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Downtown Tips (63)

St Catherine street

St Catherine street (rue Ste Catherine) is the main street in Montreal from where you'll be able to buy pretty much anything you need! There are plenty of bigger and smaller shops, mega-stores, a few department stores (Simons, La Baie) and some shopping centres (Eaton Centre is the biggest). Most of them are in the area between metro stations Guy-Concordia and Place-des-Arts. And don't forget to check out all the nice shops underground!
Of course it all depends on how much you like or dislike to shop but it's easy to spend a whole day (and all of your cash!) here. And as shopping passes for hard work stop to rest your feet once in a while in the cafés along the way. Presse café opposite Zara clothes store serves excellent wraps!

What to pay Depends on the store. Anything from a few bucks to huge amounts.

lotta29's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2005

Downtown: Ste-Catherine street

From Papineau's to Atwater's metro stations, there is Ste-Catherine's street.

This commercial streets own an old The Bay (kind of a Macy's) and Eaton center but mostly all kind of commercial shops (La Senza, Simmons, ...) as well of more underground ones (Labyrinth), cinemas, Gay village (beaudry metro station)...

Going on that street in the 50's was a trip! ... And still is in our days... ;)

Eilian's Profile Photo
Mar 02, 2005

The Underground in Downtown Montreal: The Undergound

No trip for me is complete without some shopping. We discovered the Underground shopping area in downtown Montreal and I was blown away by it. Twenty-two miles of walkways with hundreds of stores are nestled under the city. Many major buildings and Metro stations are connected to it so you can spend a whole day wandering around without every having to go outside.

It's not a claustophobic as you would think. Many areas have sky lights to let the sun in. You could got lost in here but there are maps and I suggest getting one before you start out. Our hotel was connected to it and for a few hours at least we walked around in a nice, climate-controlled city within a city.

kala6487's Profile Photo
Jan 02, 2005

Downtown: Divine Chocolatier

I came across this wonderful Chocolate shoppe on my way back from the Museum of Fine Art. I intended to purchase a gift box of chocolates but once I saw the homemade creme glace'e I couldn't resist. I chose a dip of mocha almond on a sugar cone. I also purchased a gift box of assorted chololates. It was $12 Can for a box of 12. This is a great assortment. The gift was nicely wrapped in blue tissue with a gift card. A special treat for someone special.

What to buy All the chocolates are exquisitely exotic, outstandingly rich and simply Divine.

Stellaluna's Profile Photo
Jul 22, 2004
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St. Catherine's Street: Central Shopping Area

St. Catherine's street is the place to go to shop, with lots of boutiques and unique clothing stores not found in the States, it is definitely my number one choice for clothes & shoe shopping. Also on St. Catherine's street is Eaton's Center, which is a huge shopping mall complete with everything. The cool thing about St. Catherine's is although it is lined with shops, the streets parallel to it are lined with cafe's and bars that are constantly buzzing (outdoor in the summer time and indoor otherwise).

What to buy Buy Everything! it's the best city to do some hardcore shopping, prices a lower than the States and Europe and the variety is much bigger.

nouna's Profile Photo
Jul 01, 2004

Malls are everywhere!: Indoor shopping Mecca

Don't forget to go underground in Montreal. No, I'm not talking about a hidden nightclub where you can rave all night. I'm talking about the Underground City, an network of connected shopping malls and passageways that enable locals to escape the cold in the winter and affords many shopping opportunities year-round.

acemj's Profile Photo
May 16, 2004

Downtown: Ham!

Go to the Promenade de la Catherdral which is underground at Metro McGill. It's a big underground mall and has a lot of cool stuff in it. Or did. Or can. Hum. Check it out. It's connected to the underground, so worst case you can just scoot off underground to the next place.

What to buy 14 hams

What to pay 14 hams!

