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  • Gilberts Cove Lighthouse
    Gilberts Cove Lighthouse
    by RavensWing
  • Tides going out
    Tides going out
    by RavensWing
  • Gilberts Cove
    Gilberts Cove
    by RavensWing

Digby Things to Do

  • ~ Admiral Digby Museum ~

    The Admiral Digby Museum started out as a small library in 1966. In 1969 the “Woodror/Dakin house” – an 1840’s Loyalist/Georgian house was purchased by the Admiral Dibgy Library Association and opened to the public. In 1972 a few antiques were placed in the Library, thus began the Admiral Digby Museum .Digby was originally named Conway, in fact...

  • Lest we Forget.

    Readers of many of my other pages will know that I have an interest in military graves and war memorials and I will generaly stop to have a look at any I pass. I also write tips here about them which are often pretty short as there is not really much to say about them because everyone knows what they are and what they represent. I make no apology,...

  • Pay the Admiral a visit.

    The Admiral Digby Museum is one of a type very common in Nova Scotia, namely an old period house restored and filled with artefacts either from the premises or, more commonly, typical of the time being represented. It is rather well done if not overly large with the usual friendly and knowledgeabe member of staff on hand. You are given a leaflet to...

  • Excellent place for a drink, lovely...

    I should preface this tip with a small caveat as I do like to report honestly on Virtual Tourist. The place in question, namely the Fundy Restaurant / 98 Club (same premises) is owned by a friend of my current travelling companion VT member RavensWing (Lynne) and the reason we went there was to meet her and her husband who both turned out to be...

  • Get the information first.

    I have to say that in my travels round Nova Scotia (I am writing this whist still there) I have been hugely impressed by the quntity and quality of Visitor Information Centres, certainly in season (I have been here June and July). I understand that tourism brings in much needed revenue to an area where the fishing industry that once made the place...

  • ~ A Drink on the Dockside ~

    We stopped in for a few drinks at the Fundy Restaurant early one evening. Deciding not to miss out on the beautiful weather we went out to the upper patio where there is a gorgeous view of the Bay of Fundy. The restaurant also has a lower deck where you can dine or sip your drinks on picnic or patio tables under umbrellas, or stand at the railing...

  • Whale watching.

    This is a great area for whale watching either from Digby or even better from Long Island or anywhere on Digby Neck. We went on a zodiac tour Ocean Explorations who are the first place that you see on Long Island after coming off the ferry. We went early morning and it was still really misty but fortunately it cleared just in time. The ride on the...

  • Whale-watching

    Whale-watching easily is the number one reason why people come to Digby. The small town is located at the Bay of Fundy which is famous for the world's highest tide differences of up to 21m! These enormous energies work like a giant whirlpool - they mix the waters of the bay with incredible powers. This means that the bay is a paradise for krill and...

  • Water Street

    Water Street is Digby's main street and the place where you find the most sights of the town - some monuments, the harbour with its boats rocking on the waves, several restaurants, souvenir shops and a promenade with benches to sit on. It's very enjoyable to stroll along this street as Digby is a nice little town.

  • The Balancing Rock

    Near Tiverton, there is a sight that is something very special and probably considered a wonder in the area (at least the nice woman of the VIC sounded so): The Balancing Rock. It's a slim rock of approximately 3m height which really balances on another one. Despite looking as though every gust of wind would blow it from its base, it has never...

  • Tiverton Lighthouse

    Tiverton is a small village about 50km from Digby, but as Digby is the main town in the area, I put it on this page. Before I went whale-watching, I stopped at Tiverton's lighthouse which is a very nice place. Located on top of a cliff, you can enjoy nice vistas on the harbour and the village of Tiverton. The area is a good spot to go birdwatching,...

  • Check out the Water Front

    Shop along the main street, and stop to look at the harbour. Maybe you want to have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants along the way.


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Digby Restaurants

  • Stuffed Full of Donair Meat

    Ricardo's serves pizza, donairs, and subs.I had a donair when I was there, it was stuffed full of donair meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and sweet sauce. It was delicious. In fact it was so full of meat it was hard to finish the whole donair.

  • Great value - good food.

    We visited The Shore Line Restaurant during our visit to Digby in 2005 and made a point of going back on our next visit in 2007. This place is not the ritz but like most restaurants in NS has a rustic, local charm. On our first visit there was live music being played inside but we chose to sit outside on the rear terrace which overlooks the...

  • Restaurant with a Harbour View

    I don't know if The Fundy Restaurant is any better or worse than any other of the many restaurants along Water Street, but it is certainly well advertised. I sat out on the back deck, overlooking the harbour. There's a lower level too, and a fairly large inside dining room.There was a huge lobster tank, with one very special blue lobster. As you...


Digby Warnings and Dangers

  • Wharf Rat Rally

    The Wharf Rat Rally draws thousands of people to the small town of Digby. The traffic backs up on the highways for hours while people register. There is no place to stay, no place to park.

  • Watch out for the bikers !

    Digby hosts an annual Road Rats Biker's Rally which has been getting bigger every year. I think that this takes place around Labour Day week-end which is towards the end of August. This is a great event if you're a biker but not so good for the average tourist. The bikers are, by all accounts, pretty well behaved but if you are in town at this time...

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Digby Off The Beaten Path

  • ~ Savory Provincial Park ~

    This is a beautiful picnic park. There are picnic tables all over the park, some are even under huts to keep you out of the rain. It is very peaceful. You can enjoy your picnic and watch the tides flow in and out. Or you can be there on a sunny day and watch as the fog rolls in. It is an open and hardwood-treed picnic area overlooking St Mary’s...

  • A fine place for a picnic.

    Nova Scotia is certainly very well served for beautiful scenery and this is often best appreciated by visiting one of the many Provincial or National Parks that seem to abound here. We were driving out of Digby and looking for a place to stop to have a bite to eat in the campervan (RV) when we happened upon Savary Park Provincial Park about 12...

  • ~ Gilberts Cove Lighthouse ~

    Gilberts Cove is a small community approximately 20 km west of Digby on the 101 Highway. You'll find a sign pointing to the Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse. As you turn right off the highway you leave the paved road and find yourself on a dirt road heading up to the lighthouse.Unfortunately I had arrived just after it had closed so I didn't get to go...


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