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Most Viewed Things to Do in Ephesus

  • 1. Virgin Mary’s House

    4 out of 5 stars

    The house of Virgin Mary is considered to be the last home of Mother Mary. The Christians visit here for pilgrimage and it has been also visited by the last 3 popes. Outside the house, you can find 3...

  • 2. Celsus Library

    5 out of 5 stars

    It's a long way down the main road, lined with the ruins of several buildings that your guide will describe in detail. Finally it all ends facing the library, whose facade is the best preserved of...

  • 3. Grand Theatre

    The biggest construction remaining in Ephesus, and the most impressive after the Library, is the great theatre. Built under Greek influence, it was enlarged and transformed by the Romans, and,...

  • 4. Toilet

    You don't need to use your imagination too much here! The latrines were part of the Scholastica Baths and built in the 1st century AD. They were the public toilets of the city where citizens were...

  • 5. Hadrian Temple

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This is one of the best preserved and most beautiful structures on Curetes Street. It was built before 138 AD by P. Quintilius and was dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, who came to visit the city from...

  • 6. Curetes Street

    The main street, named Curetes, is lined with lots of ruins, most of them impossible to identify or just to imagine what they were in the old days until you listen to a guide - then everything is...

  • 7. Odeon (small theatre)

    Unlike others I didn’t see the archaeological site packed with tourists. That happened because I started early in the morning (8.00am) when there was no one else at the Lower Gate. Of course when I...

  • 8. Artemis Temple

    The Temple of Artemis lies just off the road that leads to Ephesus, to the west of Selcuk but all that remains of the once described Seventh Wonder of the World is a single column capped with a...

  • 9. Trajan Fountain

    I admire those guys that, starting from 3 or 4 stones near each other, imagine the whole puzzle, and rebuild... the possible. Reading (or listening to) the description, while watching the mounted...

  • 10. St John Basilica

    The Basilica of St. John the Evangelist was built in the newly developing Christian community - what is left of the current building is from the 6th Century. It stands on the alledged burial site of...

  • 11. Hercules Gate

    Located in the beginning of Curetes street, this gate seems to have been part of a two-storey building. Well, if they say so, I have no reason to doubt, but in place it is hard to extract a clear...

  • 12. Gate of Augustus

    This gate is located to the right as you look at the Celsus Library and was built in 40 AD by the slaves Mazeus and Mythridates for their emperor, Augustus, who gave them their freedom. It also goes...

  • 13. Cave of the Seven Sleepers

    •Legendary ‘Seven Sleepers’ event actually occured nearby Ephesus : During the reign of Tiran Decius (249-251 AD) seven young christian boys asleep in a cave over 125 years. Seven sleepers cave can be...

  • 14. Terrace Houses

    This is an outstanding museum, these villas are fully enclosed whilst the excavation and restoration is in progress. They are also air conditioned, so a nice place to escape a hot day. The...

  • 15. Upper Agora and Basilica

    The agora on the southern part of the Basilica is the State Agora and was built in the Roman Period in the first century BC. This agora was used not for commerce but for business, it played an...

  • 16. Brothel

    A house on the corner of Curetes Street and Marble Street is known as the brothel, because in the excavations, a statue of Priapus with an oversized phallus was found in the house. The statue is now...

  • 17. Fountain of Pollio

    The Pollio Fountain is located to the south of the State Agora, across the Odeon. It was built in 97 AD by the rich Ephesian C.S. Pollio and his family. It has a high arch facing the temple of...

  • 18. Tetragonos Agora

    In between Arcadiane street and Celsus Library is the Tetragonos Agora (square market). This was the commercial market of Ephesus, the area that probably was the busiest through out the day. It was...

  • 19. Arcadiana - Harbour street

    In Ephsus all the ways lead to Celsius library, the top attraction in the center of the ruined town. You may use two entrances: Harbour gate or Magnesian gate. This one stays in the highest point,...

  • 20. History

    In Kusadasi.biz I read: "In the Augustan era, the spread of Imperial-Roman cults was by then a fact in many provinces of Asia Minor. The cult of the Emperor was alive in Nicomedia and in Pergamum,...

  • 21. Prytaneum and Rhodian Peristyle

    Ok I know, this is a boring photo, isn’t it? It just shows what was left from the Rhodian Peristyle and the Prytaneum. As you can see we can only two reconstructed columns and some other fragments in...

  • 22. Ephesus Museum

    THis small museum is in the town of Selcuk (near the Basillica of St John the Evangelist) but is a must see addition to the actual excavation at Ephesus. The museum has a selection of the artefacts...

  • 23. Magnesia Gate and Baths of Varius

    The ruins to the east of the Basilica belong to the Bath of Varius, dating to the 2nd century AD. Mosaics in the 40 metre long corridor date to the 5th century. It is built of cut blocks of marble and...

  • 24. Isa Bey Mosque

    The Ýsabey Mosque was constructed in 1374-1375. It is one of the oldest and most impressive works of architectural art remaining from the Anatolian beyliks. The mosque is situated between the Saint...

  • 25. Memmius Monument

    Also known as the Memmius Monument, it's located on the hill at the end of Curetes Street, on the north side of the Domitian Square. It was constructed during the reign of Augustus in the 1st century...

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