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Ephesus Small Group Day Tour from Izmir
"Today you can visit the amazing historical sites in Selcuk area. Some of the best ruins in the world still are standing at The Ancient City of Ephesus. This large marble city used to be the Capital of the Roman Empire for the east and was said to have a 00 people. The ruins that date back to over 3000 years ago are some of the best preserved ruins of today's modern world. You will be taken through the ruins to visit some of the major sites within such as the Odeon the Celsius Library and Temple of Hadrian. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world lies right at your feet in the swampy lands of Selcuk. The Temple Of Artemis foundations are still standing for you to marvel at. You can still imagine the b along with the history provided will give you a real impression of how this temple once was.Sitting high upon the top of the BulBul Mountain that overlooks Selcuk is the House Of Virgin Mary. This is now quite the pilgrimage site as it is said to"""Today you will be marveled by the amazing sites and ruins in and around the Selcuk area an area which is so rich in history and important artifacts. This day tour from Izmir will take you into Selcuk to visit the sites of Ehpesus Ruins
From EUR60.00
Ephesus Small Group Day Tour from Selcuk
"After getting picked up at your hotel in Selcuk by your local guide drive to the millennia-old city of Ephesus. Once a city of great importance in the Roman Empire Ephesus boasts a miasma of marble-clad ruins a sea of dilapidated ancient structures. Learn about the history of the old city including the fact that 3000 years ago it boasted up to 200000 denizens. See the Celsius Library
From EUR40.00
Ephesus - Basilica Temples and Museums Tour with Private Guide and Van
"After a scenic short drive arrive in Ephesus the Roman capital of Asia Minor and home to over a quarter of a million people from slave traders to saints its peak being between 1 AD and 2 AD. 150 years of excavations at Ephesus have revealed the most complete Greco-Roman classical city on Earth. The Ephesus Archaeology Museum is a great opportunity to see artifacts and finds mainly uncovered from excavations of ancient Ephesus and its environs. After a lunch break with flavors of rich Turkish cuisine
From EUR269.00

More Local Customs in Selcuk

Shoe blacks

I must confess my surprise by the image of shoe blacks in Turkey. This occupation, fading in the west, gets in Turkey an interesting look, by the decoration of their working boxes. Too big to a...
solopes's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2014

Camel Wrestling

While the Spanish have bullfights, the Turks have camel wrestling!! It is famous in the Aegean region. You can only watch it on January or February.Men mostly go there to drink raki while watching it...
Apr 04, 2011

Mohammed and fashion-show

I want to tell a few words about our guide Mohammed here. First of all we were surprised with his perfect Russian! Sometimes when I didn’t see him and only listened to his talking I thought he was...
Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2009

Saturday Market

Every Saturday, the town fills up with merchants selling everything from antiques to teapots to figs and apples. This is when the locals come out of their homes to shop and mingle. Try to be there! ...
guell's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2003
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Top Hotels in Selcuk

Ataturk Bulvari, 1067 Sokak no.15, Selcuk, 35920, Turkey
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Efes Antik Sehir Plaji, Kusadasi Yolu, Pamucak Mevkii, Selcuk, 35920, Turkey
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1051 Sok. 7, Selcuk, Turkey
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Ataturk Mah., St. John Street No:7, Selcuk, Turkey
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Ataturk Mah, 1012 Sok No 2, City Center, Selcuk, 35920, Turkey
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Ataturk Cad 49, Selcuk, 35920, Turkey
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Top Things to Do in Selcuk

Things to Do

Ephesus Museum

The museum is downhill from the Basilica of St John in the heart of Selçuk. Many of the statues recovered in and around the area are here on display. One room features pieces of various monumental...
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Things to Do

Artemision - Temple of Artemis

I took a free map from the Information Center (opposite otogar) and realized that the Artemis Temple that some advertise as part of their daily tour in the area was just 100m away :) As I walked in...
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Things to Do

St John Basilica

Walking further up the road from Isa Bey mosque I reached the St John Basilica that once upon a time dominated Ayasuluk Hill and was one of the largest churches of Byzantine Empire (130 x 40 meters)....
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Things to Do

Isa Bey mosque

After checking many small mosques it was time to check the big one (it’s base is 48 x56 meters). Isa Bey camii is located 350m from the Information Center walking up St Jean Caddesi It’s an...
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Things to Do


Ephesus is the main attraction in the area but if you have some extra time worth to visit the village of Sirence too. It’s a small picturesque village, 8km E of Selcuk, at the end of the valley which...
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Things to Do

Ephesus Site

Here is the Imperial cult on full display. Sited on the west side of the political agora, the remnants of this large temple have been found. There is not much left since the building and much of its...
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"Selchuk... CHOK GYUZEL!"
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"2km from glorious Ephesus"
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"Diamonds in the Rough"
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"Selcuk and St. John Basilica"
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