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Wild Center at Tupper Lake Admission
"The Wild Center lives up to its name. This state-of-the-art museum takes the old stodgy natural history museum to new heights with hands-on exhibitions live animals films and hiking trails that allow guests to see hear smell and really feel flora and fauna of the area. An homage to the rich nature of the Adirondacks The Wild Center offers a plethora of educational and entertaining diversions. At the Glacial Wall
From $17.00
Ecomuseum Zoo: Discover Québec's Wildlife in Winter
"Visit Montreal's Ecomuseum Zoo and meet more than 100 animal species from Québec. You'll also see mammals such as the Arctic Fox or the Fisher and birds such as the Golden Eagle and the Snowy Owl. Enjoy up-close encounters with very special animal ambassadors in a cozy and natural setting. During the winter the only animals you might not be able to see are the Black Bears and the Raccoons who are hibernating during the cold season. All the other animals are visible and they love snow just as much as we do!Once your visit outside is finished
From CAD14.00
Montreal Attraction Pass
"Pick up your passeport MTL at La Vitrine culturelle and soak up tons of culture history and more by flashing it at the following Montréal attractions. Attractions included: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie Bateau-Mouche (60 minutes cruises) at the Old Port Biodôme – Space for Life Casino de Mon Museum and Historic Site McCord Museum Botanical Garden – Space for Life (including entrance to the Insectarium) Insectarium – Space for Life  (including entrance to Botanical garden) Musée d’art contemporain Montréal Museum of History and Archaeology Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium – Space for Life Stewart Museum Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal Tower / Olympic Park Voiles en voiles (two hours of unlimited access"""Experience Montreal's Joie de vivre by visiting it's 23 must-see touristic and cultural attractions within a 72-hour period. This city pass does double duty for visitors: not only does it allow them to save money at major Montreal attractions but it makes getting around the city easier with a built-in chip that gives unlimited access to public transportation
From CAD109.00

More Off The Beaten Path in Morrisburg

Queen Elizabeth Gardens

"To commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth The Second to Ontario in 1984, the Province and The St. Lawrence Parks Commission presented the Queen Elizabeth Gardens as a gift to Her Majesty."The...
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Apr 04, 2011

Things to see as you walk around

There are many things to see as you walk around the village. This wool drying rack on the side of the road was very interesting. It's near by the Asselstine's Woolen Factory. When you enter the...
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Apr 04, 2011
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