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Toronto City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
The Toronto City Hop-on Hop-off Tour runs in a continuous circle from 9:00am until 4:00pm with many stops near major hotels in the downtown area. Your ticket is valid for three touring days which gives you ample time to explore the many attractions Tor"""Experience the sights sounds and history of multi-cultural Toronto at your speed on your time. Your ticket on the Toronto City Hop-on Hop-off Tour allows you to see the city with professional drivers and commentary all the while giving you the complete flexibility to visit some of Toronto's sights major attractions
From CAD43.00
Private Toronto Guided City Tour
"Travel in style like a VIP as you embark on a fabulous 2 hour private guided tour of Toronto. Your licensed tour guide will show you all Toronto has to offer and share tips on local hot spots restaurants and fun trivia. Personal pickup is available from your hotel. Travel in a luxury vehicle and see the daily lives of some of the six million people that live in Toronto. Learn about the CN rail and the Toronto Harbourfront. Stop for pi a very historical battle grounds from the war of 1812. Learn how the fur traders used to use Yonge Street and Bloor Street to travel goods. See Kensington market and one of Toronto's six Chinatown's. Lets not forget the beautiful Casa Loma home to Sir Henry Pellatt. Learn about the various cultures and cuisine that Toronto has to offer. See breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline. No photo opportunity will be missed on this luxurious and private VIP tour. After the tour is comple your driver/guide will drop you back off at your hotel or one of the highlights as seen on the tour.Highlights include: Rogers Centre CN Tower Harbourfront
From CAD350.00
Ultimate Toronto Tour
"Experience the best of the best in the complete tour of Toronto. Experience first-hand some of Toronto's must-see attractions and learn about the history behind these places and surrounding neighborhoods. Once this tour is completed you will walk away with wonderful memories and a head full of amazing facts and tidbits about Toronto history.Your adventure in Toronto starts with a quick trip up to the observation deck at the CN Tower one of the world's most popular tourist spots. On the observation deck you will have the opportunity to walk out and stand 1151 feet above the ground. Being so high up will allow you to get amazing views of the surrounding city. Don't forget to bring your camera because there will be numerous opportunities to take amazing photos.After a trip to the CN Tower your professional guide will take you to the mysterious historic Casa Loma where you will have the adventure of a lifetime. At this Gothic castle
From CAD139.00

Language Tips (7)

Canadian Versus American English

Canadians ask for the washroom when they need to use the toilet. Bathrooms are places with bathtubs in them.

A paper napkin is a serviette.

Sneakers are called running shoes or runners.

What Americans call soda, Canadians call pop. Ask for soda and you’ll get soda water.

Zed is the last letter of the alphabet – not zee.

Canadians wear housecoats, not bathrobes.

In the living room, they sit on a Chesterfield - not a couch.

They call the trolley a "street car."

There are no balconies or porches - only verandahs.

A ski cap is a "touque" (pronounced "tuk, " with a long "u" sound)

If you really want to be Canadian, make sure to tack the word “ay” on to the end of every sentence, as in: You like it, ay?

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Jan 09, 2005

Anglais or French? Impotence In 2 Languages!

Toronto is in Ontario. Ontario is South of Quebec. Montreal is in Quebec. They wish they could have us all speaking French. We wish we had their fashion sense.

For decades there has been a massive rivalry between the two cities and their respective Provinces. Who's more cosmopolitain,...who's got the best club scene? Who serves the best smoked meat,...who has the hottest citizens?

The answers to these tough, thought provoking questions may never truly be answered to anyone's satisfaction, but it's good to know that everything you buy in this country comes labeled in two languages.

Impotence and confusion should be National.

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Nov 28, 2003

Looney and Twoney

I may not have spelled that right at the top but make sure before you go to Toronto you know exactly what they are referring to. When I first went there I was a bit confused.

A "looney" is $1 and a "twoney" is $2...the one dollar is gold in colour and the $2 is silver outside and gold inside.

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Jul 24, 2003


English is the predominant language of Toronto, although both English and French are official languages; most government services are available in either language. But there are also large ethnic populations -- 350,000 Chinese, 400,000 Italians, 127,000 Greeks and many others -- so those languages are prominent in many neighbourhoods. Dual-language street signs can be found in areas such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Portugal, and other communities.

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Jan 09, 2003
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French in Toronto - Hardly

From outside the country, people are advised that Canada is a bilingual French-English society. Well,not exactly...
In Toronto, Canada's largest metropolitan area of over 5 million people, French speakers barely add up to 2 percent of the population - one of the smallest language groups!
By contrast, Chinese and Italian are well over 10 percent each, with many other communities far outnumbering the French.
Almost all the French communications in the Toronto area are the result of some government regulation.
Almost all of Canada's six million French-speakers reside in the Province of Quebec. While most of the rest, totaling several hundred thousand reside in Northern Ontario, they are still several hundred miles removed from this city.

Jul 04, 2005

Toronto Slang

The following are some slang you may encounter while in Toronto (and in Ontario in general).

"Loonie" - Our $1 coin. It has a loon on one side.

"Toonie" - Our $2 coin. Like two loonies.

"T.O." - Pronounced "Tee-Oh". Stands for "Toronto, Ontario", or "TOronto". It's the subject of many debates. :)

"The Rocket" - Endearing slang for the Toronto Transit Commision (TTC). "Ride the Rocket" generally means to take the TTC.

That's all I can think of at the moment. There are probably more, but hard to think of if you're a local. :)

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Apr 07, 2004

Please, oh please, oh please,...

Please, oh please, oh please, DO NOT pronounce this city Trawna! People will immediately guess that you are a tourist if you do this!
This pic is taken from the Docks parking lot.

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Aug 25, 2002
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Things to Do Near Toronto

Things to Do

Bata Shoe Museum

Interesting exhibit about the history of shoes, shoes from famous people, artic shoes and mens heels. The museum collects, researches, preserves, and exhibits footwear from around the world. Three...
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Casa Loma

The castle is opened from 9:30 until 5:00 but remains opened later for concerts and special events. There were lines of cars trying to get into the parking lot, it was Sunday so we parked on the...
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Kensington Market

Eclectic bohemian market with wonderful cafe's, shops and pubs. Very artsy and filled with artsy people. The bakeries, ethnic food and ice cream looked wonderful. People were friendly. We enjoyed...
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One of the best universities (or is it the best?) in Canada, University of Toronto has a elegant, historic campus with plenty of architecture in the Romanesque, Gothic etc styles, for visitors to...
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ROM - Royal Ontario Museum

This 100 year old Museum isThe Tornonto Museum of Art, Culture and Natural History is the largest in Canada, and attracts over one million visitors every year. The museum is north of Queen's Park,...
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I just walked along this street. They said celebrities whenever in Toronto can be spotted here dining or clubbing. Yorkville is a mixture of high end stores, beautiful condos and restored victorian...
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