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Club 737 Tips (8)

Club 737: Never going back there

Can I give them something like -10 ? xD This place sucks ! The guard kicked out my friends for nothing. After, he wanted to beat everyone. We had a guestlist and they made us waited until it doesn't work. He had to pay the cover and we were out less than hours after. Don't even go for the view, seriously. The staff is not really nice either. If they could ignore us, they would totally. What is "jet set" at that place, it's only the price. I don't recommend it at all. There is a lot of better place in Montréal.

sorry no picture didn't got time to take some ...

Dress Code No dress code, we were all right. But it's not really classy.

Nov 13, 2011

Club 737: Most Amazing Club I've Ever Been Too

Absolutely amazing night club. My boyfriend and I went on a Saturday. 737 can be hard to find-as far as I could see there were no signs advertising it, but as long as you have the address its easy enough to find, because its in a big office building and they have ques up and bouncers. We went early around 10 or so, so there was no line and we walked right in. I highly recommend putting your name on the guest list, as we didn't have a cover. Its a cool experience just getting to the club, because you take an elevator up a bunch of floors, get off for coat check and to pay the cover if applicable to get in, then you go up again to the club.
Club 737 is worth going to just for the views. It's all the way at the top of this building, some 40 something floors, and you look out all over Montreal. The entire club is windows, and they have a nice, dark, wrap around seating area that wraps all the way around the club, right on top of the windows, so you can take a break from dancing and sit down and enjoy the view, which is EPIC. You look out over the city from all directions, its spectacular, and its what sets this club a step above the ordinary. The dance floor is a nice size but not that big. There are two bars. The night I went was ladies night, so I got a red cup on my way up, but it wasn't open bar (2$ a drink), and only certain drinks (sex on the beack, vodka cran, jack and coke), and they were weak. What they don't tell you is the special was only until 11 or 11:30, after you have to pay. The drinks otherwise were small and sort of expensive about 15$ or so for 2 jack and cokes, but the bartenders were quick and attendant, and the drinks weren't too weak. We had an amazing night at this club-just dancing and then heading back to the seating area to enjoy the view and have some privacy to talk and kiss, etc. We didn't go in a group and had a great time just the 2 o us.

The music was great, mostly pop/hiphop/reggaeton, and basically everyone dances. The crowd was mostly in their 20's, and mostly typical club attire (dresses, skirts, nice tops, heels/flats/boots), make up/hair done. There are some restrictions aimed mostly at guys, like no baggy pants or running sneakers.

The night we went wasn't packed out, it was a big enough crowd not to feel awkward but not packed out so you can barely move. We left a little before last call, because there is only one elevator so we didn't want to get stuck in long lines leaving.

Overall I highly recommend this club. The views were stunning, great music, and the people were generally nice. There are a lot of clubs in Montreal but this one is definitly worth paying a visit too.

Apr 17, 2011

Club 737: Rooftop Views

Altitude 737 is at the top of an office building, but you'll be tipped off of its where abouts by the huge queue of people waiting to take the elevator up.

This is a funky little rooftop club that has two rooms. The upper room plays raggaeton/hip hop and the lower room plays house. There's also an outdoor patio which is nice to go outside for a breather as it gets really hot in there fast! Gorgeous views of Montreal from the patio too.

I don't know if it's just in Montreal, but I found that the bartenders there don't know how to make a lot of drinks, unless it's your standard highball. When one of my girlfriend's and I asked for Pornstars, the bartender actually had to go and look up how to make it! But when he figured it out, he made us the shots on the house! Also, the upper room seems to be full of creepy guys who don't know how to take no for an answer. So if you're a girl, I would recommend going with some guys or a bigger group. Unless, of course, that's what you're looking for. Cover's $15 CAD which is a little on the expensive side as far as Canadian clubs go.

Dress Code No sneakers.

xedenx's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2008

Club 737: Best night Club in Montreal

Altitude Club 737 invites you to organize your Event. We are located on the penthouse of the highest building in Montreal, counting with an excellent panoramic view of the city. Altitude club 737 possesses two floors {a club and a lounge} which are opened during winter time and two terraces that are only opened on summer time. We are welcome to received groups from inside and outside Montreal since we are the only club of its kind in the city. Looking forward on working together in the future.

Best regards

Andres Diaz
Director of marketing and public relations
Altitude Club 737
Ph2 Place, Ville Marie
514 2964218

Dress Code No running shoes, baggy jeans or hats

altitude_737's Profile Photo
Feb 24, 2006
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Club 737: Breathtaking View

737 is a roof top patio / lounge / club / restaurant complex located on the top of Place Ville-Marie (PVM), a downtown skycraper. Needless to say, you have a breathtaking view of Montreal and its surrondings when youre 737 feet from the ground! Great place for Happy Hour on Thursday with a business crowd and for some people watching! But be ready to either get there before 5pm or to wait in line for the elevator! Worth going just for the view! Cover charge on weekends.

Dress Code Dress nice, casual chic. No sneakers.

wahine76's Profile Photo
Jul 18, 2005

Club 737 (aka Altitude 737): View from the top...

This club is packed! If you only have time to visit one club in Montreal, this is it. The view from the top is BEAUTIFUL....360 degrees view of Montreal (though when we were there, they closed off one section so we only got a 180 view. heheheh)

The lineups went pretty quickly and cover was about $10. Though the trip down could be a *** as you have to beat the rush for the elevator (yes, I said elevator...aka one).

Dress Code No Jeans and no sneakers (prolly no sandals too).

Rice_Paper's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2003

If you really want to get to...

If you really want to get to see the city, put your dance shoes on and go up to 737, the night club at the top of Place Ville-Marie (also known as that light on the top of the tall building that turns and that you can see from really far away). This club is pretty typical in the winter, except for the gorgeous view, but in the summer, the terrasse opens up. That's where the fun begins : you go outside (the music also plays outside) and dance just about 50 floors up in the air on good hip hop, R&B and Dance music.

Dress Code No cargo pants, no jeans, no running shoes
Suggested: A sweater, it gets windy & cold up there.

freespirit13's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

737 Night Club, downtown...

737 Night Club, downtown Montreal in a very tall highrise.
You should surely hear of this and it is worth checking out, though heed caution. It is a very bar star place to go and is often frequented by the latin community. It is quite posh and rather expensive. Cover is generally $9 or so (evidently this may apply only to women and men may have to pay twice as much; there is also a deal for dinner and cover offered at about $25 each.. check into it) and drinks are equally expensive, though if you want to feel semi-glamorous for a night, get the martinis. The opposite sex crowd is often there for one reason but going for fun and people watching for a night is fun nevertheless.

Dress Code Rather strict. You cannot get in wearing jeans, sandals or running shoes. Girls should be wearing a nice skirt or pants and a shirt. Guys can be a little bit more casual but will not be let in wearing running shoes! Hair done and makeup is generally what is done so dress up to the nines!

Kindra's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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