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Luxury Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise Including Sightseeing Along The Creek
"Getting ThereComplimentary hotel to hotel transfer - for Dubai Hotels onlyPick from Hotels in Jumeirah / Dubai Marina / JLT / Barsha - 1815 to 1845Pick from Hotels in Bur Dubai / Downtown Dubai / Business Bay - 1900 to 1930Pick from Hotel Dubai Creek epitomizes the city's personality. Here the magnificent sophistication of the 21st Century walks hand in hand with the simplicity of a bygone era.Hop aboard our glass enclosed contemporary dhow which keeps the traditions alive offering stunning views of the old and new Dubai. Waken you present and future Dubai Creek.Sumptuous feast with Arabic appetizers grilled meat fresh salads and delicious Arabic sweets awaits you as you glide further along accompanied by hot beverages. Get ready to be mesmerized as our enchanting tanora artist spins his well-lit costume to liven up your evening."""
From $68.00
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - Explorer Package
"Get ready to explore the wonders within Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.Your experience starts with the 270 degree acrylic walk through tunnel of the Dubai Aquarium. Surrounded by 10 million liters of water experience the thrill of being in such close proximity to thousands of aquatic animals including sharks and rays.From there your Explorer journey continues in the Underwater Zoo with a submersible simulator which takes you on a virtual adventure with a sea turtle narrator as you swim amongst several sea creatures including dugongs and whale sharks. Next watch a film demonstrating how passionately the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo team care for 30000 aquatic animals on a daily basis. Head down to water level and step aboard the glass-bottom boat drift out over the surface of the aquarium and watch thousands of animals swim below your feet all while learning interesting
From $33.00
Burj Khalifa Tours and Musical Fountains From Dubai
"Burj Khalifa is at the heart of Dubai and its people; the centre for the World’s finest shopping dining and entertainment. Starting the tour at Dubai Mall the largest in the region we walk past the Dubai Aquarium and on to Souk Al Bahar a modern mall themed as a traditional Arabian marketplace located within the Burj Khalifa development. The highest point of Burj Khalifa experience is the view from At the Top Burj Khalifa’s Observation Desk. Located on level 124 of the World’s tallest tower
From $84.00

Buses Tips (17)


Buses make up a large part of Dubai's public transport system, and will take you to places the metro (and new trams) can't reach, like Jumeirah beach. You will recognize the bus stops by their space age design - they are air conditioned metal boxes. Unfortunately, if the air conditioning isn't working, the interior of the metal box becomes a furnace of superheated air even on a mild winter's day. Now I know why some people were standing outside these things even when it was 30+ outside.

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Mar 11, 2015

NOL Red Ticket and Silver, Gold and Blue NOL Cards

Using Public Transport in Dubai like the RTA Public Buses, RTA Water Taxis and RTA Dubai Metro Train Stations require the NOL Tickets or Cards.

The NOL Tickets and Cards are available at all Bust Stations and Metro Stations and at most Shopping Malls and Supermarkets and Convenience Stores in Dubai.

according to the RTA Website:

Nol Red Ticket

For tourists and visitors
Ideal for occasional or casual users of public transport.
No e-purse account available and has to be pre-paid with the correct journey type (based on the zones to be travelled).
Paper ticket which can be purchased for AED 2 and valid for 90 days.
Rechargeable for use up to a maximum of 10 journeys or 5 daily pass.correct journey type (based on the zones to be travelled).
The same ticket can be used for both metro and bus without any need of getting another new ticket.
A permit for using both metro and buses is available for 1 day (cost is 14 AED for the permit and 2 AED for the ticket.

Price 4 AED | Credit 2 AED

NOL Silver Card

For frequent travellers
Holds up to AED 500 worth of credit and is valid for 5 years.
Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically.
Can be used immediately and topped up at any ticket office, online or ticket vending machine.

Price 20 AED | Credit 14 AED

Nol Gold Card

For those who want first class travel
Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically.
Holds up to AED 500 worth of credit and is valid for 5 years.
Can be used immediately and topped up at any ticket office and Ticket Vending Machine.
Allows the privilege of using Gold Class cabins on the Dubai Metro.
When used on other modes of transport with no Gold Class Cabins, the user will be charged the standard fare.

