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Mexico City Segway Tour: Downtown Zocalo
"Your segway adventure begins as you meet your guide and group in a central meeting point next to Av. Reforma (Krystal Hotel) Just behind Sonora Grill sign. You will put on your helmet and receive a 15-minute training session to learn how to use the segwa control the speeds stop go up and down sidewalks and make turns. Start the tour going to the Alameda Park while you listen to interesting fact about this area feeling the fresh atmosphere of this colorful park with water fountains and marble floors that connect to the Bellas Artes Theater. After 20 minutes enjoy great views of this place with the majestic ""Torre Latino"" a very emblematic symbol of Downtown
From $98.00
Mexico City Downtown Tour
"This monumental adventure begins early in the morning with a pickup from your hotel or other locations in Mexico City. From there you will not cease to amaze with the architecture of the buildings in the centric part of the city. The Centro Histórico holds the Mexican Flag surrounded by government and religious buildings such as the “Catedral Metropolitana” “Palacio Nacional”. There is an archaeologicall site there where Mexico started the “Templo Mayor”.  Not far from there the “Palacio de Bellas Artes” “Alameda Central” and “Monumento a la Revolución” will be waiting with all the beauty and history behind them. Also
From $92.00
Mexico City in One Day: Teotihuacan Pyramids Early Access and Historical City Sightseeing Tour
"After early morning hotel pickup in Mexico City your tour starts with the 30-mile (48-km) drive north to Teotihuacan a World Heritage–listed archaeological site that dates back to 100 BC and is known as the ‘City of the Gods.’ You’ll arrive as soon as the site opens before most tour groups and visitors begin to fill up the place. With an informative guide explore the plazas murals and structures during this peaceful time of day that enhances the ancient city’s already-mystical atmosphere. Hear stories and facts about Teotihuacan’s long history and recent discoveries and see sites like the Temple of Quetzalcoatl
From $69.00

More Tourist Traps in Mexico City

Bazaar El Sabado at San Angel

I had heard a lot about this bazar/market but had never taken the time to visit it, since it's very far away from where I live. I knew it had become popular among tourists and I thought it was mainly...
Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2014

Re: Tour to Teotihuacan

There is a post in here about the tourist trap bus that takes you to Teotihuacan and asks if there's an alternative. The answer is YES! We avoided the tourist bus for exactly the reasons stated but...
kukubura's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2012

currency exchange

you may think that the airport would be the worst place for exchange rates but its actually better than the exchange centres you will find in the city (theres alot on reforma around zona rosa)When i...
Mar 06, 2009


coyoacan is a pretty little place in mexico city, known to most as being the home of the frida kahlo house and the famous coyocan weekend markets. You can get there by metro but the walk from the...
Mar 04, 2009

Shopping in downtown

There are all kinds of shops spread in a very wide area in downtown Mexico City. You can find almost whatever you can think of: clothes, shoes, books, jewelry, computer and electronic stuff, CDs/DVDs,...
Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo
Feb 25, 2009

Souvenir Items in Artesanias El Quetzal

Do not buy your souvenirs in Artesanias El Quetzal on your way to Teotihuacan. The prices there are 4 times compared to those sold while walking at the pyramids in Teotihuacan... plus it's the same...
Ritcheanne's Profile Photo
May 19, 2008
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Plaza Garibaldi - Hidden service fees

Some restaurants have hidden fees. If you do not ask, you will get robbed. You will be approached by people in the plaza with fliers of great entertainment in the restaurant. Free of charge and with...
Aug 28, 2006

Ahhh, the tourist bus

Actually, this isn't a bad idea if you only have a day or two in Mexico City. For 100 pesos (115 on the weekends), this bus will take you all over the historic core, down Reforma, Polanco, Chapultepec...
acemj's Profile Photo
Nov 27, 2005

Parque de Alameda

This park on the westside of Palacio de Bellas Artes is one of the city's "lungs". Lots of benches, and statues invite visitors to walk around a little. This is what officials say... My friends told...
AnnaLupilla's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2005

Tour of the Shrine of Guadalupe

Grayline tour of the Shrine of Guadalupe was a sham.The guide first took us down to a gift shop and gave us 20 minutes of walking around. When it came time to visit the Shrine, we were informed that...
JoanneR46's Profile Photo
May 09, 2005

Airport Money Exchange

From what I've seen, the best exchange rates you'll find are at the Benito Juarez airport. So, I'd recomend that you change most of your money there. And don't make a mistake, like we did, when we...
Enzyme_X's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2005

La Ciudadela is the place for handcraft and stuff

There are several markets in Mexico City where you can find magnificent pieces.If you are staying in La Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) you'll feel tempted by the Market at Londres Street, which they call...
lelyramires's Profile Photo
Apr 09, 2005

Mexico City Airport Taxi

You buy a ticket for a taxi from the aiport and you pay for an executive car or van, when you only really need a sedan. Unless you ask for a sedan they will sell you the more expensive and porbably...
Jan 05, 2005

You must know Your Taxis

Someone might come up to you at the airport and offer to take you to your need to avoid them,they will rip you must get a tiket for a {Safe taxi{.They have stands that sell the...
MookieStephens's Profile Photo
Jan 03, 2005

Top Hotels in Mexico City

Campos Eliseos 204, Col. Polanco, Mexico City, 11560, Mexico
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Paseo de la Reforma 500, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 06600, Mexico
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Donceles 95, Mexico City, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 06020, Mexico
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Andres Bello 29, Mexico City, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 11560, Mexico
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Av Cinco De Mayo 61 Col Centro Colonia Centro, Mexico City, 06000 Mexico
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Avenida Juarez 70, Colonia Centro, Mexico City, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 06010, Mexico
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Top Things to Do in Mexico City

Things to Do


I was not sure what all I wanted to do in Mexico City. I did know one thing which I found via the internet, they have Pyramids. I had booked the early morning tour due to the fact that there would be...
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Things to Do


Fight that sinking sensation which you may be feeling if you have read about the slowly disappearing Mexico City by floating on the ancient canals at Xochimilco. Each weekend this World Heritage Site...
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Things to Do

Bosque de Chapultepec

Located on the grounds of popular Chapultepec Parc, the Castillo Chapultepec is one of the major sights of Mexico City. The Castillo served as a residence for the short-lived reign of Emperor...
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Things to Do

Museo de Antropologia

Amazing! I've spent hours at this museum, and been three times. I plan on going back. The ground floor has exhibits from the various indigenous groups of Mexico organized by region and the upper...
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Things to Do


The Zocalo (also known as Plaza de la Constitucion) is the main square in the historic centre of Mexico City - also the largest city square in Latin America. The main architectural treasures of the...
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Things to Do

Bellas Artes

I think that you learn alot just by sitting and watching people. I happen to be at the Palcio de Bella Artes and before I went into the building, I just plopped down on the steps with my bottle of...
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"Mexico City"
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"Mexico City"
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