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Quebec City Helicopter Tour
"After meeting at the ticket office in Quebec City at your chosen departure time you’ll be driven to the heliport for your helicopter tour. Aboard a 4- to 6-person state-of-the-art helicopter soar over Quebec City for 12-15 minutes and admire incredible aerial views of Old Quebec and its fortifications. Spot Château Frontenac Cap Diamant the Plains of Abraham Ile d'Orléans and the bridges spanning the mighty St Lawrence River. You’ll fly over all the must-see natural wonders and popular urban areas of this 17th-century capital city. Your expert pilot will provide interesting and informative commentary
From CAD141.00
"Quebec City
"Quebec City Its River and Its Landscape Helicopter Tour""Enjoy a truly breathtaking sightseeing experience on a 30-minute “Québec City Its River Its Landscapes” tour. Along with all the City Tour attractions including the Québec bridges the Plains of Abraham
From CAD207.00
Quebec City Walking Tour
"Conducted year-round rain or shine this walking tour starts in the Upper Town district of Old Quebec and finishes in the Lower Town. You'll discover Quebec City's history from 1608 to present on this enjoyable walking tour. While listening to the entertaining and informative commen you'll gain a sense of the day-to-day lives of the people who have lived in this lovely fortress city over the centuries. You will visit sites such as the Quebec Citadel Chateau Frontenac Quebec fortifications Basilica Notre-Dame
From CAD31.00

Vieux Quebec architecture & monuments Tips (37)

Notre Dame des Victoires

First completed on the site of Champlain's habitacion in 1723, it received its name following the Battle of Quebec that forced the English to retreat. The church was destroyed by bombardment before the final battles for Quebec in 1759, restored in 1816

GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
Oct 20, 2012

La Fontaine de Tourny

The year 2008 marks the 400th anniversary of Quebec City and to celebrate this event, the Simons family gave the city the magnificient Fontaine de Tourny. The fountain comes from Quebec City's sister city of Bordeaux, France. It was originally created for the 1855 Paris World Expo by the renown sculptor Mathurin Moreau, and installed in Bordeaux in 1857. This imposing piece of art was brought to Quebec City in pieces to be reassembled and restored at the same time. The fountain now stands in front of the Parliament building, and it was inaugurated on July 3, 2007. The Fontaine de Tourny immediately became a very popular attraction, both with tourists and locals who come to get their picture taken in front of it. The setting is quite beautiful, especially at night when it is lit up. It is without a doubt the nicest monument in the entire city, and it's truly worth taking the time to check it out.

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Apr 04, 2011

You must walk in Vieux-Quebec!

Old Quebec,or better known in French as Vieux-Québec, is a wonderful neighborhood to walk around in! 'Old Quebec' refers to the part of the "city within the walls. " and in it are wonderful cobblestone streets, many art galleries and great architecture. We enjoyed eating at the restaurants where I even tried to practice my very anomalous French, hehehe...

It was a bit chilly during those days in September when we brought outr twins who were 3 years old then --- but they still had a lot of fun. But I heard that during the winter, this place can really be freezing!

But if you really want a piece of the history of Quebec, this is a must to got through. Not walking in Vieux-Quebec when in Quebec is like a diamond ring without the diamond.

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May 15, 2009

Celtic Cross

Be sure not to miss the Celtic Cross near le parc d'artillerie.
The cross was given by Ireland to the people of Quebec for taking in Irish orphans who had lost their parents at sea as they were travelling to Canada to escape the potato famine. It is approximaltely 6 feet tall, carved with beautiful Celtic artwork and inscribed in French, English and Gaelic.

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Feb 18, 2009
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The Old City Gate - Impressive

You know you are entering an old city when your entry is through the gate of a walled city.

After checking into our hotel late afternoon we could not wait to explore the walled city and a few hundred metres from our hotel was this beautiful old gate. Evening was quickly closing in and an ideal time for a photo.

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Jun 13, 2008

Admire the Price Building

It seemed unlikely, but smack in the old part of Québec, somebody had parked a reasonably substantial Art Deco skyscraper! That’s it you see in the photo. I guess people found the Frontenac Hotel somewhat unlikely also, when it was built – and that was only 20 or so years before this one went up.

