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1-Hour Victoria City Tour and Butchart Gardens
"After your guide picks you up you'll start out by visiting Fisherman's Wharf. Have a quick look at the local house boats and possibly see a local harbor seal. Then drive through the inner harbor and observe some historical sites such as the Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel. Make your way through the historical downtown to Canada's oldest Chinatown and then to James Bay heritage community. Visit the birth place of the famous author and painter Emily Carr. Afterw your guide will drive you through Beacon Hill Park (the largest inner city park) passing by the world's tallest totem pole and then towards the Lieutenant Governor's mansion. From there you'll have the opportunity to stop to view the exterior of the historical Craigdarroch Castle. Next
From CAD320.00
Victoria Full-Day Private Tour
"Start your Victoria day tour with a ferry ride through the beautiful emerald green Gulf Islands recently voted one of the top 6 destinations for 2016. Your first stop is Butchart Gardens Victoria's number one tourist attraction. A floral array of colour and fragrance fills 55 acres of the gorgeous 100 year old garden quarry. Next head to Victoria Harbour home of the BC Parliament Buildings (tour included). Wander through Old Victoria's unique boutiques and shops and savour some of the local cuisine at the many bakeries restaurants and candy stores. Finish the day with a beautiful afternoon drive around Oak Bay and capture the spectacular scenery around Old Victoria. Enjoy the fresh evening breeze with a ferry ride back to Vancouver to complete your land/sea adventure."
From CAD1,679.00
Private Tour: Butchart Gardens and Saanich Peninsula
"The Butchart Gardens draw more than 1000000 visitors to the Saanich Peninsula every year to experience world-class gardens and incredible scenery.  Designated a National Historic Site due to its international acclaim and renown the gardens offer vibrant displays of verdant plant life and scenic pathways allowing visitors incredible opportunities to explore graceful fountains recreated Japanese temples and renaissance-inspired displays. Your 2.5-hour tour starts with a pickup from your Victoria-based hotel or lodging in a small 10-passenger van.  After meeting your driver and tour host you will drive through half an hour of strikingly lush natural scenery as you make your way to the gardens.  Your guide will intersperse bad jokes and personal anecdotes with a careful narration of the history and details of the Saanich Pe
From CAD421.00

Butchart Gardens Tips (61)

Flowers Galore!!!

This place is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area!!!

There are four main gardens: The Italian Garden; The Japanese Garden: The Sunken Garden, and The Rose Garden.
Paths wind through them offering spectacular views.

The Butchart Gardens are 55 acres of spectacular beauty in every season.

In spring you’ll find tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bursting forth from the ground.

The summer months feature the beautiful Rose Garden in full bloom.
Perennials start their stunning show in late summer, and the Japanese maples turn to russet, gold, and red in the fall.

Christmas is a magical time at the park including a new outdoor ice skating rink (that I haven't seen yet) but I absolutely love the way they are able to create a magical Winter Wonderland with the lighting, decorations, and the strolling Carollers dressed in period costume.


Be forewarned though! It can be VERY BUSY and crowded June and August.
It is also quite expensive for tickets (about $25 Cdn per person) during peak season and a lttle less other times.

To get your best value go on a Saturday in the early afternoon to see the gardens in daylight and stay until it gets dark to see them lit up...then enjoy a live concert with a fireworks display at the end!!!

*ALSO:* You can go for a return visit to the gardens the same or next day if you couldn't see it all the first day.


SAME DAY — Please have your hand stamped at the Information Centre before departure and present your individual ticket upon return.

NEXT DAY — Please have your hand stamped at the Information Centre before departure. The Gardens staff will collect your original admission ticket and issue a new re-admission ticket. The fee for this service is $3 - Adults, $2 - Youth, and $0.50 - Child.

Only one re-admission is permitted and re-admission is not permitted on Fireworks Saturdays or on Special Event Days."

Lady_Mystique's Profile Photo
May 10, 2007

Butchart Gardens

These amazing gardens are located 22 km north of Victoria. Sunken Garden was open for public in 1904. Later a Rose Garden, Italian Garden, and Japanese Garden were added. The gardens now display more than a million plants throughout the year.

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Feb 21, 2007

Sunken Gardens

I’d visited Butchart Gardens when I was very young but I couldn’t remember the trip. My parents would show me pictures and sure enough, there I was in the gardens. Gardens large enough to get lost in. Pathways that lead tantalizing off into the distance or around corners. Trees and flowers and plants and rocks and fountains. I couldn’t wait to visit it again. It turned out to be not quite the playground I had imagined, but it came close. And when the lights came on at night, it was even better.

penumbra's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2006

The 12 Days of Christmas at Butchard Gardens

This is a good place to take the family if you have young children. There are 55 acres of floral displays set among huge lawns and many pathways. We went in the Christmas season when they were displaying a "Twelve Days of Christmas" theme. For example, the photo to the right shows the "Eight maids a-milking" display. These exhibits were randomly set up around the gardens, and we had to try and spot them all. We went there just before dusk, walked around, it got dark, so we walked around again to see all the Christmas lights and beautiful views by coloured spot-lights.

SurfaceTravel's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2006
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Hotels Near Butchart Gardens

849 Verdier Ave, on Brentwood Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, V8M 1C5, Canada
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2477 Mt Newton Cross Rd Jct Patricia Bay Hwy (Hwy 17), Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 2B7, Canada
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If you are a gardener

If you are a gardener or love gardens, and you come within miles of Victoria, BC, you should make every possible effort to get to Butchart Gardens! I've viewed gardens in England, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US, and I must say I haven't seen anything to compare to Butchart Gardens.

Even my husband, who is not into flowers or gardening, enjoyed the visit there. I had to fight him over the camera--the picture opportunities are limitless! Do NOT forget your camera--you will want to take hundreds of pictures. If you've got a video camera, be sure to take that also!

