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United Arab Emirates General

  • Phone Sim Card

    Dubai General

    Dubai or UAE has two major mobile service providors. The oldest one is Etisalat : ( means communication in Arabic) The newest one ( from 2007) is DU Both of them provide voice and data services across Dubai/ Abu Dhabi , Sharjah and UAE. Here is the home page to the Etisalat website and shows you the Vvisitor 14 day prepaid sim card details. You...

  • Go anytime, just go

    Favourite thing is whole Dubai, as it was such a lovely surprise for me. I never thought that I could enjoy a city as much as I did. Secure, friendly and excellent service. Warmth in the middle of the winter for the Northern Ice who landed in warm sand :o)Now it was my 9th visit there and I know that the most general and the only tip for me can be...

  • Fly Emirates

    Emirates is one of the world's best airlines. It was founded in 1985 and its hub has always been in Dubai. Today it is the Middle East's largest airline, operating 176 aircraft to 120 destinations in 70 countries. The Airline is part of the Emirates Group, which is the largest company in the Middle East (50,000 employees), and is completely owned...

  • Arabic Language

    There are about 280 million native Arabic speakers in the world, fourth most common in the world behind Mndarin Chinese, English and Spanish. Arabic is spoken mainly on the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Oman, Iraq, and Lebanon) and North Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya).

  • Multicultural UAE

    Only 17 percent of UAE are citizens. 71 percent of the population hails from Asia, mostly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Three percent of the population is classified as "Western."When passing through the area you will notice all types of clothing: Western business suits, Indian Saris, Arab dishdashah, Pakistani shalwar kameez, Muslim...

  • The Quran

    The Quran is the central text of Islam and is said to be the word of God as recorded by Muhammad between the years 610 and 632 CE. The Quran is for sale in a few of the bookshops in the Dubai airport, though the copies are kept locked up in a glass case.http://quran.com/

  • Sheesha

    The sheesha, often called a hookah in the US, originated in India, but are most popular throughout the Middle East. It is said that the sheesha dates back to the 1500s, and its design was intended to filter tobacco smoke through water before inhalation. Sure the smokes passes through water on the way to the smoker, but the water reportedly does...

  • Emirates of the UAE

    The UAE consists of seven states, termed Emirates. I’ve been to five of them:Ajman with 8 tips; Fujairah with 9 tips; Sharjah with 2 tips; Dubai with 1 tip; Ras Al Khaimah with 5 tips; Umm Al Quwaynwith 6 tips.I have only one Emirate for the next visit – Abu Dhabi with the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates of the same...

  • overnight safari to the desert

    MAKE A TRIP INTO THE DESERT, BEST IF YOU MAKE A TWO-DAYS TRIP THAT YOU CAN SPEND THE NIGHT IN A TENT IN THE DESERtreliable tour agent is http://www.snttaemirtours.com/index.html?startpage=1

  • Roads lined with greenery

    If you pay attention to the roads as you venture anywhere, you may quickly notice how much of them have trees, grass and greenery lining the corridors.As you can imagine, these plants would not survive without the extremely expensive gift of continuous water. I've been told various financial figures, but the truth remains that the government spends...

  • Alcohol in Dubai

    If you would like to have a couple of beers or any other alcohol for that matter, you are allowed to bring into Dubai 2 liters of alcohol. Drinks are only sold in hotel bars, and can be expensive. Go to the Duty Free store in the airport as you arrive, and pick up a case of beer to take with you to your hotel. You can't buy any alcohol in any store...

  • Fujairah

    Fujairah faces the Indian Ocean, and is the only emirate not located on the Persian Gulf. It is separated from the other emirates by the Hajar Mountain range. The mountains served to protect Fujairah from foreign domination and outside tribal influences. Its capital, Fujairah city, was founded in the late eighteenth century when the ruling sheikh...

  • Ras al-Khaimah

    The Old Town of Ras al-Khaimah was first settled in about 1500 at the mouth of Khor Ras al-Khaima (khor is Arabic for "creek" or "lagoon"). It is the northernmost of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Since its founding, Ras al-Khaimah has been ruled by the Qawasim family, who claims to be descended from the Prophet Mohammed.Due to its...

  • Museums opening hours

    As per the 2004 LP edition on Arabian Peninsula, most museums have free entrance, but they close at noon, between 1 – 5 p.m, thus making them difficult to visit.I do not know to what extend the rule applies in summer time, but I can assure you that this is definitely not the case in winter time, opening hours from 9/10 a.m. until after sunset.The...

