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St. Peter Castle Tips (40)

Castle of St Peter

The Castle defending Bodrum stands on a small peninsular between Salmakis Bay and Kumbahce Bay. An open air theatre and also the home of the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
Well worth a visit for those into history and marine artifacts, Castles and great views over Bodrum. Nice place to visit during the afternoon heat, to cool down.

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Oct 26, 2005

The Mausoleum

Built in 376 BC this is the remains of the first ever mausoleum. This was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and was intact for almost 19 centuries.(see well known travel guide to Turkey).
Broken up by crusaders in 1522 and used for building material. Some remains taken by Sir Charles Newton and shipped to the British Museum in London.

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Oct 25, 2005

Glass items

As you enter there is a video film about the salvage of the ship and the work to put the wreck and glass items together. How much work there must have been!

There is glass of different colours and you will see plates, cups and bottles. Even if most of the glass was in pieces there were about 80 intact glass vessels including bottles and drinking glasses.

Above the glass the cargo contained raisins (lower right corner of the picture) and sumac. Dried fruits and sumac were important Syrian exports.

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Oct 02, 2004

The glass boat

Don’t be stingy but pay the extra entrance fee to see the exhibition of the Glass Wreck. It is very interesting!

The ship, which was 16 metres long and 5 metres wide with a flat bottom, sank in 1075 (1025) outside Serce Harbour. The ship came from Syria and had a cargo of three tonnes of glass.

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Oct 02, 2004
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The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is in the Castle of St Peter (Sen Piyer Kalesi) and has a fine collection of shipwrecks and items from their cargos.
In the main courtyard there is an exhibition of amphorae from different periods and areas.
In the chapel you can see artefacts from a 7th century Byzantine shipwreck found near Yassiada. There is also a reconstruction of half the ship, which you can climb.
In the Uluburun Wreck Hall you can see one of the oldest shipwrecks of the world (14th century BC) and finds from several Bronze Age Ships.
And then there is the exhibition of the Glass Wreck.

Entrance fee to the castle is 10 000 000 TL (July 2004).
To see the exhibition of the Glass Wreck you have to pay another 4 000 000 TL.

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Oct 02, 2004

St Peters Castle & Bodrum beach

Take a walk and enjoy the environment.
When you eat out at night close to the castle you can take magnificent pictures with the enlighted castle in the background. Remember: no flash for full background ;)

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Aug 19, 2004

St Peter's castle

You can't miss it when you're looking at sea on the beach of Bodrum. It's one of the best preserved castles from medieval times.
The castle was built by the knights of St John in 1406. They used the stones of the ancient mausoleum to built the castle.

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Jan 22, 2004

Don't Leave Without

Seeing the Underwater Museum and Bodrum Castle

Going to the Salý Bazaar

Joining one of the daily tours

Taking "The Blue Journey" even if you have to make it short

Viewing Bodrum from the Ancient Theater

Stopping by Bodrum Bars

Dining on the excellent fish at Gümüþlük

Eating Bodrum style 'water pastry'

Eating the spicy 'Ot kavurmasý' and stuffed pumpkin flowers

Purchasing the Bodrum beads and batik cloth

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Jan 08, 2003
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"BODRUM 2004"
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St Peter's Castle

The castle contains many artifacts and an excellent reproduction of one of the sailing vessels used (in the maritime museum).

Incredible views of the city can be seen from most anywhere on the castle wall.

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Dec 30, 2002


This is photo of one of the battlements at Bodrum castle and it looks really quite scary at night, it looks more like draculas castle hehehehehe

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Jan 08, 2006


This is a night time photo of the castle of St Peter taken from one of the many restaurants along this area, it is beautifully lit up at night times

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Jan 08, 2006

Castle of St. Peter

The Castle's origins go back to the Knights of St. John, a group of expatriates who drew their ranks from Europe. The Castle officially became a museum in 1961

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Aug 18, 2005

Things To Do Near St. Peter Castle

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Foundations of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus St. Peter's Castle, with the underwater museum which has exhibited the glass wreck the Uluburun, an important archaeological find from the late Bronze...
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