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Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl National Park Hiking Tour from Puebla
"Begin your hiking adventure with a pickup service from your hotel in Puebla to go directly to the Izta-Popo National Park. During the road you will pass through the magical town of Cholula and you will have the change to admire this beautiful p located just in the middle of the Popocatepetl and Ixtaccíhuatl volcanoes in central México and about 3400 meters (11150 feet) of altitude. During this adventure you will go to the religious center El Silencio and an Eco Touristic Villa where you can rest have a meal and enjoy optional activities (at your own expense). As a part of your journey you will walk around 1 mile to get to a waterfall from where you can admire amazing views of the volcanoes. After the tour you'll be taken back to your hotel."
From $90.00
Minneapolis Brewery Tour
"Join up with other craft beer lovers for an all-inclusive craft beer tasting tour. This is the most popular tour option and is a great way to learn more about Minneapolis taste great local craft beers and experience Minnesota’s unique craft beer culture. At each brewery stop there will be an opportunity to taste flagship beers as well as some new craft beer creations and seasonal specials. The tasting tour includes: Tasting a variety of best local craft beers (as much or as little as your palate craves) Safe and hassle-free pick-up and drop-off Friendly tasting tour guide Super spicy pretzels to munch on (trust us you’ll need them) A cooler for those who purchase growlers at the breweries and want to keep them cold Depending on what day you want to explore
From $75.00
The Big Ticket Adventure Pass: Minneapolis - Bloomington - St Paul - Mall of America Attractions
"Once you purchase the pass a representative from the Bloomington CVB will follow up with an email with directions on how to obtain your mobile pass using a promo code on their website. Once you exchange the promo code for your passes an email and text will be sent to you immediately. The pass holder simply needs to present their e-ticket (displayed on their phone) to the attractions attendant or if the ticket was printed out show your print at home ticket to the attraction attendant. Once your attraction pass has been acknowledged at the first attraction you will have three days (NOTE: three days does not necessarily mean 72 hours) including that day to visit the six attractions. Each attraction can only be visited once within the three days."""
From $89.00

Winnipeg drivers Tips (4)

If you are driving around...

If you are driving around Winnipeg, BE CAREFUL AND ALERT. Winnipeg drivers are among the worst in the world. Drivers will:
-Hardly ever use turn signals
-Run red lights
-Not stop at 4-way stop signs
-Cut you off

Willem_oa's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

If you are driving in Winnipeg...

If you are driving in Winnipeg beware! The roads can be treacherous, in spring potholes bloom before the snow is completely gone. Winter roads are can be simply horrid, especially if you haven't driven in icy conditions before.
In addition to the road conditions the local drivers have interesting habits. It is almost forbidden to use your turn signals other than to trick the other drivers. If, by accident you do bump the turn signals on, you must leave them on for at least 10 minutes. Also, feel no need to rush lane selection, it is quite fine to straddle 2 until one appears the better choice. And finally, no, that guy is Not waving at you! ;o)

Athos_13's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

winnipeg. drivers that actually KNOW how to drive!

There have been comments regarding the lack of ability of winnipeg drivers. Definitley NOT the worst drivers! you can actually boogie along quite well if you pay attention (which is what you're supposed to do when driving!) Winnipeg is a huge city of 700,000+ people, so if you're a chronic "sunday driver", getting around can be tricky, yes, but mostly people are very considerate of others on the road. So don't let all the negative reviews scare you! Just bear in mind, you are in a big city that has to move fast to get to where they're going. If you go into any major city I'm confident that you will find the drivers are very similar. It's when you get small town people that aren't used to any amount of traffic that you run into problems!! but once they figure it out, they boogie along with the rest with no problems.

Jul 16, 2011

Driver abilities deteriorated in Winnipeg

At one time, long ago, Winnipeg drivers were amongst the best in Canada. A lot has changed since then. You will find every time you get behind the wheel you will encounter things like people using two lanes as one. Lack of turning signals. Drivers stopping in a travelling lane to let passengers in or out, seldom occurs to them, that's what the curb lane is for. Drivers turning left or right from two lanes out. Drivers stopping at green lights like it was a stop sign. Drivers sitting at green lights long after it changed from red. Drivers coming to a complete stop before making a turn and then making the turn at a snails pace. Drivers travelling blocks with their left hand turning signal on, then suddenly turning right. In summer the roads are riddled with pot holes on every single street and in winter due to bad road clearing habits by the city of Winnipeg, read, never down to the pavement, moguls form on all streets including main arteries, that rival the Olympic mogul courses. But one of the most dangerous concerns here deals with idiot pedestrians walking on the roads instead of using the sidewalks, when the sidewalks are clear. I've even encountered mothers pushing strollers downs roads with babies in them, and I mean in the middle so road, and not paying any attention to traffic. I'm sure this stems from the city of Winnipeg not clearing sidewalks in the winter so pedestrians are forced to use the roads to walk on. This has turned into a habit, whereas they continue the habit throughout the entire year. If you drive in Winnipeg, you will surely be using a lot of foul language hurled at other drivers. F?...?ing idiot comes to mind. Not that you'll be rolling your window down to direct it at someone, as you'll be hoarse by the time you get to your destination, rather a lot of internal dialogue.

Dec 16, 2015
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