  • UAE miracle

    What can money do...!!!although Sheikh Zaied will and love to his country, the mentality of that big leader *RIP* was to make his country the best in everything, I was fascinated to see sky crabs in an Arabic country, with green views in the middle of the desert, big shopping centre, and everything you dream or could ever imagine, clean streets,...

  • Take your camera with you.

    Take your camera with you wherever you go, there are fascinating photos to be taken everywhere you look! If you drive around the country, you'll come across plenty of sights that give you unusual photo opportunities. There are some in the city too!

  • Visit Dubai's Gold Souk.

    Dubai's gold souk has more than 130 shops all jam-packed with a breathtaking choice of jewellery. The gold is generally 18 carat, sometimes 22 or 24 but never less, styles range from Indian to traditional Arab to modern Italian. Tourism has spoiled the souk somewhat - all the shops used to be crammed with traditional gold jewellery,...

  • Hire a car and drive around.

    Hire a car and drive around to the various Emirates. Driving is difficult in Dubai because of the congested roads but easy once you find your way around the cities. The roads are excellent and generally well marked with signs in English as well as Arabic. In the country areas and villages you'll see some timeless sights.

  • Currency.

    The AED, or dirham, is the currency of the UAE. The notes are printed in Arabic on one side and English on the other, so you'll have no trouble knowing what the notes are worth. Notes are Dh5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. There are 100 fils to one dirham.The many currency exchange bureaux in each city will exchange just about any of the world's...

  • once upon a time in U.A.E

    1-the shopping malls r da most attractive things in UAE, 2- Crossing the dubai creek in traditional 'DHOU" is pretty cooool too.4- The oldest n biggest gold market is also great. well unfortunately i ve very bad memories of UAE, coz i lost my passport n visa there,ohhhhhhh good lord u ve no idea wat i ve been through, the arabs dont like english n...

  • The Road To Oman

    And so we took the road home, this time out of Buraimi on the road to Sohar, on the coast. This time we just passed straight through the Omani customs post without being stopped. Well, I ask you, was the journey worthwhile? Of course it was! This is another of those journies that you could never repeat again. My only regret is that we didn't stop...

  • Another Street Scene

    Another roundabout coming up. This time it is decorated by this rather lofty construction, but I don't know what it represented. Note the water bowser parked on the carriageway, and the large lorry half on the highway and half on the 'hard shoulder'! No cones or road signs here!

  • Roundabouts in Buraimi

    Again, it is very hard to imagine this scene. Within a few hundred yards of the border we came across this magnificent and huge roundabout. Unfortunately the picture is rubbish (taken through the car windshield) but you can get some idea of what it was like.

  • Expensive Hotels!

    Here is another view of the hotel (I will try to discover its name). Note the tents by the side of the road, used for living accommodation for the road construction workers!

  • Al Ain and Buraimi

    It is hard to describe the spectacle of leaving Omani territory and entering Abu Dhabi, near Al Ain. Look back at the graded road, and imaging stepping from this to a tarmac dual-carriageway! Well, that was the border crossing point, nothing like East and West Berlin, but from the desert straight into the city!The first thing we saw was this very...

  • A Bridge To Somewhere

    At the time of our journey the route to Buraimi was being upgraded to a tarmac road. All along the route there were various construction sites. This bridge, which appears to be almost completed, straddles one of the many wadis along the route. The road surface was still much lower than the bridge deck!

  • The Road To Buraimi

    The road from Seeb to Nizwa, some 60 miles or so, was a single carriageway tarmac road. Just out of Nizwa this road turned into a graded track as far as the Abu Dhabi border, some 150 miles fruther on. There was very little traffic on this road, and the journey was uneventful. The photo here is not of this road, but shows the type of graded road...

  • A Trip to Buraimi

    I can't recall now just why, but one day two friends and myself decided we would drive from our camp near Seeb to the Buraimi Oasis, which is partly in Oman and partly in Abu Dhabi. We went in one of the hospital cars, one of my colleagues being a medical orderly there. The plan was that when we reached the border crossing point we would say one...

  • The green Guide to the Emirates

    When you travel to the countryside of the UAE, like to know about the flora, fauna and fossils, find your way on the off-the-beaten track places and roads or like to do some hiking, the Green Guide to the Emirates, written by Marycke Jongbloed (founder of the Arabian Leopard Trust) can be a good help. This guide helped us to find our way and some...

