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Space for Life - Insectarium de Montréal Tips (10)


After walking all the way around the Olympic Stadium, we finally reach the insectarium. If you exit the Pie-IX station instead of going west, go east and it's much easier to find. So, we happen upon what looks like not such a very big building and wondered how much of attraction could this be. Well, it was extremely interesting. I was really surprised with how many live bugs they actually had! The horned beetles were my favorite. They are quite large and colorful. I so glad we don't have bugs like that in SoCal. You don't get to touch the bugs but you can get very close to them. They also have a vast display of dead bugs. Some of them the size of birds! You shouldn't miss this!

Please see my travelog for more Insectarium photos!

GracesTrips's Profile Photo
Aug 19, 2014

Butterflies Go Free

We purchased tickets to the botanical garden and the butterflies go free at the same time we bought tickets to the biodome. Butterflies Go Free is located in the botancial garden, which is right next to Olympic Park. They offer tours of the garden, but the lady who was doing them the day we went only did them in French (not sure if she's the only one or not), but we weren't really there to see the garden anyway. The butterflies is really a beautiful exhibit-butterflies flying everywhere, they have fruit down on plates where butterflies land so you can get a really upclose view. The exhibit wasn't huge, you basically just walk around and look at the butterflies. There are places to sit if you want to draw, or just relax a bit and wach the butterflies flying around your head. You may even be able to see butterflies hatching in one part. There was a lot of little kids and families there.

We didn't really walk around the botanical garden except to get to the butterflies and back-we weren't really too interested in the flowers.

Apr 18, 2011

Fun activity for a rainy day

This past weekend we had some not so nice weather. Seeing as in June Friends of the Biodome enter free to the Botanical gardens and the Insectarium we decided to head over there and check it out. You can spend a whole day wandering in the gardens. They are well maintained and are worth the entry fee. You can walk through the Gardens to get to the Insectarium. Outside there are games for kids, with interesting fun facts along the way.
Inside it is rather small if you compare it to the Biodome. But we took 1 hour to look at all the bugsm and that is with a 2 ½ year old. Even at his age he was interested. He really liked the Ants and Bees. He also likes the HUGE cockroaches, Mommy not so much! LOL

We have the family yearly pass to the Biodome so we have free entry to the Botanical Gardens and the Insectarium in June; as well as the Planetarium in November. I would suggest getting the pass to the Biodome and go for free in June to the gardens and Bugs, as you can go to the Biodome many times over the year, but the Bugs would get boring after the 2nd visit.

juniperjune's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2010


Most of us fail to appreciate the importance of insects--which pollinate our crops, and prey upon each other. Most animal species on this earth are insects. The Insectarium will educate you on what they are and what they do. It's not only educational, but very entertaining. Ever since it opened in 1990, the Insectarium has impressed visitors with its displays of insects and their activities.

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Oct 09, 2009
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Insectarium de Montreal

Located on grounds of the Botanical gardens.
Insects from everywhere. See live bees building their hives, making their honey. See some ants on this tree hauling stuff back and forth. This was petty cool actually, watching them haul this stuff all over the tree.

There are many, mnay insects mounted here. Huge beetles almost as big as you hand. Colorful butterflies, live bugs here and there. Learn how insects have used things like camoflage to live.

Kids love this place. Big kids like me like it too. I have seen a lot of the things here before, it’s good to see, but not that overwhelming like I hoped it would be.

Note if this is the frist place you go to and want to buy a Museum pass, you can’t buy it here. You have to go to the entrance of the Botanical Gardens and buy it there.

You’ll spend 1 – 2 hours here.

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May 23, 2006

Butterflies Go Free!

Every spring, for roughly 2 months (from late February to late April), the Botanical Garden presents its Papillons en liberte (Butterflies Go Free) exhibition.

If the Botanical Garden is worth a visit at any time, the butterfly exhibition makes it a must-see. The spectacle of hundreds of colourful butterflies flying all around you is a unique experience.

Along the way, you will come across informative signs (in both English and French) that teach you about the life of the butterflies and of the plants in the Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Dec 17, 2005

The Insectarium... For a Visit with the Bugs

Rendez-Vous at Montreal's "Insectarium" the live insects exhibition hall. A few times during the year you'll have a couple of special events like the "Monarch Odyssey" last week ends in August and first couple week ends in September (Monarch being the "Canadian Butterfly"), don't miss the bug tasting event on June 6th to 19th, where you get to actually taste different dishes prepared with bugs: fruit fly banana cake, larva pizza, grasshopper chips! Children love this magical place!

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May 22, 2005

Butterflies Go Free

Butterflies Go Free exhibition will transport you to a world of beauty, warmth and lush greenery.

TIPS on how to shine and let butterflies alight on you.
- Wear bright colors.
- Stay under sun ray's spot. (the green house is in glass roofing and lots of shade from the trees cover some part).
-Squeeze a drop of orange on the tip of your fingers if you would like the butterfly to have a dainty and soft landing on it.

> Play video

Duration: 30s

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Jul 06, 2004

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Insectarium (Eat Bugs!)

Okaaaaay, of all Activities listed, this one is interesting, not only do they have an insectarium of bugs on display but they also have Bug tasting.
If you check this out while you are in town- Don't forget to floss well afterwards! (Click on the Picture to See a Large Version of that bug in his mouth)

Aug 26, 2002


Do you like bugs? This is a fun place to discover all kinds of different insects from butterflies, to beetles, to hairy turantulas! You can learn about all sorts of insects from all over the world!

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Aug 26, 2002

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