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Tijuana Sightseeing Tour from San Diego
"You’ll be picked up from your San Diego hotel and taken on a comfortable coach ride south to Tijuana a town right below the US-Mexico border.Learn from your guide how this city founded in 1889 was once home to the Grand Casino which attracted celebrities and Hollywood movie stars like Charlie Chaplin Rita Hayworth Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth. Pass the Avenue of the Heroes (Paseo de los Héroes)
From $48.00
Tijuana Sightseeing Tour from San Diego
"You’ll be picked up from your San Diego hotel and taken on a comfortable coach ride south to Tijuana a town right below the US-Mexico border.Learn from your guide how this city founded in 1889 was once home to the Grand Casino which attracted celebrities and Hollywood movie stars like Charlie Chaplin Rita Hayworth Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth. Pass the Avenue of the Heroes (Paseo de los Héroes)
From $48.00
San Diego and Tijuana Combo Tour with Optional Harbor Cruise
"After pickup from your San Diego hotel in the morning you’ll be taken on a narrated tour by comfortable air-conditioned coach. Enjoy the beautiful sights of sunny San Diego and scenic Coronado. Some of the places you’ll see include Old Town Balboa Park the Gaslamp Quarter Seaport Village Seal Rock
From $78.00

Being Harassed Tips (16)


Dear sir/ madam, I would like to share this with you all.
On 08/09/2012, and arround 12:30am, i went to Tijuana mexico with some friends and on the corner of adalitas and chohella street, i got robbed by a mexican guy with his four others. they were surrounding me and my friend. The way that they did it, one of them that he was following us, and stood behind me with knife on my throught from behind while his other friends were watching. He tried to grab my two peaces necklaces, however he only managed to get one of the peaces and i found the other one on the street.
the necklace that i had worth and they took my information incase of a contaact o to three hundred dollars i got it from my mother and this the reason why i couldn't take it off of my neck. So becareful becareful becareful my friends.
the police in tj, tried to find those guys and they took my information incase of a contact they did contact me once at 5 am and i wasn't able to answer after that they never called me back eventhough i have called them to get more info about the suspects.

Aug 10, 2012

i was harasssed & scamed by cops

well where should i begin for starters i was having a alright time i walked across the border took a few pics along the way & went threw turn styles & in mexico tijuana so i hit a few pharmacias i hit a few of them & the policia i guess was watching they stopped & did a bull *** search on me . they thought i had drugs on me but didnt find jack sh** i 4got i had my military id on me thought they was gona hold me for ransom or some *** but thank god the idiots didnt know english & they gave me my id & after asking me where i'm from & searching all my *** mind you my hands are on the hood of that dirty ***en car my papers flying all ova the place i ' m surprised they didnt take my $$ i had i only had $40 in mexican $$ & $15 in us but yeah those low life savages are real ***ed up i lost all confidence in them , & i wont be back there anytime soon . hope those reject get sucked up by a tisjuami well they cowards gotta live there in the 3rd workd *** hole i think thats partial pay back

Mar 21, 2011


On November 8, 2007 at about 4:00 a.m. we crossed the border at Tijuana, not worried about anything because we have driven the Baja several times. Not a mile past the border, we were pulled over by Tijuana police, told that they had a report that an RV similar to ours was stolen, PULLED US OUT OF OUR TRUCK, SLAMMED US UP AGAINST OUR VEHICLE, PULLED GUNS ON US, TOOK OUR WALLETS, PULLED OUT ALL OUR CASH AND CREDIT CARDS. THEY ROUGHED US UP PRETTY GOOD FOR NO REASON. THEY STOLE OVER $500 OUT OF OUR WALLETS. We are in our late 50's, do not drink alcohol, were not rowdy or disrespectful. Last year we were stopped in Tijuana and asked to see our permit to drive an RV in the city limits. Of course, this was also bogus but the officer said he would impound our vehicles unless we paid him $180. We spend alot of money in Mexico, we have a home in La Paz and generally love the Mexican people but this is getting ridiculous.