If you are a gardener and want to get a good look at everything in the gardens, plan on a miniumum of four hours for your visit. You can make it around the gardens in less time--two hours if you really rush it--but you will find lots of lovely views and plants you'll want to linger over. Honestly, there is enough to see there that it would not be difficult to spend an entire day exploring the gardens and watching the shows and fireworks displays and eating in the restaurants. I easily could have spend more than an hour just exploring the gift shop. There are so many different gardens--the sunken garden, the private garden, the bog garden, the Star Garden, the Dahlia garden, the Rose garden, the Japanese garden and the Italian garden--I've probably left something out--there were so many!

Mornings would be a better time to visit because the crowds are thinner then. Later in the day, the day trippers from the cruise ships arrive in hoards, along with the tour buses. If you want to see what the gardens looked like on the 1st of September 2006, check out my photo album on the gardens and look at the pictures accompanying this tip.

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Sep 14, 2006

Daytrip to Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens must be one of the most visited tourist attractions in British Columbia. The gardens are easily reached from Victoria, the provincial capital. You can buy a combination bus and entry ticket from the Victoria Information Centre, for C$35. The bus to the gardens leaves (and arrives in) Victoria from (at) the downtown bus terminal.
It is best time to arrive at the gardens early in the morning, when the crowds are virtually non-existent. The place gets busy by about 10am, so make the most of the quiet hour between opening time and the arrival of a fleet of coaches.
It is really worth spending a whole day in the gardens, if you like taking photos. The light changes through the day and in summer this effects the colours of all the flowers. You can also wander around the place as much as you like and linger on the beautiful concert lawn, enjoying the soft grass and writing postcards!
Take water with you if you vist in the summer. There is food available at a cafe and a restaurant near the gate. The latter looked expensive, but the coffee was good at the cafe.

worldkiwi's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2006

Year Round Gardens

We actually visited the Gardens in January and it was BITTER cold! We didn't know what to expect and we thought the Gardens might actually be closed. We were not disappointed, the holiday light displays were incredible and there were many plant species in bloom or well manicured.

It's an easy drive from downtown and well worth the trip any time of the year.

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Jun 17, 2006

Butchart Gardens

If you're like me, you can't believe that you paid $21 Cdn to look at flowers. However, The Butchart Gardens is a premier West Coast display garden that maintains the traditions of its past. If you only go to Victoria once, you should go see it.

Jennie Butchart first began working on the gardens in 1904. When her husband abandoned a worked-out quarry site left behind from his pioneer work with Portland cement, she requisitioned tons of top soil from a nearby farmland, had it brought over to Tod Inlet by horse and cart and used it to line the floor of the abandoned quarry. This quarry came to form the Sunken Garden. The Butcharts then began to develop a Japanese Garden on the seaside of their home with the help of a Japanese landscape designer. Begun in 1905, the tranquil Japanese Garden is one of the oldest surviving areas of the estate with many of the original plantings still thriving. By 1929, the Butcharts had created an Italian Garden on the site of their old tennis court and a Rose Garden in lieu of the couple's vegetable patch.

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Apr 02, 2006

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The most beautiful garden in the CITY of GARDENS. It is Most beautiful in spring and summer the best is an afternoon visit -after 3pm- from mid-June through mid-September;. If you come during the summer don't miss the Saturday evening fireworks show. Better then Disney’s.
The garden is nice also in the winter, unless covered with snow :-((

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Jul 19, 2005

For Gardeners and Non Gardeners alike

The Butchart Gardens at Tod Inlet, some 21km from Victoria, covers more than 55 acres of a 130 acre estate. The gardens were begun by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pim Butchart in an effort to beautify a worked -out quarry site. Mr. Butchart a pioneer in the manufacture of Portland cement in Canada, was General Manager of a cement company having its plant nearby. The quarry, its limestone exhausted, offended Mrs. Butchart's sensitive feeling of beauty and she resolved to include it in her plans for landscaping their home grounds.

The gardens begun as a hobby by them, and were constantly expanded, spilling over to Rose, Italian and Japanese Gardens.

It is visited by more than a million visitors each year.

There is a visitor centre, plant identification centre, seed and gift store, and restaurants, (Dining Room, Blue poppy restaurant, and coffee shop).

It was raining a little as we were walking around, and there are thoughtfully provided clear plastic umberellas positioned in canvas containers around for you to borrow. Nice touch.

There is a huge car and coach park, you are also given a free visitors guide map, and flower guide with your ticket.

if you need to leave and re-enter, you can have your hand stamped, although not on Fridays and Saturdays when there are Fireworks.

Note:- I may possibly put an album of photos taken in the gardens at a later date.

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Jun 17, 2005

Butchart's Garden

On my very first trip tp Victoria I was able to visit the beautiful Gardens. I enjoyed it tremendously due to the variety of the gardens and was especially fond of the Sunken one and the Japanese one. I took many photos but decided on this one as it is my favourite one..

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Apr 26, 2005

It is worth going in the winter and it is quiet!!!

Butchart Gardens can be hard to find if coming from the Airport or North Ferry but you will get there eventually. Some signs (like Mcdonald's) are huge while some tourist attractions have small signs low to the ground. Once there you will be impressed with what working on a garden for 100 years will give you. I was there on January 24th and it was a beautiful 12 Celcius and there was 20 cars there. I had the place to myself. As you can see by the attached picture, it is beautiful and green in the winter. I admit not as nice as summer but still a great walk. One difference to note is the Ross fountain which usually dances and has flashing lights on it, is still during the colder months. Still beautiful but not the same.

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Jan 28, 2005

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Getting to Butchart Gardens


800 Benvenuto Ave


  • Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Monday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
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