Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara Falls

4 out of 5 stars 6 Reviews

    by lar-n-me
  • The unsuspecting...What are they looking at?!!
    The unsuspecting...What are they looking...
    by aphrodyte
  • The old Cataract Coffin Factory
    The old Cataract Coffin Factory
    by LakeFever

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  • Nightmares fear factory

    by Gingerann45 Written Mar 16, 2009

    I was so dissapointed at this attraction. It is not scarey! It is pitch black except for a red dot light to follow. People yell and try and scare you. The employees grab your legs, trying to make you afraid. There are no displays to be seen just the darkness. I love horror themed shows, this one was a waste. The manager is also very rude!

    Address: 5631 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, ON Canada

    Phone: (905) 357-3327


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  • Arial_27's Profile Photo


    by Arial_27 Written Jan 6, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a great way to have fun and get a good scare on a night when you're in Niagara. Go inside with someone you're either pretty close with, or are trying to get to know because its also a great way to connect- you will guaranteed be touching them the entire time. Its pitch black inside and you can't even see you're own hand infront of you, so you'll be holding onto your partner to make it through. Tickets are discounted if you buy them online at their website. I don't want to say much else as it would spoil the surprise, but all I can say is its worth checking out and have fun!

    Address: 5631 Victoria ave.


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  • LakeFever's Profile Photo

    The best Haunted House and Scare!

    by LakeFever Written Nov 13, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Of all the haunted houses in Niagara Falls, this is certainly the one to go to. Giving us our best value and bang for our buck Nightmares was the only house we visited that wasnt "cheesy".....this place actually will scare the crap out of you. The lobby and retail area were themed awesome and the scares begand as soon as we entered. I dont want to say much about what goes on inside but lets just say it certainly preys on phobias and does and excellent job in doing so. We booked our tickets online through their website - saved some cash and time upon arrival. Very seamless.
    Have a look at their website for more info....the site is great!
    Have fun and hope youre not one of the 88,000 people who have chickened out over the 28 years of operation.
    Souvenir photos only $7 and t's $10. Refreshing not to feel like youve been taken for a ride by some typical tourist trap....this place holds its weight in screams!

    Address: 5631 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls

    Directions: Located in the Clifton hill tourist area across from Casino Niagara.

    Phone: 905 357-FEAR


    This is not me, but I was as scared! Is this guys eyes going to pop out? The old Cataract Coffin Factory inside retail area
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  • lar-n-me's Profile Photo

    Be Prepared to be scared

    by lar-n-me Updated May 27, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm a bit skittish as is, screaming whenever someone walks around the corner at home, so you can imagine my hesitation about going into Niagara's scariest known spook house.
    It's pitch black, you can only tell where to go by following tiny, red lights.

    Legend has it that the building was once the site of the industrious "Cataract Coffin Factory". A proprietor Abraham Mortimer dedicated every waking hour to surveying the progress of his domain.
    At night he was tormented by young hooligans who taunted the eccentric old man. Abraham would chase the riff-raff from their pranks and dares. They always laughed at his threats.
    until one fateful night....
    Abraham confronted a rowdy group of thrill-seekers. In the ensuing struggle, a stack of solid oak coffins overturned, and Abraham was crushed to death. The guilty ran off and were never apprehended for their part in the gruesome murder.
    Soon after the funeral, Abraham Mortimer's coffin was found unearthed and empty.
    To this day it is said he walks the halls for revenge on those who dare trespass on his beloved and now abandoned factory.

    They actually keep track of people that have chickened out, to date it's over 68,000 people! You're supposed to yell "NIGHTMARES" if you've chickened out, and something will come get you.

    After opening Nightmares, copycats around Niagara have tried their success and spookiness, (we were wondering why so many haunted houses) but Nightmares seems to hold the trophy.
    nightmares fear factory
    March - October Open Daily
    November Friday - Sunday (only)
    December Friday - Sunday & All Holidays
    January & February Friday - Sunday (only)

    They take your picture at a "secret" place in the factory... of course during a major scare. I had mixed emotions about adding our picture because I think it's absolutely horrid of me, but I think it's one of Lar's favorites ... he laughs to no end every time he sees it. I was genuinely scared throughout .... the look on my face proves it!

    Address: 5630 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls Ontario L2G 3L5

    Directions: From the rainbow bridge:
    Falls Avenue to Clifton Hill
    Turn right on Clifton Hill
    Up Clifton to the first intersection
    Turn right at first intersection (Victoria Avenue)
    Nightmares is located on your left hand side

    Phone: (905) 357 - 3327


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  • aphrodyte's Profile Photo

    Nightmares Fear Factory

    by aphrodyte Written Jul 5, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Admittedly, It was Fear Factory's gallery page on their website that convinced me that we should try it. It sounded thrilling and challenging. I did NOT want to be the person on the chicken list!

    If you get a chance, check out the website below. It's got a "history" of the haunted factory and as you can see from the picture that I had taken from the website's photo gallery, it's kinda funny seeing people really scared.

    We've been to numerous "haunted" houses and forests, so we thought that we would be fully prepared for this "haunted" factory.

    Nothing prepared us for THIS...

    "Follow the red lights..."

    That's all they instructed you to do, and if you want to chicken out...shout "NIGHTMARES!" (Well, we were not about to do that!) Actually, while we were waiting for our turn to go in, two people went in, hesitated, and went right back out!

    Picture it, I am in the front with my hands out searching around like a blind fool, my sister in the middle with her left arm locked so tight around my waist that I couldn't breathe, (sometimes at some scarry moments she would plant her feet on the floor and wouldn't budge!), and her right hand holding my brother's wrist for dear life. And my brother...MY BROTHER was laughing all the way through! At one point I remember having to crawl through something and I had to SERIOUSLY CONVINCE my sister to let go!

    We promised ourselves that if we made it through we would get a tshirt that showed we survived the Fear Factory...we did...and... HELL!...We DESERVED it too!

    I did have the intentions of bringing my 5 year old. But at the last minute, I decided against it. I think it's more geared towards pre-teens and up. It's not that I don't think she wouldn't have made it, I think she would have, but it would have been very hard to drag both my daughter and my sister AT THE SAME TIME through there...with my brother laughing behind us!

    A definite must do, if you don't chicken out!

    Canadian currency:
    Adults -- $9.95
    Children -- $6.95

    Address: 5631 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario, CAN

    Directions: Take Highway 420 and exit and turn right onto Victoria Ave. Nightmares is on your right directly across from the Casino Niagara tower.

    Phone: 905 357 FEAR


    The unsuspecting...What are they looking at?!!

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  • hayward68's Profile Photo

    Nightmares Fear Factory

    by hayward68 Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want some fun then visit this place.
    They claim that over 52 000 people have chickened out of finishing their tour here. And I can believe it! I screamed a number of times in here after being startled in the dark and was clinging to my boyfriend the whole time.
    I don't want to ruin the fun but will say that if you're afraid of the dark then don't go in. It's pitch black in there, can't see your hand in front of your face. You follow tiny red pinpoints of light to get through and stuff pops out of the dark at you. I was almost flattened by my former boyfriend when he jumped out of the way in here, this is probably why the walls were padded.

    You've got to experience this for a thrilling adventure.
    They give you a card at the end to prove that you made it all the way through. And, I'll admit, I've already refused to go back in!

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