Nov 17, 2007

Mexican Juges are also highly corrupt

I tried the court system by refusing to pay the bribe. The judge did not listen to me and send me to the jail even I was not guilty of anything. You can not stand in the jail for even five minutes, because there are bunch of naked men urinating every where. I had to pay all my cash to the jailer
without any receipt and had to walk to the boarder. Mexicans are nice people, but the Mexican officials are ruthlessly corrupt .

Oct 10, 2007
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Blvd Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada 1606, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, 22420, Mexico
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Calle Decima 516, Col Centro, Chihuahua, 31000, Mexico
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Blvd Agua Caliente 4500, Tijuana, Baja California, 22420, Mexico
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Paseo de los Heroes 10305, Tijuana, Baja California, 22320, Mexico
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Corrupt Tijuana Police

I have heard and have been warned about bad Tijaua Police. I have been to Mexico many times and during the early ninteen eighties worked in and out of the Mexican part of the Gulf of Mexico for a year. Never had any trouble at all in Mexico until last Saturday, May 12, 2007. After a few hours in T.J. decided to head back to the boarder. I attended Mass, ate, purchased some goods at a local bakery and caught a taxi. When I arrived at the Mexican side of the boarder three Mexican police accosted me the second I departed the taxi. They ordered me to stand still and asked what I had in my sack. When I answered baked goods they said I had to spread eagle on a post to be searched. They pilfered through my pockets and my money went flying to the pavement. Since I have been around a while I knew better than to bring a wallet and a credit card. In a shirt pocket I had one identification and some twenty dollars bills in addition to some U.S. currency in my pockets. When the T.J police didn't find anything they could make an issue they continued the search when lo and behold one policeman felt my left shirt pocket where they thought they found some pills. The one police men said, "Ah-ha; what is this?" I told him to take it out and see. You should have seen the look on that man's face when he discovered that he found a Rosary. I now glared at the Police, picked up my money and departed. - I would advise all foreigners, U.S. and Canadian Citizens to Stay Away from Tijauana until the local Government there can assure that visitors to Tijuana will not be victoms of corrupt policemen.

Anthony Mills

May 14, 2007

Soliciting bribes right at the US point of entry

At midnight on this Friday night 4/28/07 where the cabs drop you off at the US point of entry, right where you must step on ot the curb and enter into the sidewalk that leads to the border crossing, 2 TJ police asked for my ID. I had a US passport in my back pocket and whipped it out with a smile, staring right into the eyes of the taller cop. The shorter one says "you got any drogggs wit you?" and I said no, just dropped off some seats to be re- upholstered. had about 5 waters and 2 beers, smiling. Calls me a liar, telss me don't call him a liar, tells me i'm high. Shines a little flashlight in my face and has me step back into the dark. Tells me we are going downtown to the doctors office to see if he thinks I am high, the little one says "you like it the coca, no?" and they take my shoes off to check them. Get in my wallet, find the money for the upholstery and paint work I went across to arrange- about 600.00 in hundreds and 2 twenties, a few singles.
He takes a single out of my wallet and says it was rolled up like I was snorting cocaine from it. It was folded up, not rolled up. OH no, look at this. you are a liar, we going downtown to the station. I get it now, so I say "can't I just pay the fine here? I want to go home. ( I am wearing a two tone Rolex thay have not seen yet) So they lead me back about 500 feet to a place where they can kill me or beat me up and no one can see us. They get 100 each and I walk home to my internet connection to tell you stay away! I'll stop investing and trying to work with people in Mexico from now on- I lose out because even from San Diego, you just can't walk down for a meeting anymore.

Apr 29, 2007

They are all over you!