The Price Building was erected by a timber company of that name, with the foundation stone going in place in 1929: hardly an auspicious time to be building big! Maybe that’s part of the reason it now is owned by the Québec Government … and the Premier of Québec now resides on the top (18th) floor. I guess having what probably has to be the better views in the Province would have to rank as one of the perks of office!

I find these Art Deco buildings quite fascinating, as the style tends to be replicated so closely from one to another. Others who enjoy them may be interested that my VT pal Pawtuxet also is somewhat taken by them and has some travelogues of photos from around the world on her HP.

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May 02, 2008

Celtic Cross

As we walked from the Place d’Armes to the Arsenal, we ‘discovered’ this large Celtic cross all by ourselves – none of our guidebooks or the tour guide had mentioned it. I suspect that the date 2000 at the top indicates its recent erection and (goodness knows), maybe nobody else had noticed it before!

It is impressive though, and the base engraved with the text in French, English and Gaelic is certainly intended to ensure the message is comprehensible. It is a ‘thank you’ message from the people of Ireland to the people of Québec, for their support and assistance during the Irish famine of the 19th century. Although I took photos, I was less thorough in recording the location, but working backward from the map and from where we were heading at the time I am fairly confident that it was in rue Charlevoix, near de la Hotel-Dieu. The photos show the text in all three languages.

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May 02, 2008

The walls and turrets

The oldest and highest part of Quebec City , known as the upper town, is surrounded by walls and turrets that date back to the 1700's when Quebec City was the battleground between the english and the french. Quebec City at that time was completely fortified and remains the only fortified city north of Mexico. A popular tourist activity is to walk the entire walled portion on the upper town. Along the way you'll be able to find many historical sections and many nice vantage points.

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Mar 02, 2008
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"Quebec, mon amour!"
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"Quebec City, Quebec, Canada"
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"Quebec City - A Bit of Europe Close at Hand!"
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"Quebec, the charming French town"
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"Une Petite Tour de La Ville de Quebec...."
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QC's most beautiful fountain...

... is the one in front of the parliament building. Erected only some years ago, the fountain has become the no. 1 motive for tourists and their cameras... It is really beautiful and thus worth taking a picture. Make sure to come back at night when the fountain is illuminated!

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Nov 26, 2007

City Walls

Surrounding the old city is a 3 mile long defensive wall started by the French to protect the Upper Town from attack. In order to enter the upper town from the west, you have to go through one of the city gates that you can see in the attached photos, you can go up to the top of the gates for a look around and sort of walk a portion of it.

On the northeast side, we walked from the Lower Town near the Marche du Vieux Port along the ramparts to get back into the center of town.

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Apr 01, 2007

The Ramparts

The Ramparts, or walls, surround the upper town in a three mile loop. The walls make a very interesting walk that give you a good overview of the major attractions in the city. For most of their circumference, you can walk right on the tops of the wall.

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Nov 18, 2006

Quebec Seminary

The Seminary of Quebec was established in 1663 as an institution for Canadian priesthood studies. The site became the original site for French Canada's major Laval University in the mid 19th century. The university moved out in the 1960s but some faculties, such as the School of Architecture, still remain. Also on the site are a chapel and a museum.

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Jan 02, 2006

Things to Do Near Quebec

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Grande Allee

The Grande Allee is to Quebec what the Champs Elysees is to Paris. It's the "main drag", where things are happening. A broad avenue, it leads from the old walls to the outskirts of the city, past the...
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Plains of Abraham (Battlefields Park)

What Mount Royal is to Montreal and Central Park to New York City describes the relationship of the Plains of Abraham to the City of Quebec – a green living room only with a broad dose of history...
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Quebec Experience

Quebec Experience - A 3D spectacle of 30 mn. From 10AM to 10PM (15 May to 15 October). Alternatively in English and in French. Mainly 3D photographes with an astonishing mobile face on the left side,...
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Musee de l'Amerique Francaise

The Musée de l'Amérique francophonei s the oldest museum in all of Canada. It was founded in 1663 by Monseigneur de Laval. It is the dedicated to the history of French culture in North America. The...
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Terrasse Dufferin

Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood was Lord Dufferin’s full name – try filling that out on a border control form! From 1872 to 1878, Lord Dufferin served as the third Governor General of...
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Rue du Tresor

This is where French colonists used to come to pay their annual tax. The street lost that function with the cession of New France to Britain and the street became a side alley. In the 1960’s when...
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