Greenland Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by TheView
  • Local Customs
    by TheView
  • From the Thule area with their poler bear pants
    From the Thule area with their poler...
    by TheView

Greenland Local Customs

  • Good views … also when you are gone!

    The location of graves are made in spots with good view ….Adding more text does not make a tip any better …it just add more text ..Adding more text does not make a tip any better …it just add more text ..Adding more text does not make a tip any better …it just add more text ..Adding more text does not make a tip any better …it just add more text...

  • Drum dances

    Drum dances are the only original Greenlandic music it is often a rap battle like event where two singers are testing each others with jokes and clever comebacks for the amusement of the spectators.

  • Matak

    It is considered a delicacy to eat Matak that is whale skin. It is cut with the skin in itself that is a hard matter and some blubber and you chew it like chewing gum. To ad some more taste it is normally powdered with some Aromat that is an all purpose spice enhancer you find in supermarkets. The price of a 10*10 cm pice will cost you around 20$...

  • Picking berries

    Picking crowberries is a major thing in Greenland the lack of other more interesting berries and the need for vitamins makes even the crowberries interesting. And you can find them in vast amounts easily picking 2-3 kg in an hours time.

  • Return of the sun

    It is a custom of the residents to gather at picks or viewpoints in towns north of the polar circle and greet the sun back after it was gone for a shorter or longer period depending of how high up north in Greenland you are.

  • Don’t get scared

    Greenland is still very much a hunting society and weapons are readily available in shops and locals don’t need permits of any kind to purges weapons, so if you see guns in the streets and no one of the locals react then there is no reason to be alarmed.

  • Sledge Dogs

    The dogs in Greenland are not considered as pets as we do in our own country. No touching of the dogs unless allowed by the drivers.

  • Arriving Arsuk

    When the coast line is arriving Arsuk there is no harbour only but a small jetty. It seems to be something of an event. All the inhabitants are there to welcome you.

  • Great pastels

    The Greenlanders may also have tired of a grey sky. The result is that the color schemes of Greenland's towns and settlements are incredible. This colorfulness contrasts vividly with the bleak landscapes, bad west coast (at least) weather and winter depressions. You can have a photo safari checking out the colorful houses!

  • Relaxed time concept

    Greenlandic culture has a relaxed time concept. Perhaps not exactly a manjana attitude, but definitiely not a time concept governed by the watch. Be aware of this and adjust accordingly, and you can take delays and unexpected twists of things much better and more comfortably.

  • Brædtet - the local fish and meat market

    "Brædtet" is the common market place for hunters and fishermen where they sell their goodies straight to consumers. Every community of some size will have such a market place. In the more fancy places, like Ilulissat, it will be actually be an indoor market. Brædtet is useful for visitors in terms of seeing the results of local hunting and fishing...

  • The people living in Qanaaq...

    The people living in Qanaaq are call them selves Inghuit which means 'great human beings'. They speak dialect of Greenlandic which has its roots in Inuktitut, the language spoken by Inuit from Arctic Canada.

  • The People

    People: 87% Greenlander, 13% Danish and others (Icelanders, Canadians, Americans). Language: Eskimo dialects, Danish, Greenlandic (an Inuit dialect). Icelanders, followers of Eric the Red, colonized Greenland and lived there for a couple of centuries. There were scant reports of other inhabitants on the southeast and southwest coast when the...

  • The voyage of the Viking ship...

    The voyage of the Viking ship Íslendingur (The Icelander), an exact replica of a Viking skip from Gokstad, Norway: On June 17th 2000 (Iceland's Independence Day) a crew of 9 Icelanders set sail from Reykjavík harbour on a 2600-mile ocean voyage to end in New York October 19th to commemorate the voyages of Leif Ericsson and others 1000 years ago. On...

  • The Saga of Eric the Red and...

    The Saga of Eric the Red and Greenlanders´ Saga (The Vinland Sagas: The Norse Discovery of America. Harmondsworth, UK: Penguin Books, 1980.) tell the story of the people of Greenland from the day Eric was exiled from Norway until Norse settlers failed to colonize North America. A Greenlander named Bjarni Herjolfsson was driven off course on his way...

  • The Vikings from Denmark /...

    The Vikings from Denmark / Scandinavia were the first ones from Europe to find Greenland. You can still find ruins from the Viking age.

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Greenland Local Customs

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