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Wreck Beach Tips (9)

Rest, Breathe, Smile

Wreck Beach is one of the nicest clothing optional beaches on the Pacific Coast. The crowd is welcoming without being obtrusive. The water is warm (was in July anyway). This is one of our 'must do's' when we're in Vancouver.

May 24, 2010

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is Vancouver's only clothing-optional beach. I stress clothing-optional because as you can see in the photo, we're all wearing clothes.

Wreck Beach is kind of a famous Vancouver institution. It's been going strong for decades! It's one of those beaches where the police turn a blind eye to. In other words, drinking in public, smoking pot, and unlicenced vendors are the norm at Wreck Beach. It's not a wild and crazy place, but a very laid back, bohemian, hippy, kind of place. It's the kind of beach where vendors sell vodka-soaked watermelon, beer by the can, pizza by the slice, and homemade sandwiches. People are often very respectful at Wreck Beach. There's driftwood everywhere, often turned upright into abstract sculptures. The smell of bonfires is common, and when the waves are good, the shore is often full of skimboarders.

Wreck Beach is located at the bottom of the cliffs on the most western point of Vancouver (Point Grey), on UBC campus. It's the only place in Vancouver where you can look out and see absolutely no signs of civilization. You can't see any buildings from the city or the suburbs from Wreck Beach - you feel like you're on an isolated island hundreds of miles away! In fact, it often reminds me of Tofino on Vancouver Island!

Wreck Beach is only accessible by foot down a very steep staircase built into the cliff. The entire cliff face is forested. While there are various paths and staircases that take you down the cliff, the main Wreck Beach path entrance is located on SW Marine Drive via Path 6, just south of the Museum of Anthropology, between West Mall and University Blvd. There are port-a-potties located at the top of the cliff, and at the bottom of the cliff, as well as garbage facilities.

While there is no exact parking lot for Wreck Beach itself, there is free street parking and paid parkades around UBC campus. The closest bus to Wreck Beach stops off at the UBC bus loop. From the loop it's a 15 minute walk to the top of the Wreck Beach stairs.

Carmanah's Profile Photo
May 18, 2005

For the naturalist in you...

This is a very special beach, gathering a mostly nudist crowd of people and a very hippie atmosphere.
Magic at sunset on a sunny day
These students of the BC University must be the luckiest in the world!

katpanou's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2004

Bring your birthday suit

Should you be seeking some of this fine herb and were smart enough to not bring it across a border and wish to sample some of the crops then I suggest you pay a vidit to our friendly nudist friends at Wreck Beach (near UBC). Not only is this Vancouver's only nude beach but it is also the largest such beach in Canada! It also seems to be a haven for peddlers of all sorts. Even if you're not in the mood for sampling the local vegetation Wreck Beach is a must visit. The annual Fun Run is set for August 10th (my birthday...weird) .

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Jul 09, 2003
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Wreck Beach. Sometimes called...

Wreck Beach. Sometimes called UBC Beach
To my knowledge, it is the only 'clothes optional' beach in North America. Even if you're too shy to be in the buff, head down there. Have an 'icy cold Kokanee' (beer), sample the treats from the Watermelon girl or delight on the 'buds' - whatever your fancy, it's all delivered right to your towel by enchanting, butt-naked serving men and women. NOT TO BE MISSED. Oh and hey, leave your camera in your bag!

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Sep 13, 2002

Wreck Beach

This 6-kilometre long, wilderness-like beach which follows a promontory below an emerald-green forested, 200-foot high, cliff system weathered to beauty akin the White cliffs of Dover, is Canada's first and largest, legal, clothing-optional beach and is a Mecca to visitors from around the world!

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Sep 12, 2002


CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEACH where you can hang out and buy anything from tofu burgers and ice cold beer to champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate. BC bud (best in the world) and mushrooms can also be found there.

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Aug 25, 2002

Pacific seashore

This beach is accessible by very long stairs from UBC museum. People are allowed to be nude there, although I did not see any :( - I came too early probably. The nature scenery is beautiful though.

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Jul 06, 2005

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Wreck beach on a [rare] sunny...

Wreck beach on a [rare] sunny warm day.
It's got some ok sand and a lot of logs to park yourself beside. It's also quite secluded as you have to walk down a whole bunch of steep steps to get there.

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Aug 26, 2002

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Getting to Wreck Beach


NW Marine Dr., Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada


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