Mosquitoes, Winnipeg

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  • Mosquitoes
    by pestilence
  • The female mosquito having lunch
    The female mosquito having lunch
    by rdo911
  • Mosquitoes
    by Willem_oa

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  • 3 seasons in Winnipeg...Mosquitoes ,Construction

    by pestilence Written Jul 10, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As a native Winnipegger of 41 years I had to respond to "Asthewindblows"
    Mosquitoes ARE a HUGE problem EVERY year.Except for 2 years ago that had a milder than normal mosquitoe infestation. The ONLY reason that mosquitoes are not a problem the other six months of the year is that Winnipeg is under 3 feet of snow and frozen solid the rest of the time.The little West Nile carrying Blood suckers can't survive in those harsh Winter conditions. We(Winnipeggers) have what we call a "survival instinct" We MUST make the best of the conditions The Lord is handing else can a person stay sane living here.
    I'm simply telling it like it is. Just a warning to travellers! BTW: Watch out for the pothole!!
    Happy travels!

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  • The Provincial "Bird"

    by Maestr0 Written Jun 27, 2007

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    I can remember as a child being out at the cottage, we were sitting around a campfire, and I had short sleeves on. I covered myself with a navy towel to hopefully protect from the mosquitoes flying around our heads. That was a mistake, as I was literally blanketed in seconds with huge mosquitoes, which were biting right through the thick towel.

    The mosquitoes in Winnipeg are infamous enough that in a lot of places they will fog the air with pesticides on some days to help keep the populations down. Trucks will patrol around certain areas with tanks on the back that release a poisonous fog into the air (it's noisy). Not recommended that you get too close to the trucks when they're working.

    I would recommend staying indoors or behind screens in the evenings, which is when the majority will come out, but if you must go out...

    1) Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so be sure to wear light colored clothing. Light colors also help you see them if they land on you.

    2) Long sleeves don't help much unless it is very loose clothing, otherwise they will bite right through. Make sure to keep your clothing tucked in as well, as nothing is worse than trapping a mosquito inside your clothes and having it bite you several times in a row.

    3) Wearing mosquito netting specifically made to prevent them from even landing on your clothing is very helpful if you like to do a lot of outdoor things.

    4) Bring a lot of mosquito repellent, and use it all over your body. No body part is safe.

    5) Get an insect bite neutralizer like "After Bite", which will stop the itching if you do get bit.

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  • Mosquito problem is usually not that bad

    by Asthewindblows Written Jun 13, 2007

    I've lived in Winnipeg over 50 years, and most of the time mosquitoes are not a problem. In a year when we've had a lot of rain, yes, there can be major outbreaks, but usually there are only about two weeks out of the whole summer when mosquitoes can be said to be a nuisance. City crews have a very extensive larviciding program which really makes a difference, and if the mosquito count in traps reaches a certain level, the city is fogged.

    Today (June 13, 2007) I have yet to see a mosquito even during the evening, though I'm sure they are in the park areas by now, and with the constant rain we've had for weeks, a batch is expected to show up any day. Peak time for mosquito activity is the 2 hours before sunset. They avoid sunny areas, and a breeze stops them from flying.

    If you are going to be walking through forested areas or long grass, wear long sleeves and long pants (not shorts). If you are being bothered by mosquitoes, you can use a repellent. For more info on that, read:

    Winnipeg is far from the only city that gets bugged by the biting pests. Most years, our mosquitoes are no worse than in other cities across Canada.

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  • rdo911's Profile Photo

    Those Little Blood Suckers!

    by rdo911 Written Sep 2, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mosquitoes are the worst in June, July, and August. If you plan to visit the countryside or any of the city's park during these months pack your bug spray!

    The secret to avoiding the mosquitoe is to plan your visit in April or May before they appear. Also September and sometimes October are good months to visit too.

    The female mosquito having lunch
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  • Willem_oa's Profile Photo

    Mosquitoes are awful pests in...

    by Willem_oa Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Mosquitoes are awful pests in Winnipeg. They land on your skin and suck your blood, and are about 5 INCHES LONG! (Just kidding!) These bugs are very small and if you slap them with your hand, they will die instantly. Alternatively, you can buy a novelty 'Mosquito Trap' and catch the pests one by one.

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