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Ephesus Small Group Day Tour from Izmir
"Today you can visit the amazing historical sites in Selcuk area. Some of the best ruins in the world still are standing at The Ancient City of Ephesus. This large marble city used to be the Capital of the Roman Empire for the east and was said to have a 00 people. The ruins that date back to over 3000 years ago are some of the best preserved ruins of today's modern world. You will be taken through the ruins to visit some of the major sites within such as the Odeon the Celsius Library and Temple of Hadrian. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world lies right at your feet in the swampy lands of Selcuk. The Temple Of Artemis foundations are still standing for you to marvel at. You can still imagine the b along with the history provided will give you a real impression of how this temple once was.Sitting high upon the top of the BulBul Mountain that overlooks Selcuk is the House Of Virgin Mary. This is now quite the pilgrimage site as it is said to"""Today you will be marveled by the amazing sites and ruins in and around the Selcuk area an area which is so rich in history and important artifacts. This day tour from Izmir will take you into Selcuk to visit the sites of Ehpesus Ruins
From EUR60.00
Ephesus Half Day Tour
"On arrival at Ephesus you enter through the Magnesia Gate and begin a slow downhill walk with your guide past the Odeum Celsus Library Temple of Hadrian and more. Then visit Temple of Artemis one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World hear about ancient Greeks Romans
From $50.00
Biblical Ephesus Tour from Selcuk or Kusadasi
"Highlights of the tour include; Visit the site of the Temple of Artemis one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World see the last resting place of the Virgin Mary gaze in wonder at the magnificent Celsus Library hear about ancient Greeks Romans Turks and Christians and enjoy round-trip transfers to and from Ephesus in comfort.On arrival at Ephesus you enter through the Magnesia Gate and begin a slow
From $64.00

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Ephesus, 35920, Turkey
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Top Things to Do in Ephesus

Things to Do

Virgin Mary’s House

We were told to visit this location on a cruise stop. Upon the 50 minute drive via cab into the mountain to be dropped off to pay $13 a person to get in to look at a house built in 1955 was an insult...
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Things to Do

Celsus Library

Often included in tourist brochures, the remains of the Library attract tourists' attention. It must have been an impressive building in its day. The detail in the stonework remaining gives an...
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Things to Do

Grand Theatre

Great is an understatement! This massive 25,000 capacity theatre dominates your eyes after entering through the northern entrance and is one Ephesus' most famous sights. It's located on the slope of...
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Things to Do


You don't need to use your imagination too much here! The latrines were part of the Scholastica Baths and built in the 1st century AD. They were the public toilets of the city where citizens were...
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Things to Do

Curetes Street

This street is the most famous of the three remaining main streets at Ephesus and leads uphill from the Library of Celsus. It took its name from the priests who were called Curetes and their names...
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Things to Do

Trajan Fountain

Built around 104 AD, this is one of the finest monuments in Ephesus. It was constructed for the honour of Emperor Trajan and the statue of Trajan stood in the central niche on the facade overlooking...
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Things to Do

Hadrian Temple

This is one of the best preserved and most beautiful structures on Curetes Street. It was built before 138 AD by P. Quintilius and was dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, who came to visit the city from...
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Things to Do

Odeon (small theatre)

This building has the shape of a small theatre with a stage building, seating places and the orchestra. It had two functional uses. First it was used as a Bouleuterion for the meetings of the Boulea...
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