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Foufounes Electriques Tips (11)

Foufounes Electriques: Terrible service

I used to go very often there but am never going again.
Too many times the barmaids don't give the right change and yell
at you that she's gonna call the doorman, and he will kick you out, if you disagree.
Once my friend gave a 10 dollars bill and the pitcher was 5$. She did'nt gave any change back and that's what happen. She was too ***ing drunk to see the bill correctly.

Another time my friend got almost kick out caus she kicked, by mistake, an empty bottle and someone complained. Instead of talking to her the doorman came at her yelling that if she was doing that again he would kick her out. That was very violent and we just left, our night was over.

Too many abuses and what a way of giving service...

Nov 15, 2011

Foufounes Electriques: Foufounes Electriques

Foufounes Electriques (translated to "Electric Buttcheeks") is a trashy alternative dance hall and concert venue with a long-standing tradition on Montréal's Rue Ste-Catherine. I even knew of this place's legendary reputation back in Vancouver before ever arriving! I knew that if I was seeking out a place that played alternative music, industrial music, or was seeking an environment without any pretention, then I should head to "Foufounes".

So after midnight in May 2003 I dropped by with a friend. They were playing heavy metal music downstairs, while upstairs had a crazy dance party going on. While they don't charge cover downstairs, they certainly do so for upstairs. We couldn't go upstairs to the dance floor without paying at least $8 (or more) each, so we decided that since it was going to close for the night soon, it wasn't worth it. Instead, we just stayed downstairs where they have tables and chairs set up like a pub. We just sat there and and mingled with some of the locals. And yes, the locals loved that I was speaking my bad French with them!

Dress Code Anything goes - it's more of a dress down than a dress up venue.

Carmanah's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2007

Foufounes Electriques: Great fun, great price!

This night club is so crazy, a lot of people are really weird and I like that. Great deal, you can pay 8$ for going upstair and all the beer and shooter are a loonie. Music style is metal, trash, techno, alternatif, sometimes, they put '' popular'' stuff and quebec or french songs.

Dress Code Every styles is accept.

Aug 02, 2004

Foufounes Electriques: It translates to "Electric Butt cheeks"

Fouf's is a great crazy bar with a history of crazyness dating back 20 years. It's the canadian CBJB's.

Foufounes was known back in the day as the place to go to for the pulse of live underground music in Montreal. That has kinda changed due to the times being what they are. You still get great music and a pitcher full of underground culture, but that's been somewhat diluted by the need to pay the bills and cater to younger crowds who buy a lot of beer.

The bar itself is located on St-Catherines, 2 blocks est of St-Laurent, on the north side. You really can't miss it. Just look for a really weird looking entrance to a place with a lot of people hanging out in front. It's almost next door to the Metropolis so keep your eyes open and you can't miss it.

Once you get in (there are covers some of the times now unfortunately), you have the choice of the mellow downstairs, or the more insane upper floors. If you go upstairs there is still a mellower room, a crazy room, and then the dance floor area that I've always called the Pool for some reason. The Pool has the typical floor space for a dance floor, a bar and sitting area near the back. If you go further upstairs, there is another floor that look down into the dancefloor. It's really cool on a packed night since the dancfloor/mosh pit is kinda like a pool....hey, there we go, that's why I called it that...ok, cool. VT saved my life!

Drinks are cheap as well, so get the shine on. Notable acts that have played here in the past include pre-popular Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Skinny Puppy, Henry Rollins band, etc.

I brought a bunch of friends to Foufs once who are straight laced Torontonian's and they actually looked scared. Some of the people at Fouf's think it's halloween year long.
I'm so used to it, it doesn't phase me, but if you aren't into odd looking people and stuff, then just drop some acid or something. Oh, and drugs are not allowed on site...and if you do, then look out for the bouncers with gigantism.

Dress Code Take a lead pipe and bend it around your waist. Put on boots that go up to your armpits. Put vomit into your hair. There you go. You are ready for a night at Fouf's. Or just wear whatever you have on right now.

Bela_LUng's Profile Photo
May 02, 2004
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Foufounes Electriques: I swear it used to be pist

I used to remember punx everywhere, pcp in the bathrooms, orgies in the park just behind the place.
But now I find just pathetic university kids trying to feel cool with pierced tongues and two inch kanji on their asscheeks

Dress Code not anymore.
Used to be that if you didn't have twenties you8 were going to get your ass kicked

Mar 06, 2004

Foufounes Electriques: electric weirdness

It is rumoured that when Bowie comes to town, this is his favorite spot. Used to be trashy and dangerous, now it’s become stylized and tame. This place is a multi-level bar with a lot going on, and many interesting characters to look at. The music varies from night to night, so you don't really know what to expect from the Fouf.

drei's Profile Photo
Dec 02, 2002

Foufounes Electriques: Well known pub

You can find a lot of nice pubs in Montréal at night. Here is a picture of one of the most wellknown : les Foufounes électriques !

Dress Code You can find punk people there, bodies with a lot of piercings and tatoos.

Nathy-Paris's Profile Photo
Sep 25, 2002

Foufounes Electriques: Alternative Bar

"Fouf's" is the legendary alternative bar in Montreal. Its history spans 20 years, and has hosted everyone from Nirvana to Skinny Puppy. The multi-level club features two bars, a dance floor, stage and art gallery. Each night has a theme like punk, alternative, industrial, etc.

Dress Code Punk, goth, alternative, grunge.

lxine's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2002

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foufounes electrique is a wild...

foufounes electrique is a wild place where you can get the cheapest drinks and beers. at cad1.- you get shooters and beer...the sound is very special..quit hard ( as well the people there..hihi..)
cheap drinks, wild people...goood sound if you like it hard and heavy..

sugar_ray21's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Les Foufounes Électriques is a...

Les Foufounes Électriques is a nice place for alternative music. Everyday of the week has a special theme but it's always going around electronic-alternative-hardcore music.

Monday: Punk-metal-hardcore

Thuesday: Show and DJ's

Wednesday: Punk -- Skate exibition and competition

Thursday: Alternatif, techno, ska, --Ladies get 4 drinking ticket

Friday: Punk, Ska, Alternative -- Beet at 1$!

Saturda: Alternative, --- From ABBA to ZAO , Beer at 1$
Beer at 1$ :')

Every friday, the cover is 8$ but the beer is only 1 little canadian dollar!

Dress Code You'll see a lot of different dressing style there :)

Brainstorm's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Les Foufounes Electriques

Les Foufounes Electriques
A favorite of mine when I was in University, it is now an underground bar where you will find punks, skin heads, rejects, lunatics, etc... A fun place to be!!!
7 days a week, les Foufounes Électriques offers different musical themes, with more than 5 djs per week, on 2 floors. They will hold 'Black Monday' theme night, 'Mercredis Extrêmes' theme night, 'Démones' Thursday - Ladies Nights, 'Sismik' Saturdays. On occasion, painting on the spot evenings, etc...

Dress Code the worst you can find.

Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

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