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Beacon Hill Park Carriage Tour
"At your chosen tour time meet at the corner of Belleville Street and Menzies Street where you'll hop into your horse-drawn carriage and begin your relaxing tour through Beacon Hill Park the oldest park in Victoria.Your experienced carriage driver will lead you past recently restored St Anne's Academy and deep into the 200-acre (74-hectare) park established in 1882. Hear stories of Victoria's past present and future as you wind down quaint paths and enjoy views of tranquil ponds dotted with stone bridges and engulfed in lush greenery and vibrant flowers. You may even spot some herons!Ride by the famous Empress hotel and Church Of Our Lo established in 1874. Wind your way back through the historical James Bay neighborhood before returning to the carriage stand to conclude your ride. "
From CAD24.00
The Royal Carriage Tour
"This popular tour begins with a breathtaking view of the majestic Empress Hotel overlooking the Inner Harbor with its classic tall ships and sleek sailing vessels. Feel like royalty as you journey past landmark buildings and historic homes. As you enter Beacon Hill Park you will be dazzled with the array of fragrant flowers and delightful duck ponds. You will continue on out to the Dallas Road waterfront passing Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway. Here you'll gaze at the splendor of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The rest of your tour will be through the oldest neighborhood in Victoria with an impressive variety of well-mai"""Travel by horse-drawn carriage through many parts of Victoria including Beacon Hill Park and the Dallas Road waterfront. Visit the Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway where you will experience the splendor of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca."
From CAD31.00
Victoria Carriage Tour Including James Bay
"At your selected tour time meet at the corner of Belleville Street and Menzies Street across from the Parliament buildings where you'll hop into your horse-drawn carriage and begin your leisurely ride. Sit back relax and enjoy the views as your experienced driver navigates through historic James Bay one of the oldest residential neighborhoods on the West coast of North America. Here you'll admire magnificent architecture of some of Victoria's oldest homes. Breathe in the fresh ocean air as you turn onto the Dallas Road waterfront and gaze at the captivating Olympic Mountains. Ride past the former house of Emily Carr
From CAD17.00

Siteseeing Tips (18)

The Church of Our Lord

Favorite thing I first passed this beautiful church on the bus then went back to see it, because it looked so lovely.

The Church of Our Lord dates from 1876 making it the oldest church in Victoria. It is located on the corner of Humbolt and Blanshard Streets. It is a carpenter gothic church, meaning it has features of traditional gothic churches, but is made of wood.

This church was founded by Reverend Edward Cridge, the first Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Canada. Next to the church stands the Edward Cridge Memorial Hall. At the side of the church there was historical information about this building.

I had a quick look inside but there was a very well attended Easter Sunday service going on, so I could not take any photos

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2015

Flowers, Sunny Skies, Dining & Sites to See

Favorite thing Victoria itself is just a wonderful town to visit, but of course a must see is the Butchart Gardens.
My recommendation for anyone in the Vancouver, Canada area or Seattle to plan at least a couple of days to spend in Victoria. Our LandSea Tour was awesome but we really wished we had spent a couple of nights in town to see more and enjoy all it offers. Plus more time at the Gardens. A full day at the Gardens would have been terrific.

Fondest memory Flowers and the charm of the town. A place that welcomes and really wants to make one spend more time there. It is an easy town for walking which is a plus. We feel we missed the opportunity to get to visit more of the town and learn more about it from the locals. Victoria is a romantic town and we easily see it as a place for couples to visit for a romantic getaway.

charlenemixa's Profile Photo
May 30, 2014

City Hall

Favorite thing City Hall was one of the most challenging buildings to take a picture of.
There always were cars and buses in front of the building as it faces a busy intersection.
The red bricks are very unique and the buildings is very noticebla from a distance.
Also the center tower with the flagpole were part of the challenge.

At the rear of the red building is a very modern section build, quiet different.

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2013

Day Trips to Victoria from Seattle

Favorite thing Your best option is through the Victoria Clipper. It is a high-speed passenger only ferry between Victoria and Seattle. It specializes in day trips to Victoria from Seattle. They also have their own tour bus which they use to take their passengers on excursions right from the boat! Just search Clipper Vacations in Google and you will find a lot of useful information there!

Alternatively, get off the boat and walk to the Victoria Bus Depot. Board the Grayline Butchart Gardens Express. It's an express coach service to Butchart Gardens which will get you to and from the gardens for significantly cheaper than a tour bus and without the hassle of public transit. That should take 3 to 4 hours of your day. Once you are done that, perhaps take one of the narrated bus tours of Victoria which are approximately 1hr 30 minutes long. That will give you a good taste of the city in a short time and as well as some history and background. Finally, save some time to stroll around the inner harbour and do a little bit of shopping. If you have some extra time, pay a visit to the beautiful British Columbia Legislature. It's a great opportunity to indulge in more history and see some incredible architecture while learning about the BC system of government and best of all......the tour is free!

Fondest memory What I love most about Victoria is strolling around the Inner Harbour or the Ogden Point Breakwater. You can't beat the scenery and the relaxing stroke of the sun coupled with the cool breeze of the ocean!

darryl.wilson's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2008
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Hotels Near Victoria

1608 Quadra Street, Victoria, V8W 2L4, Canada
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791 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1N9, Canada
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1961 Douglas Street, (formerly Traveller's Inn), Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 4K7, Canada
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1900 Douglas Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 4K8, Canada
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1850 Douglas Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 4K6, Canada
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1501 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 1Z6, Canada
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Walking is the best way to see Victoria

Favorite thing I feel that the best way to see Victoria is to wander around the city by foot and explore the many streets. Don't be afraid to wander away the harbour area - many of the coolest shops I found were hidden away on Yates, View, Douglas, and Fort Streets. You'll find a lot of independently owned clothing boutiques, antique art shops, excellent used music/book stores, plus many other hidden gems.