  • call to prayer

    after being up all night sneak out around 4.00am for a walk in the suburbs to hear the first morning prayer call. the mosques at night with their lights on are magical. it is an amazing atmosphere listening to all the mosques calling/singing the people to pray. shisha's and listening to the first call to pray

  • See Dubai Creek Water taxis...

    See Dubai CreekWater taxis (abras) and dhows going about their daily business amid the high-tech, high rise businesses and hotels.Or Visit The Burj Al Arab HotelThe tallest building in Dubai and one of the most exclusive hotels in the world. Sitting on the beach watching the spectacular sunset.

  • Welcome to serious or window shoppers...

    Do some serious shopping, because the entire country is duty-free and things are very economically priced. Else, do window shopping in one of the most beautiful architecturally designed shopping malls. The ladies in the pix seem to be interested in buying Gold at Sharjah's Gold Souk or perhaps window shopping only. Participation in the Family Fun...

  • Downtown

    Dubai was originally a small fishing settlement, which in about 1830 was taken over by a branch of the Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa oasis to the south, led by the Maktoum family, who still rule the Emirate today. Traditional activities included sheep and goat herding, cultivating dates, fishing and pearl diving.An independent Emirate for most of...

  • Clean waters

    Dibba, Eastern beaches of U.A.E. on the Indian Ocean (Arab Sea) with plenty of resorts and diving centers.

  • And here we are ....

    When I've clicked everything in sight, I turn to .... ME! Nine West boots. I've been wearing them since eleven in the morning. It is now eleven in the night. Only Nine West can make boots that dont kill your feet after 12 hours. A souvenir of last year's Dubai Shopping Festival. I now have my eyes on a funky pair of black closed-toed sandals. Where...

  • Bored? No chance.

    How long can you shoot the backs of cars? I turn to subject inside the car. Papa is blissfully unaware of a certain camera-toting offspring. He's obviously enjoying to 'Dil Chahta hai' title track. Aamber sey hai aagey humara thikaana .....

  • Red light! Red Light!

    Okay, so the car is stopped. What next? No chance of putting that camera away. I shoot the traffic jam. Ah, I love it all. I hate it too, but I lvoe it just as much. Being stuck in a traffic jam for hours and hours is the norm during the festival. A norm I have come to terms with.

  • Lights everywhere ...

    Yes, i do mean every possible surface. Notice the date palm. And the tiny one behind. These are only two of the thousands all around the city festooned to the same extent. These Emaratis are nuts I tell you ... and I enjoy every minute of it!

  • Light up my life ....

    Going back home, I can't resist shooting the lights that adorn every possible surface of the city. I love lights. Green, yellow, blue .. any color. Every color. Lots and lots of it. And why not? My name is the hindi word for 'lights'. So let there be light ....

  • And they waited and waited ....

    Ladies and gentlemen ... behold the patient smiles. My darling parents followed me through Bur Juman during my entire camera-happy episode. And not one word of complaint. :)

  • Mannequin it alone ....

    Back to my mannequins. This one looked eerily lonely. Maybe the 1/2 price sale didn't leave it's fellow mannequins with any clothes .. and hence no mannequin to share the lonely windows. Tsk tsk ...

  • Reality check ...

    Reality check: yes, it's Dubai. That's why you see a scantily clad lady in a billboard infront of two modestly covered women. Dubai is the ultimate melting pot. It's where the mini-skirt walks alongside the veil. And that's what I love most about Dubai - you get ot be who you want to be.

  • Mannequin funk

    A slightly more arty photograph the hte Bur Juman mannequins. Ask me - I have stacks and stacks of mannequin photos. This one will do - considering I am still learning the ropes of the new 5700. Those feathers .... take me to another country. Is this Dubai?

  • Bur Juman - A Better Class Of Shopping

    Yeah and a hell lot more of an expensive one! Bur Juman - despite it's partiality towards bizarre promotion campaigns like the one in this picture - is not my favorite Dubai mall. That would be the Deira City Centre. Yes ... it's like being back in good old Karachi. Ah, those crowds and those hordes of rowdy young boys. The display you see here is...

  • Meherjan Dubai Le Tasawwuq

    (Dubai Shopping Festival)Sale: the word encapsulates the Dubai Shopping Festival experience. For the whole of the city (which includes residents of Dubai AND those of all over the world that flock to Dubai in droves during the Festival and turn the city into one big traffic jam) and for little old me that never was able to resist a good sale. My...


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