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Bicycle Tips (11)

Where to rent some bikes in Montreal

My preference is indeed Ça Roule Montréal right in the Old Port, 27 de la Commune East, inches away from St-Laurent.

They have a complete choice of bicycles, tandem, trailers for kids and rollerblades too. Maybe not the cheapest though.

Price examples : $8/1h, $12/2h, $15/4h, $20/day, $25/24h for bikes (little more for weekends).

Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2003

More choice for rentals

Depending which type of bikes you look for, my other preference is La Cordée, closer to the Jacques-Cartier bridge. They specialize in race, hybrid and mountain bikes. Also performance bikes.

Maybe while there you can also rent a tent, a canoe, some backpack for a long ride!

Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2003

Cycling path over the island

Although not the best around, Montreal still host about 350 miles of cycling path all over the island.

Very diversified, the landscape of Montreal will give everybody lots of challenge and scenary to admire.

My favorite ride starts in Lachine near the 34th avenue and Lakeshore.
Riding along the Lachine canal, on a terrific path, will make you go through rejuvenized neighbourhood which used to be industrial when the canal was the main way to bypass the rapids. It stopped being used when the St-Laurent seaway got constructed and lots of the industries closed.
20-30 minutes and you are downtown in the Old Port.

Riding along the St-Laurent, in Lasalle, is also beautiful. Much more mayflies in May in your face while riding ;-) and a few km more to reach the Old Port.

Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo
Jul 03, 2003

Bixi bikes

Bixi is a bike share/rental service with bike stations scattered all over the city. The name is a mix of "bicycle" and "taxi", since it's a bike version of a taxi. The service is available from April to November (not in winter since it's too dangerous with the snow/ice), and it's possible to get a subscription/membership if you plan to use them a lot. You go to a station, make the transaction with your credit card, and unlock the bike. The first 30 minutes are free (any longer, and it will be charged to your credit card), and all you have to do is bring the bike back to any Bixi station in town (it doesn't have to be the one where you picked it up) and lock it properly.

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Feb 09, 2015
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Montréal is a very bike-friendly city and therefore this mode of transportation is effective. Many streets have bike lanes reserved for the two-wheeled machines, and bike shops are very proliferous. Since the city is fairly spread out and the roads quite wide in most places, it makes a lot of sense. The city provides bike racks on almost every block (interestingly, ads even find there way on to the bike racks in Montréal).

Aug 24, 2002

BIXI WARNING; Bad trip on rental bike

If you are tempted to use the BIXI, the Montreal version of the city rental bike system you should be warned. The bike ride may cost more than a limosine unless you familiarize yourself with the (deliberately?) strange fee system presented in French on minute displays. It appears You must put the bike into a bike stand at short intervals, otherwise the charge escallates as a "punishment" for using the system at all!

My fiancee and I were charged 79 CAN $ for around 3 hours use on a day in July 2011. We only discovered the charge to the credit card after our return to Denmark and we have no recollection of seeing a clear explanation of the tariffs on the bike stands, only that a full days charge was 5 CAN $.

Sep 11, 2011

Montreal Rental Bicycles (BIXI)

In downtown Montreal BIXI rental bicycle stations are located at several points.

There are 300 rental points and some 3000 bicycles.

Montreal has ~500 km of bicycle paths.

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Sep 13, 2009

Bike around the city with BIXI

Another great way to see Montreal is to ride with Bixi, BIXI is Montréal’s public bike system. It’s the bike that’s really an alternative means of urban transport. Accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, three seasons of the year, from April to November.

1 day access: $5 (the trick is to park and change bixi bikes every 30 minutes or less so you dont get over charge)
For more details:
3 day access: $14

Don't miss the free Bixi Sundays: June 26 - July 31 - August 28 - September 25 - and October 30, 2016

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Jun 15, 2016

Top 5 Montreal Writers

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"A Wonderful Winter Weekend!"
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"Fall in love with Montréal..."
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Navigate town like a local

If you are visiting Montreal in the summer, rent a bicyle. There are so many bike trails in and around the city. And I found it faster than walking or the metro.

If you have time, the trail going from Atwater Market to the Lachine Canal is just beautiful. It is a designated bicycle trail, so you won't have to worry about traffic. To start, just go south of Atwater market, over the bridge and take a right.

You can purchase the "Pedaler Montreal" booklet which is a listing of all the Montreal trails at any bike shop. I found that it was easier to just ask a local for the start of a trail and just wander from there.

Always wear a helmet as you will probably be riding on some main roads. Beware of two things: cars are not too fond of the bicyclists, so follow the rules of the road to stay out of trouble. And GET A GOOD LOCK!! Everytime I met someone while riding my bike, they would tell me of their story of getting their bike stolen. Many have had several bikes stolen!

tuoedisni1's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2006

Freedom and Imagination

In a free and safe town, you will only depend of your imagination and resources to travel around, and I must confess that I never had seen such a comfortable bicycle, and never saw it again.

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Mar 03, 2015

Cycling away

when gas is way too expensive, and the streets aren't frozen...cycling becomes the main means of transportation for the locals, and those visitors who feel a bit more adventurous...

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Dec 24, 2005

Things To Do in Montreal

Things to do

Museum of Fine Arts

After spending a productive day enjoying its fine Late Medieval,Renaissance,and Baroque Perod paintings and sculpture,I returned the next day to appreciate its Late 19th and 20th Century European...
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Things to do

McGill University

It was free! Located on McGill Uni campus, this very interesting and eclectic museum had free admission. There was a little bit of everything there...unfortunately, I was so tired after crawling up...
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Things to do

Dorchester Square & Place du Canada

Dorchester Square has a very nice parkland and has an interesting history. Initially used as an apple orchard the property was purchased by the Parish of Notre Dame for use as a Roman Catholic...
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Things to do

Musée McCord d'Histoire Canadienne

This museum is hihly touted but I was dissapointed. They had a few interesting artifacts but not that many and without much organization to it. It basically consisted of 2 small floors of displays,...
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Things to do

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Even if you don't like architecture, I strongly encourage you to at least pass in front of the impressive Victorian mansion that houses the Canadian Centre of Architecture. It is hard to imagine that...
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Things to do

Musée Stewart

This musuem is a recreation of the Fort St Helene. It contains a museum of artifacts from the military history of Montreal along with the personal eclectic collection of the founder David Stewart....
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