Very good for hot weather. Not only women things, for everbody. Cheap

  • Sile "Bezi" cotton.

    Many shops in the local area selling Sile cotton blouses and the like, perfect for those hot sticky nights.

  • Localy grown Findik - Hazelnuts

    You can buy hazelnuts in almost every litle kiosk and grocery shop in turkey. I knew that Turkey grow a LOT of Findik (hazelnuts) but I had never before seen it been 'cleaned'.While the car was washed at the petrol station, I was curious to see what was on the other side of the road..... and found two ladies 'cleaning' nuts. My turkish friend...


Sile Local Customs

  • The boy with a bike and a rake

    This litle local boy was entertaing himselfe with a rake attached to his bike.Maybe he was practiceing who to plow the field with a tractor when he grows up?I'm not sure - but it looked fun! First when I saw him, he was biking downhill - quite clever since the rake made him go slower down the litle hill. Going back up the hill, the rake was still...

  • Another photo of the fishing boat...

    While you are having your meal at the restaurant these fishing boats by your side will accompany you...

  • Fishermen

    In Agva you can see all the time fishermen from different ages going for fishing. If you have good communication skills, you can go fishing with them and when back (if you have good fishing skills :))) you can cook your own fishes.


Sile What to Pack

  • Gokcecicek's Profile Photo

    What not to forget!

    by Gokcecicek Written Sep 22, 2003

    Luggage and bags: Warm clothes, pullover,

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Trekking shoes

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Hair drying machine

    Miscellaneous: If you like mushroom hunting like me, do not forget to take your knife and basket. Agva is full of different species such as Cept (porcini), Horn of plenty, Chanterelle :)

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    • Hiking and Walking
    • Fishing

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Sile Off The Beaten Path

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    Istanbul - vibrant big town

    by Raimix Updated Jun 13, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Istanbul is bustling biggest city in Turkey, located on Bosporus strait. The place was known as capital of Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman Empires. Nowadays it is one of the most visited places in the World, having big variety of old architecture – mosques, palaces, baths, churches, so on.

    If you go to Istanbul from Sile as a daytrip you also have to add about 30 minutes to take Bosporus ferry to European side of Istanbul that is the most visited part. The Sile – Istanbul bus trip takes about 2 hours.

    Istanbul is located about 50 kilometers from Sile.

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Sile General

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  • Sile and baklava

    As Sile is more off the beaten path place, naturally here the prices of baklavas or other sweets are less expensive than in Istanbul center. Let say, one kilogram of baklava here we got for 8,10 euros, but in Istanbul it was 11 euros and more. So we used such opportunity and tried different species of so sweet Turkish baklavas. It is, I should...

  • Great coast place

    Sile is not a basic resort just with sandy beaches, but also has a great looking coast with nice rocks around. One rock is a place for Byzantine time castle ruins. Also Sile has nice pier to walk a deeper into sea, also with a fish market and few restaurants.

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