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May 02, 2004

Downtown: Where the locals shop

I find that going out to the suburbs and shopping where the locals do, can save money. A trip to "Place Versailles Mall" is worth it. Although it is a bit of a ride on the metro (they are speedy and trip is quick), you can sometimes save over buying downtown in one of the larger malls or department stores. There is even a movie theatre and small food court inside.

What to buy Practically evrything can be found in this mall. They have a Zellers at one end.

What to pay Prices usually much cheaper than you will find in the city centre.

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Jan 04, 2004

Top 5 Montreal Writers

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"Bienvenue a Montreal! (Welcome!!!)"
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"A Wonderful Winter Weekend!"
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"Fall in love with Montréal..."
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Rue St. Catherines: Downtown Shopping

Every city has its popular shopping districts. In downtown Montreal the place to go is famous Rue St. Catherines (Street).

Though it runs a great distance east & west, the most popular stretch is between Atwater on the west and St. Laurent on the east.

You should also be aware that underneath much of the central area of this strip (between Stanley and Aylmer are a series of interconnected underground shopping malls. They're especially nice to go in when it's -15C or colder outside!

What to buy St. Catherines has an enormous variety of stores of every kind imaginable, from huge department stores to the smallest boutiques.

It also doubles as a "cruising strip" for young men and women in their fancy cars!

rmdw's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2003

Downtown, Entrance to many shops: THE CATHEDRAL

There are many shops to choose from and the entrance to department store, Ailes de la Mode
The cathedral was raised high in the air and a vast complex of stores and passage ways were built under it.
A beautiful park was built behind the church with flowers a fountain, trees and benches. A very peacful spot in the heart of downtown traffic. Behind it they built a many storied comple called Place de La Cathedral. Picture follows%c+

What to buy Hundreds of choices

What to pay all prices

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Sep 11, 2003

Downtown, EATONS CENTER: Entrance to under ground stores and Metro

You will find many shops as this entrance takes you to many floors in many buildings along Saint Catherine St.
Down one floor for restaurants down 2 floors for the Metro or subway trains. Up several floors with all kinds of goods for sale.

What to buy Hundreds of choices. Everything you could desire is available through this entrance as there is a vast underground connection to many buildings along Saint Catherine st.

What to pay all prices

Simonneeddy's Profile Photo
Sep 11, 2003

Harmonie Gifts & Souvenirs: Fine souvenirs in downtown Montreal

A souvenir shop is a souvenir shop is a souvenir shop, right? Well, usually. But this store is a bit different. Located on West St. Catherine's, near Bishop, Harmonie stocks a number of higher-end items that not all stores seem to have.

It was the favourite gift/souvenir shop of my girlfriend ... and she's quite the expert on shopping, I assure you!

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Aug 31, 2003

Things To Do in Montreal

Things to do

Museum of Fine Arts

After spending a productive day enjoying its fine Late Medieval,Renaissance,and Baroque Perod paintings and sculpture,I returned the next day to appreciate its Late 19th and 20th Century European...
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Things to do

McGill University

It was free! Located on McGill Uni campus, this very interesting and eclectic museum had free admission. There was a little bit of everything there...unfortunately, I was so tired after crawling up...
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Things to do

Dorchester Square & Place du Canada

Dorchester Square has a very nice parkland and has an interesting history. Initially used as an apple orchard the property was purchased by the Parish of Notre Dame for use as a Roman Catholic...
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Things to do

Musée McCord d'Histoire Canadienne

This museum is hihly touted but I was dissapointed. They had a few interesting artifacts but not that many and without much organization to it. It basically consisted of 2 small floors of displays,...
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Things to do

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Even if you don't like architecture, I strongly encourage you to at least pass in front of the impressive Victorian mansion that houses the Canadian Centre of Architecture. It is hard to imagine that...
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Things to do

Musée Stewart

This musuem is a recreation of the Fort St Helene. It contains a museum of artifacts from the military history of Montreal along with the personal eclectic collection of the founder David Stewart....
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