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  • The Waterfront (2006)
    The Waterfront (2006)
    by Kaspian
  • The Waterfront - Marathon Beach (2006)
    The Waterfront - Marathon Beach (2006)
    by Kaspian
  • The Waterfront - Marathon Beach (2006)
    The Waterfront - Marathon Beach (2006)
    by Kaspian

North Bay Things to Do

  • Family Hiking in North Bay

    Hiking for all ages. My father and I took my 2 young girls out to Duchesnay Falls. It was wonderful. It was a short hike but being we a retiree and 2 toddlers with us it was just enough! I'm sure there was way more I could have done being with other company but this is all I can relate to for now! There is NO Swimming though so don't get your hopes...

  • Downtown North Bay

    I guess every town or city's main downtown is worth a look, right? Ours is nothing extraordinary for a place this size--not overly pretty and not exceptionally ugly. It's a shame that many of the oldest buildings in the downtown core have burned down in the last few years. I put the blame squarely on the landlords and inspectors for not changing...

  • The Waterfront

    The Waterfont... What did all these North Bayers do with their time before we had the Waterfront? On a nice day you'll find all walks of life here enjoying the parks, the beach pathways, benches, flower gardens, and stunning view of Lake Nipissing. Tables of seniors gather to have dinner while kids on skateboards whizz by; the seniors shake their...


North Bay Hotels

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North Bay Restaurants

  • Jaeger Meisters

    Jaeger Meisters is what happens when the head chef at the fanciest hotel in town quits her job to open her own diner-style restaurant. The goal of "Jeager's" is to serve gourmet and classically inspired cuisine in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. They do deliver on this promise. Fancy foreign dishes the average person in North Bay never would...

  • Best Italian food in North Bay

    Ate there last night and had a fabulous meal. Great decor, service and quality of food. It was like eating in Italy. I will definately go back and tell everyone I know to go there. I had the lasagna and others had chicken parmigiana and chicken wings. The bruchetta was to die for.

  • Twiggs Coffee Company

    Twiggs gets bonus points for being locally owned, selling organic fair-trade coffees, and for having the only real outdoor coffee patio in North Bay.The coffee, tea, and chai varieties are good, the ambiance is comfortable, and the staff is courteous (and very good looking to boot.)The "lunch specials" are always good--the smoked meat or lox on a...

  • The Moose

    What can I say about something on Main Street that is supposed to look like a log cabin? The wings are good. This is the place to go for chicken wings in North Bay. The decor is, well, rustic; it's wooden-log interior is decorated with snowshoes, skis, animal pelts, stuffed fish, and (yep!) a big real moose head. Animal-rights activists may want to...

  • Ivan's

    Ivan's is the only 50s-themed restaurant we have in North Bay. And it's the only place, as far as I know, that has a working jukebox. In the last few years, they've started to add some of that "country-cottage" type of decor, stuff I call "wicker-junk". I have no clue as to why they’ve done this because it makes the restaurant look kind of...

  • Greco's

    Greco's is a North Bay institution. Every former North Bayer who's under 40 and returning to our city for a visit, makes sure to include at least one meal at Greco's during their stay. Greco's was originally founded as a bakery in 1913 by Oscar Greco. His son, raised in the bakery, opened it as a pizza shop in 1969.The unique baking ovens and...


North Bay Nightlife

  • Kaspian's Profile Photo

    Cecil's Eatery & the Zoo Nite Club: Cecil's Eatery & the Zoo Nite Club

    by Kaspian Updated Feb 4, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Appropriate for people aged 18-26 (above that you'll just sit around feeling old). These two venues are connected inside . The "Zoo" side of the bar plays dance music. It is usually packed to fire law capacity, hot, and pretty sweaty on the floor. Lots of good lookin' girls and guys hang out here, so if you're young and in a mood to get drunk, dance, and pickup, this is the place for you. "X-Rated Saturday" at the Zoo attempts to have the same kind of crazy antics you'd normally see in Cancun. Some of the things that normally go down on the stage are probably illegal without a strip license.
    The "Cecil's Eatery and Beer Society" side of the bar (formerly called "Wylders") plays live music. Sometimes there are big name bands, but there haven't been very many of those in the last dozen years. Normally on weekends it's just a medium-talent "bar band" playing the same lame tunes bar bands have been playing forever. The Cecil's side is not as crowded as the Zoo, so it can be a good place to get a breather. If there are older people here, they are almost always hanging out on the Cecil's side.
    Not a bad place to go for something to do. A great place to go if you're younger. Sometimes the bouncers behave like thugs, steer clear of them.

    Wylders & the Zoo (2005)
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North Bay Transportation

  • Give Taxis Lots of Time

    Taxis can take anywhere from one to 45 minutes to pick you up. Especially in the mornings. It's completely ridiculous. They're usually very quick in the evening but can take a super-long time in the morning, during the daytime, or when it's cold out. If you need to be somewhere on time (especially in the morning or on a Sunday), ask the dispatcher...

  • Motorcycle Heaven

    This is the beautiful brand new Honda motorcycle of my buddy, Tom, in North Bay.If you're a motorcyle enthusiast and know you're going to pass through North Bay then drop me a line and I'll see if Tom would be interested to meet up with you!

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North Bay Local Customs

  • Celtfest Callander

    Celtfest is a celebration of Callander's Scottish heritage and the biggest Celtic festival of it's kind in Northern Ontario. This is my favourite local festival, and it's not even held in North Bay, but in Callander--about a 10-minute drive south.Celtfest is held in mid-May, some years it's nice and warm and others it could be raining, snowing, or...

