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Nightclubs and bars Tips (60)

Nightclubs and bars: Republik on a Friday Night

On Fridays, this is one of two place the Toronto alternative rock music station, Edge 102.1 FM deejays. Host is Josie Dye, who spins new rock and requests all night long. CLub inside looks fairly edgy and usually has a good crowd. There are 2 rooms, the main room has rock, and the smaller room has hip hop. Also, there is a VIP lounge, but I have no idea how to get in!
Drinks are reasonably priced for a Toronto night club. Two bars, very easy to get a spot for a drink.

Cover is $10 CAD, and ladies get in for free before 10:30.

Dress Code Casual, rock style. No dress code really, but regular club clothes may make you feel a little unconfortable unless you are going to hang out in the hip hop room all night.

mkotarac's Profile Photo
Oct 18, 2006

Nightclubs and bars: The Phoneix on A Sturday Night

The Phoenix is a nightclub and an ampitheater of sorts, as the main room has a very high ceiling. On Saturday nights it's hosted by Edge 102.1 deejay Martin Streek (who also hosts Friday nights at The Kingdom/NRG in Burlington). New Rock spins all night in the main room, and hip-hop in the smaller room. There's also a balcony on top, which when there are concerts, is for the 19+ crowd (serves alcoholic beverages).
Usual rock club, if you have ever been to the Kingdom on a Friday night, it is the same kind of people and atmosphere. Parking across the street gets filled up fast, so the best way is either to cab it to the club, or arrive early.

Dress Code Casual, no dress code.

mkotarac's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2006

Nightclubs and bars: The Usually Unnoted Goth Scene

Over on Queen Street, in the sort of district that houses the underground clubs, fetish balls, and things of the like, resides a small but very enjoyable and fun goth club called The Savage Garden. About half the size of my usual haunt (get it?) in Cleveland, Ohio, The Chamber, it makes up for its small space with things like window seats looking down at the street below, cage dancers, efficient and super-friendly bartenders, REALLY, REALLY GOOD DJ's, and so much interesting junk-art on the walls that you'll spend almost the entire night looking at it all.

The only thing I have to tell my fellow club-goers is, well, you know your favorite pair of stompy boots that make you 7 feet tall and look wicked with your striped lolita tights and black school-girl skirt? Well, they also better be comfy to walk in as well, unless you want to pay out the nose for a cab ride back to your hotel (and with the crazy traffic and barely-English speaking cabbies in Toronto, I guarantee the ride will be $20 if you're lucky).

Dress Code Your favorite goth/industrial attire! Although, they seem pretty lax on the DC from the suprising number of people I saw in blue jeans there.

laurahead5000's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2007

Auld Spot Pub: Open Music/Jam Nite

On Monday Nites at a restaurant/Pub at 347 Danforth Avenue (Chester subway station), the pub has open music nites where a variety of local musiciand sing/play guitar/drums/digeridoo/banjo...etc. They feature their own originals or their take on a cover song.

Its a great nite with great music and a lively friendly crowd. Easy to meet people.

Dress Code as you are

melos's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2007
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Babaluu's: Salsa Club

If you love to dance Latin (salsa, bachata, etc.)check out this club. People who go there are great dancers (it's fun just to watch). But don't get discouraged! They offer free 1 hour lessons on certain nights.
The club is quite small, and gets packed on friday and saturday nights. It can be quite a challenge to win the dance floor :)
The drinks are a bit more expensive than most bars in TO. People who go are more interested in dancing anyway.

Dress Code Not that I know of.

Marta23's Profile Photo
Nov 26, 2004

Guvernment / System Sound: Clubs Toronto

Guvernment: The biggest club in North America...You have to see here,,wait for long on the line but worths.. has orange room, koolhaus, acid lounge. I mean the club is divided in the sections. The decoration is unbelievable, huge club, huge music system. Dream night! I can not say more than that man.. 10 to 15 bucks cover.

System Sound Bar: Not like guvernment of course. Most people go there for clubbing, taking e's and stuff.But on the positive side, the music is way better than other clubs in Toronto. Has 3 different sections also, the Djs are enourmous. dance like crazy there nobody cares...

Dress Code No dress code

Selenceline's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2005

Nightclubs and bars: Music, its what life is for!!

The Healey bar on Spedina is a must, I saw him in London years ago, excellent!
Also just up the road is the Silver Dollar and on Queen's there is the Rex, a must for live music. The Silver Dollar might seem a bit rough for the ladies, especially if you are on your own as the area is a little dubious. But as long as your sensible and into the music its a must do, in Toronto.

Dress Code anything not too smart.

Theobold's Profile Photo
Apr 26, 2005

Nightclubs and bars: Always adding more!

There are way too many clubs in Toronto so finding a good one can be hard. The club scene here is always changing...clubs will open and literally close half a year later. We have too many clubs and not enough clubbers to fill them! There are those tried and true guaranteed full houses but depending on what atmosphere you like, they may not be up to par. The scene here is generally focused on 2 genres: the hiphop scene and the dance music scene. We have some great local DJ's and international big names come to some of our bigger venues on a frequent basis.

Dress Code Most of the clubs here now have a "style code" As jeans have become a lot more fashionable in a dress code kinda way, there are exceptions made. As long as you look stylish and trendy (and tidy too!) you should have no problems getting into some of the more "stooshy" clubs. Many will not permit you to wear trainers (running shoes) or bandanas or baseball caps. Otherwise, you should be fine!

Apr 30, 2005
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Squirly's: laid-back atmosphere

A little dark but still lively, we sat in the covered garden on plush velvety sofas and talked and ate and drank. The ceaser salad was so-so, but the pizza good! You have a choice of toppings and can choose upto three, we had goat's cheese, sun-dried tomato and mushrooms. With a pint of beer it was PERFECT! The pizza was way too much for one sitting and the leftovers tasted even better for lunch with a homemade salad and a glass of Aussie red wine the next day!

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Aug 13, 2005

Devils Martini: Great 22-30 Club

Just thought I'd mention this Club , its been good to me for the past couple of months, they're are always many many people and always fun. a nice place to meet ladies ;)

Dress Code not to formal but no hats and no grunge

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Aug 15, 2005

Nightclubs and bars: Spirits

Spirits is a karaoke bar located on church street. This bar is located near the gay district (no that there is anything wrong with that), although majority of the people are straight as an arrow. So what I'm saying is on the way don't be surprised if you see a bunch of dudes holding hands and necking as you make your way there.


Dress Code What ever

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Jun 09, 2007

Boa: After 2

Is it 2am and you still feel like partying? Try Boa located in a converted theatre in Chinatown. Although I haven't been there since Danny Teneglia rocked it for 12 straight hours last year I hear things haven't changed.

This is by far my favourite after hours spot in TO. There are lots of chill out couches to hang on and for those who want to boogie there's an enormous 4 level dance floor playing progressive trance/house and a smaller room playing house.

Dress Code Anything goes.

WigglesMalibu's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2005

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