Price 20 AED | Credit 14 AED

Nol Blue Card

A secure, personal card for frequent travellers
Personalised card with the user’s photo. discounts for students, senior citizens and people with disabilities.*
Holds up to AED 500 worth of credit and is valid for 5 years.
Register online for your nol Blue Card.
People with disabilities travel for free. and registering complaints.*
50% discount for students and senior citizens.required instructions.*
More features such as loyalty points program, auto top-up facility.*
Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically.
Card requires a one-time payment of AED 70 and will be delivered within 10 days.
Secure online services for topping up the card, transaction history and registering complaints.
SMS notifications related to confirmation of services and/or required instructions.*

Price 70 AED | Credit 20 AED

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Jul 17, 2013

Dubai RTA Buses

RTA Buses is the only public bus transportation in Dubai and is owned by the Dubai Government. they have more than 600 bus stops in and around Dubai that have air conditioned waiting sheds. the bus routes are divided into express bus routes, feeder bus routes, Intercity Bus Route, Local Bus Route and CBD Bus Route and there are a variety of the size of public buses and all are air conditioned.

if you are a tourist, you can buy a red NOL cards for AED 20 (with a 14 AED value) at any convenience stores, malls, some supermarkets and shops and use them as payment to ride the bus and the metro. standard prices of a bus ride is 2 AED for a bus ride less then 90 minutes, up to AED 6.50 for bus rides les than 180 minutes, depending on the route. Unlike the dubai metro, you cannot pay cash for a trip at the Public Buses.

if you are not scrimping on travel costs, then just use taxis.

according to their website:

The Dubai Bus fleet consist of 1574 buses (by the end of the 1st Quarter 2013) operating on 22 Dubai Metro Feeder routes out of the 86 inner routes covering 85% of Dubai’s urban districts. Dubai Bus fleet is cutting over 5,759,116 kilometers (as of February 2013). The bus transport infrastructure includes 17 well-attended bus stations, over 2033 bus stops, 636 of it are air conditioned passenger shelters. All stops has point timetables and route maps.

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Jul 16, 2013

Travelling around Dubai by bus

Many buses go to the Gold Souk Bus Station which is close to the fish market and just across the road from the gold souk, perfume souk and spice souk. For example the number 4 which starts next to Rashidiya metro station passes by Emirates Station, GGICO Station and through Deira Town Centre before going to Gold Souk Station

We were able to go to a good view point for photographing the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeriah Beach Park and mosque using the number 8A bus which ran between Ibn Battuta Metro Station and the Gold Souk Bus Station. The 88 and 8 also went to the hotel, beach and mosque. The 88 runs between Deira City Centre and Dubai Internet City (on metro line).
The number 47 goes from Rashidiya and Jumeriah Beach Park. The C10 runs from Hamriya Port via Al Karama metro station to Jumeriah Beach Park.

To travel we bought a silver NOL card. it cost 20 diarhams - 6 diarhams was for the card and there was 14 diarams of credit. It could be topped up at metro stations and some bus stations, bus stops. It was more flexible than the red NOL card as we could use it on the metro and on the buses. It could be used on some boat routes, too.
When you enter a bus, you have to place your card on a machine, you must place it there again just before getting off.

Buses had good points and bad points. Good - they are cheap; if you get a seat they are very comfortable; they are air-conditioned; many bus-stops are air-conditioned, too. They are useful to rest in even if you are not waiting for a bus as you can cool down from the searing heat there.
Bad - they are very slow partly because of too much traffic and partly because they go very round-about routes.

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Jun 23, 2012
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Hotels Near Dubai

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Free Airport Buses

Every time we arrive in Dubai we arrive at some ungodly time of the morning. With several hours to kill in the airport in the middle of the night before we could go to our hotel we had a good look around terminal 3 and discovered this sign about free shuttle buses to Al Ain and Abu Dahbi. I do not know what you have to show to use them i.e. do you need a flight to Dubai ticket, do you need a hotel booking in Abu Dahbi or Al ain, or can anyone use them? Sorry, too tired in the middle of the night to find out, but did take a photo of the schedule, though.

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Apr 17, 2012

Emirates Express

A reasonably good bus service is available between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The bus departs from Abu Dhabi Municipality Bus Station to Al-Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai, just near the Creek. The fare is Dh15. The frequency of the service is about every 40 mins. The journey takes 2 hours.

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Apr 04, 2011

Bus service within Dubai

I've never tried taking the bus to travel around Dubai. The sights of long queues and buses packed with South Asian workers did not really appeal to me. This is a cheap mode of travelling but the service is extremely poor with complaints of waiting for more than an hour for a bus. This is especially the case on weekends when the number of buses on the road is reduce (which is weird since many people like to come out on Fridays!). My advice is, avoid using the bus service for travelling if you can or unless you've a very tight budget. Take the taxi, it's pricey but safe, comfortable and fast.

