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    Vancouver beach
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    April rain on Granville Street
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Most Viewed What to Pack in Vancouver

  • 1. climate preparation

    In case you rent a RV, bring bags in stead of suitcases. They will take less space in the RV. Bring all different clotes, for +30 till -2 if you travel in June Get your BBQ gear ready, but be...

  • 2. rain gear

    I walked out of the airport terminal and into a light rain. As we got downtown the rain was getting heavier, but the locals weren't even hurrying to get out of it. Most of them hadn't even broken out...

  • 3. camera gear

    Binoculars or Telescope To Cruise to ALASKA Rainwear Lots of film Beachwear & Gear would be cool, Nice beaches in Vancouver & POOL on the Ship SEA SICKNESS PILLS ! Carry a bell so the Bears know...

  • 4. sun protection

    Protect yourself from the sun, especially between April and October. Sunscreen can be purchased at grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies all over the city. Although Vancouver may be known...

  • 5. Camping around Vancouver

    If you're camping in the region, having a tarp is a handy thing to bring along because you never know when it's going to rain. Be sure to bring rope so you...

  • 6. What to Wear in Vancouver

    You can find any type of clothing in Vancouver ranging from cheap to expensive. However in terms of bringing your own clothing...I would suggest a light...

  • 7. General stuff to bring

    Backpack - if you go hiking or for day trips. RainjacketRunnersUmbrella A camera! You will want to take so many pictures. Bathing suit for the beach if its...

  • 8. Packing List

    Back pack is essential to a full day of sightseeing.Any other suitcases will do. Good walking shoes, lightweight layerable clothing, and always an umbrella!...

  • 9. Packing List

    Doesn't really matter what type of baggage you bring to Vancouver, the folks over @ YVR we'll take care of ya. Ha, I see people traveling with anything from...

  • 10. Packing List

    Important to bring warm clothing especially if it's still icy up on the mountains!Of course this depends on your level of tolerance for cold too... I found...

  • 11. Packing List

    When visiting Vancouver, you must have an umberalla or a rain coat with you because it rains a lot here in Vancouver. You should carry a lot of photo films...

  • 12. Packing List

    One you can throw over your shoulder, its pretty busy and having to drag a bag onto buses etc, not good! RAIN GEAR! In support of popular beleif, it DOES rain...

  • 13. Packing List

    If you look carefully, you can see the beautiful mountains behind the city. Bring warm clothing. It's even colder than Seattle. brrrrr! If I'm going to be...

  • 14. Packing List

    For luggage, I would suggest strong and sturdy bages that can withstand a lot of moisture. The air is really humid, and it rains a lot in the fall, but it is...

  • 15. Packing List

    I found having a backpack helpful for throwing in everything I needed for a day of sightseeing (camera, purse, jacket etc.) As for clothing, I was there in...

  • 16. Packing List

    It's pretty safe to use your credit card so no need to pack to much cash. (Tho it might put you in great debt :P) Please bring a jacket even when you visit...

  • 17. Packing List

    The winter in Vancouver is cold (but great for skiing/snowboarding :-)). My agency ( told me to pack for cold weather and they were...

  • 18. Packing List

    Good walking shoes and some waterproof stuff (not that I own any). OK bring an umbrella and you'll be fine. Just convince yourself of this, the rain really is...

  • 19. Packing List

    If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, take a good knapsack with you. It's a good place to carry all those souvenirs you're likely to be buying.Also,...

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