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Frederic Remington Art Museum Admission
"Make your way to the historic Parish Mansion home of the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg. Your admission ticket includes an audio tour to enhance your understanding of this prominent American artist of the late 1800s.Admire the oak ceiling and walls as you enter the lobby where you will find the Tiffany Gallery which features a large lampshade and grandfather clock. Behind the grand staircase lies an art collection owned by Remington and his wife Eva as well as some of Remington’s journals. Walk down the interpretive corridor in search of Remington’s studio which includes his massive easel rocking chair
From $9.00
Boldt Castle and Thousand Islands Helicopter Tour
"For a different view of the Thousand Islands and Bold Castle embark on a helicopter tours that offers the most spectacular views. Your incredible journey begins as you lift off you will be see the unspoiled beauty of the St. Lawrence River Ivy Lea Bridge and the richness of the Thousand Islands. Then you will proceed to the US side (passports not required) to view the famous beautiful and iconic Boldt Castle. This tour is approximately 20 minutes in duration. Upon your return you have the option of taking home the memories by purchasing your personalized high-definition videos of your tour.""""Embark on helicopter tour of the Thousand Islands and get a birds-eye view of Boldt Castle. See the beauty
From CAD173.00
Thousand Island Helicopter Tour Including Boldt and Singer Castles
"As you lift off you will be see the unspoiled beauty of the St. Lawrence River Ivy Lea Bridge and the richness of the Thousand Islands. Then proceed to the US side (passports not required) to view the famous beautiful and iconic landmarks in the Islands Boldt and Singer Castles. On this tour you will also see Manhattan Group of Islands Ship Wrecks and The Sisters Lighthouse.This tour is approximately 30 minutes in duration. Upon your return you have the option of taking home the memories by purchasing your personalized high-definition videos of your tour!"""
From CAD266.00

Byward Market Tips (35)

Beautiful art work at Byward market.

In hidden away courtyards by Byward market are several lovely works of art.

My first photo is of the Tin House (2003), which I find awesome. It is the facade of a house of tinsmith Honoré Foisy. He advertised by decorating the outside of his house. This work of art is made of original and fabricated parts of the house. It is a fun idea, putting the facade of a tin house on the wall of another house. It was put up here in the courtyard in 1973 (which was then named after the facade) and in 2003 it was restored again.

My second and third photos af of the Angel - which is a cast iron angel given to the National Capital Commission in 1979 by the Catholic Church. The angel stood over the door of a chapel by a cemetary. The Angel is located by the Beaux-Arts Courtyard.

My fourth photo is called Young girl (1986) by John Ivor Smith. By this courtyard Jeanne d'Arc institute was located - which was run by nuns and was a residence of young women - the statue represents a young woman playing with a hoop - with a reference to God as well as she is holding the hoop over her head looking at it. It is loaced in the Jeanne d'Arc Court.

My fifth photo is located in the same courtyard as the Young girl, and is called Dancing Bear (1999) by the Inuit artist from Nunavut, Pauta Saila. The artist is well known for his dancing bears - or playing bears. The statue of the bear is amazing, it actually looks like it is a blown up balloon.

I recommend looking these works of art up, they are so worth it.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Nov 07, 2012

The Alley cats.

There are 14 alley cats in the market area - not easy to find though. These are 14 bronze statues of alley cats by Jean-Yves Vigneau from 1993.

I love art-work like this - they are crudely made cats, almost like a child had made them out of clay.. but they are interesting. Some of them are on top of the building, and some of them are in the windows of the parking lot almost touching the side-walk. I couldn´t find all 14, but I came close.

I am happy I sought them out, they were worth it :D

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2012

Bywark market Marché by.

Byward market was established in 1826 and is one of Canada's oldest and largest markets. It is the oldest surviving part of Ottawa.

Now this is my favourite place in Ottawa, the-buzzing-with-life-Byward-market. It is a big market area (4 blocks square) with a European flare to it in my opinion. Countless restaurants and cafés, vegetable and fruit stalls, flower stalls, jewellery and clothes stalls. And the Byward inside market with lots of restaurants and stores which are open onto the street. This being Canada with cold winters then the outside stalls are only open during the warmer months though.

During the weekends in the summer time there is outdoor entertainment (buskers) and on a sunny day being there is heaven I say :) The many restaurants and cafés are then filled with people.

