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Safety or not Tips (26)

Only Danger......thrill seeking Americans....

Montreal is a pretty safe city with the exception of any large city dangers... pickpocketers. Other than that the only danger is the very rowdy college kids that come up to drink. (our legal drinking age is 18 as opposed to 21) However the beer Americans(4%) are used to has half the alcohol content of that of Canadian beer(8%). The kids just can't handle it and get rowdy. It's a known fact that if you start shouting American pride in a bar or basically anywhere nowadays, you'll probably start a fight.

Nov 19, 2004

A few unsafe areas

Montreal may be generally regarded as a fairly safe city and I believe it is, but not unlike any other major city, Montreal does have a dark side and there are several areas that I would reccomend that tourists stay away from.
1. Ste Catherine st. between Atwater and Guy. Drug use and dealing has increased dramatically in this area and it's a huge problem. It's not a very dangerous area but if you can avoid it, do so, especially Cabot Square.

2. East of St. Laurent st., downtown Montreal becomes fairly seedy and dangerous, especially near the gay village and Papineau St. There's plenty of drug use and prostitution.

3. Finally, try to avoid the Parc Extension and lower Cote Des Neiges areas (especially around Victoria st.) as they are not unfamiliar to gang violence.
Nonetheless, Montreal is a great city and I wouldn't live anywhere else. Just use common sense when you're walking downtown and you'll be fine.

Sep 11, 2004

Safety in Montreal

All in all, I noticed that Montreal is a very safe town. One of the few annoyances here are street people who hang out around Metro stations and ask for change or sometimes want to sell you drugs, almost always in French. The best you can do is ignore them or say something in English and they'll stop.

If you have any unlikely problems contact the Montreal Police Service or the Surete du Quebec (Quebec Provincial Police). If you are ever in an emergency, by all means please call 911

MDH's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2004

St-Henri ? Centre-Sud ? Hochelaga ?

Name any area, I've been there...and never felt in danger...

Having lived in downtown for many years, I heard all those horror stories about the poorer areas. Let me tell you, compared to East-Side Vancouver or South Central LA...any areas of Montreal is paradise...

St-Henri is much better than it use to be. Young couples look in that area for the proximity to the newly reopened Canal Lachine and cheap housing.

Centre-Sud has numerous small parks and is neighbor/overlapping the trendy Gay Village. It used to have a lot of prostitutes but they moved away in the past years

Hochelaga is worth visiting as it still has a lot of old factories from the early 20s. It's located between the Olympic stadium and the St-Laurent.

Do like I did, take a bike and take a ride !

P.S. Like's all better during the day !

ChuckG's Profile Photo
May 13, 2003
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Montreal is one of the safest city in N. America

Montreal is the safest city in North America so dont be afraid to walk alone in downtown during the night. All the district are safe in the city. The only warning I can give you is in the Centre-Sud district (South Downtown), a lot of prostitutes with homeless people and junkies

Mar 02, 2003

Montreal is a safe city to...

Montreal is a safe city to travel in.
It doesn't matter what hour of the night you are up and wandering, the city is safe! If you are on a bus late at night they have special allowances for ladies to let you off on your actual street even if it is not a designated bus stop (as long as it is along the root).
There is a very lively downtown night life in Montreal as well. Nothing too scary in this city that you should be warned about. We are one of the safest cities in North America!

Aug 26, 2002

I would not recommend a person...

I would not recommend a person walking after 9pm at night alone downtown. Remember Montreal is very diverse and there are millions of people. The more people the more your chances are for finding trouble.

LeighAnne's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Lower in town (Ontario street)...

Lower in town (Ontario street) is a seedier part of town. Drug-addicted prostitutes, heroin addicts etc. I would not go in the bars on this street at night as sometimes bikers blow them up. During the day, it's safer, but you can still feel and see a bit of poverty and prostitutes in a very bad shape. also, don't do like me and troll your hand on window stills as one day I almost had a seringue plucked in my hand!!

At night, I don't even think about coming here. No gangs or things like that..but it's just a bad part of town..

At night, also avoid Montreal-North (East of PIE-IX street, north of Sherbrooke street AND keep off Pascal street.) because there are gang wars.)Taxis won't even bring you there anyways...or pick you up!

Oh..and the Parc-Extention district too..

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Aug 26, 2002

Top 5 Montreal Writers

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"A Wonderful Winter Weekend!"
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"Fall in love with Montréal..."
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For a North America major...

For a North America major city, Montreal is fairly safe. Obvious dark corners can be easily skiped at night, but the overhall feeling is very safe and you can usually walk alone at night in the streets and not be bother.

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Aug 25, 2002

Canada in general is a very...

Canada in general is a very safe place but like everywhere else we have our crime problems.If you use your common sense you should have no problems but try to avoid the far east end of the city if possible (especially at night). Laso turning on a red light is against the law here so for your own safety and those of the crazy pedestrians please don't.

Aug 25, 2002

Montréal, like almost every...

Montréal, like almost every places in Québec, is a very safe city. There's some spot you don't want to go at 3:00 am in the morning, like St-Henri or Montréal-Nord, but you dont want to go there in the day anyway because there's nothing to see except some dirty poor places with no attractions at all.

Aug 25, 2002

Walking through an area called...

Walking through an area called the 'McGill Ghetto' is not advisable late at night for lone females or gay men. Although it is not a terrifying experience, many of my friends have had unpleasant experiences with druken frat boys. The ghetto is the area east of McGill campus up until about Park Avenue.

Aug 24, 2002

Things To Do Near Montreal

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Museum of Fine Arts

After spending a productive day enjoying its fine Late Medieval,Renaissance,and Baroque Perod paintings and sculpture,I returned the next day to appreciate its Late 19th and 20th Century European...
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McGill University

It was free! Located on McGill Uni campus, this very interesting and eclectic museum had free admission. There was a little bit of everything there...unfortunately, I was so tired after crawling up...
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Dorchester Square & Place du Canada

Dorchester Square has a very nice parkland and has an interesting history. Initially used as an apple orchard the property was purchased by the Parish of Notre Dame for use as a Roman Catholic...
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Musée McCord d'Histoire Canadienne

This museum is hihly touted but I was dissapointed. They had a few interesting artifacts but not that many and without much organization to it. It basically consisted of 2 small floors of displays,...
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Canadian Centre for Architecture

Even if you don't like architecture, I strongly encourage you to at least pass in front of the impressive Victorian mansion that houses the Canadian Centre of Architecture. It is hard to imagine that...
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Musée Stewart

This musuem is a recreation of the Fort St Helene. It contains a museum of artifacts from the military history of Montreal along with the personal eclectic collection of the founder David Stewart....
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