So they send little cute kids who juggle to you in the hopes that you will feel sorry for them. These kids are like Vultures. If you gave every kid a dollar you would go broke! Well have fun, be safe, and don't let them get your money. You worked hard for it!

heitzenrater's Profile Photo
Feb 24, 2006

Restaurant Scams

There are representatives that stand outside their restaurants and try to tempt customers to eat there with their great lunch specials. We stopped in for one of these specials. The food was good. But as we were sitting there the bartender started walking over blowing a whistle and holding a bottle of Jose Cuervo. He grabbed my friend and started tooting his whistle and shaking her head and then, holding her head in his arm, he poured tequila down her throat despite her objections and attempts to pull his hand away. He did the same thing to me, even pulling me back into my chair by my shoulders as I tried to get away. It would have been just an interesting experience...but then he demanded $8 from us. We refused to pay it saying that we had told him no in the first place. We ended up giving him a dollar or two. But when we got the bill it was higher than the listed prices (no doubt getting us back for refusing to pay to be harassed). The bartender told us we had 4 shots a piece when he poured it down our throats. But not only did he force us to drink it, it must have been watered down because I never felt a thing. I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking and I should have at least been tipsy. So my suggestion is to put up a better fight with these guys than we did. They overcharge for watered down liquor.

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Jan 24, 2006
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"Tijuana--South Of The Border!"
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"Gate to real Mexico :-)"
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"Gone Fishing!"
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"Home away from home!"
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Women watch out!

Tijuana has a reputation for being dirty, crime-ridden and rather dangerous. I did not encounter any crime during my trip, but given the prevalence of bars and seedy strip clubs, I can see how bad things could happen. I also must point out that during the course of my trip, I didn't venture far from the tourist-oriented sections surrounding the immediate border: Avenida Revolucion, and the streets in between. Nevertheless, I was with a young married couple and the lady was often "harrased" in the streets by the locals who were literally grabbing her hand and telling her loudly "how beautiful she was". I suggest if you are a woman it is strongly recommended you do not travel to Tijuana alone!

draguza's Profile Photo
Oct 30, 2005

Children begging for money

I love children but let me warn you about the children begging for money. If a child comes to you to ask for change and you give him/her money, more than likely you will be surrrounded by all the other kids that will also be begging for money. They will follow you around until you can loose them or they get tired of asking. I know that the sight of some of these children just makes you want to help but I just wanted to put that out there. Believe me, it's happened to me..

wild80s's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2005

Tijuana Cops

My friends and I were searched by the cops in Tijuana twice last night. The cops demanded a bribe the first time. The second time (a different batch) they just took the cash from our pockets when they searched us.

Stay away from unlit areas and take cabs at night to avoid it. Or, a better idea, go somewhere else, like not Mexico.

Aug 10, 2005

Groping, begging & pickpockets.

If you get the bus then this probably won't happen half as much.
When we walked across the ladies I was with were subjected to being touched. A rather opressive undercurrent is in evidence & the feeling of 'about to be pickpocketed or robbed'. Children begging isn't a nice thing to walk past but unless you do you are a bit at risk.

Once in town this feeling disappears.

But it's best to be warey.

Lensmeister's Profile Photo
Jul 23, 2005

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Cultural Center

The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) opened in 1982, with over a million visitors a year. This touristic attraction has been the main center for Mexican regional arts. The complex features an OMNIMAX...
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Avenida Revolucion

avenida revolicion is central tijuanas main street , it is roughly 15 blocks long and is the street most frequented by tourists in the city although it had many more tourists before the drug violence...
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This gorgeous, 1.5 mile stretch of pacific-side beach is the undisputed star of the island. It is very large, very clean, uncrowded, and free for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. It’s roughly...
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San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

As we wandered Chinatown we came upon the First Emperor of China Statue. This sculpture is located at the entrance to the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum in San Diego's Gaslamp District. The...
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Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is a historical neighborhood in downtown San Diego. This area encompasses sisteen blooks and is packed full of historic buildings, museums, restaurants, shopping, galleries and...
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SD Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center, steps away from Gaslamp Quarter, is a huge downtown venue beloved by a great variety of visitors every year. Usually attended by business types, the center is great for...
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