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Aux Anciens Canadiens Tips (9)

aux Anciens Canadiens Restaurant: Historic Location and Ambiance!

This restaurant obviously has a lot of ambiance!

The historic Maison Jacquet, one of the largest houses in upper-town in its day and the oldest in Quebec, was built in 1675-76. The site was granted to François Jacquet on November 30, 1674 by the nuns of the neighboring Ursuline Convent.

Since 1966, the Maison Jacquet has housed the restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens, internationally know for its fine cuisine and warm hospitality.

I enjoyed the dress of the waiters as well which added to the entire experience. You won't go wrong here I don't think and it's located just moments away from the Chateau Frontenac. Enjoy your stroll to and fro!

Favorite Dish I was pleasantly surprised when I got to choose all this for $14.95.

1. Glass of Red Wine.
2. Soup of the Day.
3. Lac Sainte Jean Wild Meat Pie
4. Sorbet
5. Coffee

Now that was a steal in my mind for some of the best food I thought I could eat.

jamiesno's Profile Photo
Feb 04, 2005

Aux Anciens Canadiens: Old can mean quality

Only rarely do I eat in a restaurant housed in a building over 300 years old: come to a point, I don’t think that I actually had before visiting this restaurant – and it wasn’t in Europe! The building housing the “Aux Anciens Canadiens” (also known as the “Jacquet House”) was built in 1675 and is either the oldest house, or oldest building (depends on the source) in Québec. As befits the setting and the restaurant’s name, the décor and menu is “traditional French Canadian”.

We arrived at the beginning of the lunch service and had the restaurant largely to ourselves, though it was nearly full when we left. The décor was pleasant with some quite impressive woodcuts on the walls. The service also was good and the waiter pleasant. We chose from the “table d’hôte” menu, a soup followed by a duck dish and dessert. All were excellent – not surprising, as the restaurant has two stars on the Mobil rating scale.

Based on our experience, we’d certainly recommend this restaurant, though you might care to note that the evening menu is somewhat more pricey than for lunches.

Main photo: Restaurant “Aux Anciens Canadiens”
Second photo: Interior décor
Third photo: Woodcut on wall
Fourth photo: Soup dish
Fifth photo: Duck for main course.

tiabunna's Profile Photo
Apr 30, 2008

Aux Anciens Canadiens: Try out some traditional Quebec dishes

Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in the oldest standing house in Quebec City, one that has made it through its fair share of battles as you can tell by the cannon ball lodged in a tree on the other side of the street (see picture). Built in 1675, the Maison Jacquet, as it was then known, was at one point home to Philippe Aubert de Gaspé, author of the novel "Les Anciens Canadiens".

The restaurant has kept true to its old roots and now serves food like my grandma used to make it! Aux Anciens Canadiens specializes in the rich, hearty meals that are characteristic of traditional Quebec cuisine (gotta make it through those tough winters!). I highly recommend trying the Lac-Saint-Jean meat pie, the country platter, or the Matane shrimp quiche (hey, gotta be proud of my hometown!). As for dessert, you've got to try maple sugar on bread with cream - can't get anymore traditional than that!

Finally, I strongly recommend going for lunch as it is way more expensive in the evening. You really get a good deal with the lunch table d'hote (and you probably won't have to eat dinner that night anyways). Making a reservation is a really good idea as the restaurant is not that big and it is very popular.

Favorite Dish Anything with maple syrup in it!

Jefie's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2011

Aux Anciens Canadiennes: Caribou, you are now with me.

Staff did don some disney-ified attire but this didn't pick from the food at all. The meal was tremendous. We threw in a reservation for 6:30 which I think is wise, this institution gets squishy in it's innards. The interior is sectioned into different intiment rooms with just a few tables among the two floors. Traditional Quebecois fare is served up in hearty servings that will likely put you under the spell of a food coma. I cariboued it while Yuki Maple Glazed Ducked it. Very tastey, and very filling. Sampled some wines from Qubec and delved through some French. I did leave cross-eyed, and $178.00CAN lighter. I won't even think of the US translation so I can still make belive I had Monopoly money.

Favorite Dish The Maple Glazed Duck is a MUST GET INSIDE YOU!

chodearm's Profile Photo
May 31, 2005
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Aux Anciens Canadiens: Quebec Specialties in a 1675 house !

This is a great restaurant in the old town which won't dissapoint you

The place is full of history and offer traditional Quebec dishes.

Favorite Dish The trapper's treat:

Lac St-Jean meat pie served with pheasant and buffalo casserole

ChuckG's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Aux Anciens Canadiens: Traditional French food in old Quebec

The house this restaurant is in, Maison Jaquet, is the oldest house in Quebec City and dates to 1675. Before that, the property belonged to the Ursuline convent behind it. In the early 19th century, author Philippe-Aubert de Gaspé who wrote "Les Anciens Canadiens" (thus, the name of the restaurant) lived here. The house has been a restaurant since 1966 and features traditional Quebec/French food.

The serving staff wear period costume but are efficient and friendly. The menus are in French and English. They have a dozen or so "Table d'Hotel" fixed price menus in addition to the a la carte choices. The specials come with a glass of wine or beer, soup of the day or pea soup, the entree and a choice of three desserts. You can pick a different dessert off the menu and pay for it. If you pick from the "a la carte" choices, you will find your bill on the steep side but the specials are a reasonable price and very good. There's a changing special of the day as well. We all ordered from that and we were all very happy with our food.

Some people say the restaurant caters to tourists but so what? The food is excellent, served on blue and white dishes, and the service is good and the atmosphere wonderful.

Favorite Dish I had "Neptune's Shell", a scallop shaped dish of scallops and shrimp in a cream sauce, covered in melted cheese and surrounded by piped creamy potato. The scallops and shrimp were huge! My partner had a Chicken breast dish that he said was excellent. Other choices on the menu include game, duck, pheasant and bison burger! This is an excellent place to try traditional Quebecois foods and experience old Quebec.

tvor's Profile Photo
May 15, 2012

Aux Anciens Canadiens: To taste good Canadian's meal

Overthere you can taste old canadian's dishes.

Favorite Dish Try the "pâté à la viande" (beef pie) , the "ragoût de boulettes" (stew), the "grillades de lard salé" (salted pork) and "fèves au lard" (beans). I translated the best i can :-)

violette_ca's Profile Photo
Mar 08, 2005

Aux Anciens Canadiens: Great local fare

This used to be the oldest house in Quebec before it was converted into a restaurant. Surprisingly it is one of a handful of places in the city where you can get traditional local food.
The lunch menu is great value and includes three courses for only $15.
The dinner considerably pricier with four course meals starting from $30 -35.

Favorite Dish The country platter is fantastic and includes a selection of Quebecian favourites such as pork grillades, ragout and game pie. Its perfect if you arent sure what you want and want to try a little bit of everything.

A meal here would not be complete without the maple syrup pie which is exquisite!

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Quebec, mon amour!"
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"Quebec City, Quebec, Canada"
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"Quebec City - A Bit of Europe Close at Hand!"
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"Quebec, the charming French town"
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"Une Petite Tour de La Ville de Quebec...."
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aux anciens canadiens: Great traditional French

A great but slightly pricy place to try traditional french canadian food. This upper city restaurant is amongst the most popular in town ( at least among tourist) and is housed in the historic Maison Jacquet built in 1676.

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Oct 12, 2015

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Getting to Aux Anciens Canadiens


34 rue Saint-Louis


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