  • Cultural Sensitivity, Please

    Despite other rumours, the population of North Bay consists primarily of people of Scottish, Irish, French-Canadian, and Native descent--not necessarily in that particular order. (Just take a peek at a local phone book.) I've seen quite a few tourists unknowingly use terms that aren't very popular here; so I'm only mentioning all this for their...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

North Bay Warnings and Dangers

  • Shadflies!

    Simply put? Bugs. That come out of our lake. Every year in July. Billions and billions of them.The shadflies (also called "mayflies" if you're American, or just "shads" as they're unaffectionately known around here) completely envelop downtown buildings and carpet the sidewalks. You have no choice but to walk on them and they make a small...

  • Small Town Politics

    Everybody gets offended easily. They go off into these crazy tirades about things and write crazy letters to the editor calling other people lazy. Anti-smoking groups are always freaking out and fighting with pro-smoking groups. People routinely scowl at teenage girls with strollers. There are right-wing fundamentalist people here that want to ban...

  • -30°C is Cold, Baby!

    Wear layers--lots of 'em! -30 Celsius is about -22 Fahrenheit. It's generally accepted here that wearing a shirt, sweater, light jacket, heavier jacket , and scarf works much better than one big parka. It's also easier to adjust when you're in cooler indoors places. Pants, double-socks, and longjohns (if you have them) are also a must. Cleats for...


North Bay What to Pack

  • Summer Fun!

    by tonyleetv Written Jul 14, 2006

    Luggage and bags: Backpack with cooler accessories so you can bring all and stay out all day depending whether you are hiking or going to the beach!

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Day: Shorts, T-shirts, runners, sandals, maybe an umbrella for sun or rain!!! Mostly sun though! Night: Casual to dressy club clothes (there are no toronto raves here) campfire clothes such as jeans, hoodies, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, runners and socks.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Depending on how hard you play while you are here it is probably wise to bring basic emergency supplies such as bandages. You don't really need to bring anything because you can buy it when you get here unless of course you like high end specific personal products you can only buy from luxury shops! I know we have health stores and such but hey I shop at Wal-mart!

    Photo Equipment: Digital camera so you can download instantly, laptop with wireless internet connection because you can go to Burger King on Lakeshore Drive, let the kids play in the playland (good for very young children up to 48") and go on the internet for free! (McDonald's which is usually my favorite has a playland on Lakeshore also but they don't offer free wireless internet, and the children have to be 3 or older to use the playland. Most children under that age get stuck inside and can't get down!)

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: The usual. You can bring a boat or a seadoo also. There are places everywhere, where you can load and dock. The water is super shallow and goes out which feels like forever! The sand is soft so you don't really need water shoes but they are public beaches so it may be wise to make your own decision. Fishing gear, golf clubs and anything else you possibly like to do at home that you want to enjoy on vacation! Sports??? There are parks and fields for them also!

    Miscellaneous: Even though it is cottage country cell phones do work here so if you don't have time to get away but want to you can still bring work with you!!! Bring your bike or buy one here. There is a cycle shop in town also.

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North Bay Off The Beaten Path

  • Memorial Park and Wall of Honour

    Memorial park is a good place to sit around if you need to kill a few hours. It's generally quiet and strangely enough, people behave really well when they're in it. There's not too much to look at--so if it's a nice day, the waterfront might be a better place to chill out.The soldier statue (North Bay War Memorial) was erected in 1922 and I would...

  • Birchaven Cove

    "The Cove", on the shores of Trout Lake, is a great place for families to bring their children for a swim on hot days. The water is cooler and cleaner than Lake Nipissing and kids love playing on the long white docks. The beach is supervised by lifeguards during the summer months and has restroom/change facilities. There aren't any food or drink...

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North Bay Sports & Outdoors

  • Kaspian's Profile Photo

    M&B Paintball

    by Kaspian Updated Jun 28, 2007

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Thwak! That one hurt! It grazed the top of my head but the ball didn't break. Andrenaline's flowing like mad. I crouch and race from behind my bunker to a pile of deadwood branches. I look through the forest and can barely make out the side of a head peering out from behind a giant log. I aim and fire three shots. A man stands and raises his arms in defeat, his mask dripping with paint. I got him!
    This is fantastic fun! A whole day of paintball for about $40.
    When we arrived in the morning we were issued our masks, guns, and fanny packs. We all bought our own bag of paintballs (500 in each bag). We then received about 20 minutes of instruction on how to use the weapons, we fired some test shots, and were then led to the course in the forest. And that began an hour of co-workers hiding and shooting mercilessly at each other. The games are all refereed by the owners of the park.
    There are two different play areas here--"The Doors" and "The Angel" and over the day, our group did both several times. We also did a small sandy field covered with obstacles in a close-range game called speedball--the course was called "The Casino".
    Does it hurt? A little--only occasionally when you get hit from close range. And it leaves a small bruise.
    Bring bug spray, good boots, old clothes, food/drinks, and cash (they don't take credit card or ATM). Sundays is open to everyone, but Saturdays are usually reserved for private bookings. Check their web site for details.
    From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, it was a full, charged, crazy fun day!

    M&B Paintball (2007) M&B Paintball (2007) M&B Paintball - The Doors (2007) M&B Paintball (2007) M&B Paintball - The Casino (2007)

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