We always meet up with one friend here - and I have had lunch with a VT-member here at Byward market.

See additional photos of the market area in a travelogue here.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2012

McClintock´s Dream

Hanging in the roof of Byward market is an awesome piece of art, I love it. It is so colourful and matches perfectly the colourful atmosphere of the market. It is a cloud on which sit slaughters and salespeople at the market. Absolutely delightful.

It was made by the Hungarian Victor Tolgesy in 1978.
One can get so close to the artwork by going up on the second floor where the toilets are - from there one can get very good photos.

The artist was an abstract artist, but turned away from it and created such cheerful artwork. In Gatineau there is artwork by the same artist called the Explorer II - it is not to my taste - see my tip on my Gatineau page.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2012
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ByWard Market

ByWard Market is one of Canada's oldest and largest public markets. Although it started out as a typical farmer's market, over the years the area has grown to include an impressive quantity of specialty shops, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and cafes, making it one of the city's liveliest areas, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. If you happen to be there during the day, it's truly worth taking the time to slowly walk up and down the dozens of streets that make up the Market to discover some of its hidden gems. Make sure to save some room for a BeaverTail!

Jefie's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2012

A place to stroll, eat or shop

The Byward Market is a great place to just wander around. Whether you are a tourist looking for a souvenier, a local who wants to buy some fresh produce, someone who wants a quick bite or a good meal, or someone like me, who just wants to wander around taking pictures, the Byward Market has something to offer everyone!

GrumpyDiver's Profile Photo
Oct 17, 2011

- Must see

ByWard Market is theoldest continuously operating farmer's market.

Historic ByWard Market Square located in the downtown area of Ottawa's oldest commercial and residential neighbourhoods.

The original market building was constructed in 1848, the current one - in 1926. It was renovated and re-opened in 1976.

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Jul 19, 2011

Place to shop

ByWard Market has over 20 Merchants and it is the ideal place to shop for a wide variety of items.

Open 7 days a week:
Open 7 days a week
Mon-Wed: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
Friday & Sat: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Christmas Day, Dec. 25 and New Years Day, Jan 01.

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Jul 19, 2011
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"My Home town.....a work in progress : o ]"
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"O t t a w a"
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"Definitely A Tale Of Two Cities!!"
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"Ottawa, Ontario! The Canadian Capital!"
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French Outdoor Market!

The ByWard Market (Marche By) is four blocks of stalls, specialty shops, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Find your souvenirs here! It's the most popular tourist attraction in Ottawa, and a beautiful walk on a nice day!

Marisola's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2010

See a totem pole in the city

ByWard Market is a lively market where you'll find flowers, fresh fruit, souvenirs, clothes, some delicacies like maple syrup, etc.. I walked by it in late afternoon and early evening so there wasn't much activity there, but I enjoyed the scenery.

I also found the totem pole on the first picture there, and I was wondering if I was going to find a stand selling aborigine stuff but there wasn't any.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2008

ByWard Market - a Great Place To Visit.

We spent an enjoyable few hours at this variety market which includes arts & crafts, fruit and vegetable market, restaurants, bakeries, fast foods, novelities and whatever else you may want.

The market has been here for well over 100 years, rebuilt in 1926 it has been renovated many times, the most recent being 1997.

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Jun 30, 2008

Beer, Wine and a Freebie Cheeseboard

After a hard day's shopping around the market's many excellent little shops a beer and a nibble become a pretty attractive option. When the beer list runs to 21 pages and the nibbles are complimentary then the option becomes even more attractive.

Vineyards is a basement wine bar and bistro just before the corner of York and Byward Market and instead of having a cut-price "Happy Hour" offers a freebie cheeseboard between 4 and 6 from Sunday to Thursday. As would be expected from a 21 page beer menu there are some excellent beers on offer from all over the world as well as a good selection from local microbreweries. And its not just beer, the wine list runs to 28 pages with many available by the glass.

Wine or beer aside though, the cheese was the main draw for me personally and the freebie offering doesn't consist of the "el cheapo" little morsels found elsewhere but rather comprises a proper cheeseboard with big chunks of an international selection of very good cheeses.

Yep, help yourself to as little or much as you'd like, accompanied by some tasty crackers and home-made fruit chutney, wash it down with a drop of your favourite tipple and if you fancy seconds feel free!!

johngayton's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2008

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