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Jun 21, 2007

First time away!

Fondest memory My fondest memory has to be of my trip to Victoria in the fall of 1993 when I was 14. I went with my friend Justine, and we had a blast! Her father dropped us in the city centre, and we just walked around and explored for hours. It was the first time I had really gone anywhere without my parents. It was fabulous! The picture is of myself, Justine, and her brother on a hilltop overlooking the city....

unigirl's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2005

Great walking town

Favorite thing As you probably guessed, Victoria is no doubt is great walking town. The area around the Inner Harbor as well as streets that lead to Chinatown are all excellent for walking. There are a lot of stores and shops along these streets. There are also several squares where lots of stores are concentrated. The architecture is also historic and beautiful.

meteorologist1's Profile Photo
Oct 17, 2004

Sightseeing on the #11 Bus

Favorite thing BC Transit's system of city busses can take you more places in Victoria than you would realize! One of the nicest busses is the #11 bus, called "UVic via Gorge-Uplands" in one direction and "Gorge-Uplands via UVic" in the other. Either way you ride the bus, there is lots to see and do. For both trips you should start downtown, catching the bus along Douglas Street.

On the bus heading to UVic, you will ride up Fort Street (look out for Craigdarroch Castle) and then into the scenic Oak Bay area. The bus will take you through the Uplands, an area of exclusive mansions. You can get off the bus in this area and check out some of the great houses- my favorite is white one with gold urns on the roof- WHY? WHY? On the other side of the Uplands is Cadboro Bay... a quaint area with a nice beach for kids. Called Gyro Park, the beach has giant models of sea creatures and boats for your kids to play on (discourage play inside the octopus... it's just dirty in there). After the beach, catch the next #11 up to UVic and either wander through Finnerty Gardens, or transfer to a double-decker #14 and go back downtown. You can also catch a #11 back to town, but that's not as much fun!

From downtown in the OTHER direction, the #11 takes you through an area that I think is called Vic West or Esquimalt, but I've never been sure. There are lots of hotels and apartment buildings at first, but then the bus travels along the scenic Gorge waterway and you can watch for blue herons. Hop off the bus and walk along the water if you'd like. The #11 bus continues on to Tillicum Mall, which is definitely not one of the nicer malls in Victoria but it does have a brand new Old Navy store, as well as Winners (a crazy discount department store where you can occasionally find designer clothes for 50% off or so... GREAT deals on sunglasses!) From the mall, take the #11 back into town.

Jun 20, 2004

Top 5 Victoria Writers


"Very Victoria"
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"Facing the Weather and the Mountains"
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"A Canadian city with a British twist!"
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"A Trip Home is ALWAYS GREAT !!"
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"Quenching the Thirst of a Glorious Past: Victoria"
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Here is a picture of the...

Favorite thing Here is a picture of the dragonboat festival in the Inner Harbour area of Victoria. The event is small and less international in comparison to the Vancouver but everyone enjoys themselves. This picture shows the Parliament Buildings in the background which lights up at night. The boats are heading towards the Provincial Museum which is another 'must see' item on your vacation schedule in Victoria. On the third floor is an excellent miniature reproduction of a western pioneering town that is so well done you feel that you are actually there as you walk donw the cobblestone streets!

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Aug 26, 2002

There are so much to do and to...

Favorite thing There are so much to do and to see in Victoria, you would be amazed! Downtown is nice to walk around and has the best restaurants ever,Very diversified!

You can go Whalewatching, sightseeing, museum touring, gardening, swimming in the cold cold ocean!

Fondest memory What I miss the most from Victoria is when on a nice day, summer or winter, my friends and i would jump on motorcycles and just go up north on windy roads for hours. The views are breathtaking, we would drive until we were tired, usually in a town where none of us had stopped before, find a cool place to eat and rest and jump back on the bike and drive until sunset!

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Aug 25, 2002

Just walk around and enjoy the...

Favorite thing Just walk around and enjoy the beauty of the city! Victoria is not a very big place, and you can easily walk most of it over a day or two. Of course, it helps if the weather is nice...however, Victoria won't lose it's charm even in the rain!

unigirl's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

See the provincial museum's...

Favorite thing See the provincial museum's ethnographic exhibits. Informative and moving.

Fondest memory Driving to Nanaimo--spectacular! Taking the ferry from Tsawassen to Washington state--the islands, forests, mountains, and waters of the Sound are all on breathtaking display!

Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Victoria

Things to Do


Victoria's Chinatown has the distinction of being the oldest Chinatown in Canada. It is the second oldest in North America after San Francisco. Victoria's Chinatown grew up to house the many Chinese...
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Things to Do

Craigdarroch Castle

As soon as we said we were going to Victoria, everyone who had ever been there told us we had to go to Butchart Gardens, but we did not. The reason for this was that I found so many things I wanted to...
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Things to Do

City Hall

Victoria City Hall is located on Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue. It was completed in 1890 and was designed by architect John Teague. Outside there was a statue and a memorial to Victoria's...
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Things to Do

Harbour ferries

Well known for its charming city center the picturesque harbor, is a manageable on walking and explore the charming harbor and main city streets without paying for needless tours. The harbor area...
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Things to Do

Fisherman's Wharf

FIsherman's Wharf is Victoria's hidden treasure waiting for discovery! It's so close to downtown, and has a vibrant atmosphere with funky floathomes, fishing vessels and marine life! You get a front...
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Things to Do

Market Square

Market Square dates from the late 1800s. This was a time when Victoria was enjoying rapid growth and prosperity due to all the gold prospectors passing through on their way to seek their fortunes in...
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