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Apr 04, 2011

Public Buses in Dubai

The public buses in Dubai are a convenient , fast and cheap way to going around the city.
Buses run on scheduled route, and cover almost the whole big city and its outward extentions off-the Sheikh Zayed Highway . Buses run to and from the airport as well.
Get a local bus network map from Al Gubeyba bus station in Bur Dubai district in Dubai, or simply download it from the internet website listed in here.

It's easty to use and very safe.

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Not all that glitters is gold..."
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"Nothing is Too Impossible in Dubai"
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"DUBAI - The Pearl of Arabia"
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"Developing Dubai"
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The Public Transport System is horrible

The bus system is the cheapest way of travelling around Dubai. Just to try it out, I used them a few times. The only positive point is the quality of the busses, ie they are using air-conditioned Mercedes busses.


- The stops are difficult to find and reach and sometimes there is no indication on the street that there is a bus stop here.
- The schedules mentioned on their website and/or on the bus stations are far from beeing accurate, since the busses are almost always late.
- The intervals between busses are too long which causes overcrowded busses especially during rush hours.
- The drivers are usually unfriendly and stressed. (I found one exception though, when the driver was very friendly)
- There are no bus lanes, so you are stuck in the traffic jam like everyone else.

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Apr 04, 2011

Dubai Transport Buses

The Dubai Transport Buses are pretty cheap. Most routes are well serviced and the city is well connected. The fare ranges from Dh. 1.5 to 2.5.

When in the city you can dial their toll free number : 8004848 for queries regarding bus routes, fares and schedules.

Taxis are much, much faster than buses and not too expensive. The starting (minimum) fare is Dhs. 3.50. They run by meter.

The best way to get to the city from the airport is by bus. The starting fare for taxis is Dh. 20, whereas an airport bus will get you pretty much anywhere for Dhs. 3. These Buses have most major hotels on their routes. The 402 terminates at Al Ghubaiba bus station covering most of Bur Dubai. The 401 terminates at Al Sabkha covering most of Deira.

All bus drivers speak English and are very helpful.

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Apr 04, 2011

Efficient bus routes

The local bus network is very good, linking most areas. Bus stops have a good map showing the various routes covered by the many bus numbers. And added bonus is that most stops are air-conditioned, with sliding doors.

One can get buses from the airport to the city. The financial districts further south are also covered, as is the beach area, and many of the big & popular shopping malls, eg ibn Battuta, etc.

Buses are air-conditioned too, and most have electronic card readers that require you to swipe your prepaid cards both as you aboard & alight, automatically charging you & deducting the appropriate fare. Unfortunately you cannot pay the driver in cash.

Inside, there are several buttons to press to indicate you want to get off at the next stop.

The forthcoming stops are announced verbally & also displayed on the electronic LCD screens.

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Jan 16, 2011

Dubai Airport to Burdubai

you can take a bus from airportport teminal- 401 / 402 airport to burdubai and other to diera.confirm with the driver. from terminal 3 you can enter metro station.more hotels cheaper here in burdubai.feel free to contact for further info-

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Jan 30, 2010

Things to Do Near Dubai

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Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Built in 1896, made into a museum in 1986, the Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is the home of the former ruler of Dubai who died in 1958. Relatively modest considering its heritage, the museum contains...
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Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum cum Al Fahidi Fort is situated at Bur Dubai south of Dubai Creek just within a stone's throw from the Ruler's Court in the heart of Dubai. It is a very popular tourist attraction and is...
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Al Fahidi Fort - Dubai Museum

My most interesting visit in Dubai was the museum. Installed in the recuperated fort of Al-Fahidi, built in the 18th century, it has not a remarkable collection, but it concentrates mainly in the...
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Sheikh Mohammad Centre

Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates. In an effort to bring down the barriers between different nationalities and to help visitors and residents understand the customs and...
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Spice Souq

Heading to the gold souk, we didn't pay much attention to the spices souk in the way. It is small, but it shows all the usual colours and smells, looking wider and calmer than the ones in north...
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Spice Souq

We visited the spice souks on our city tour and as we hopped off the abra we could instantly smell the aromas. Every mentionable spice was found here - too bad Australia does not let us bring any...
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