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SUP Lesson in Cabo San Lucas
"You will be provided with a life vest and a bottle of water before the tour starts. Your guide will help you suit up with the life vest and leash which is connected with the board so you're safely attached to it. Before jumpin your guide will give you a 45-minute Paddling class where you'll learn the basics of Stand-Up Paddling. Once the class ends you will be provided with 45 minute of self paddling alongside your SUP guide in case of any questions you may have so you can put on practice your freshly new acquired SUP abilities.""""Enjoy an introduction into stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) sport in this great destination. This 45-minute class is customized and is  taught inside the buoy zone. At the end of the class you will enjoy 45 minutes to paddle by yourself along the Medano Bay."title=Highlights&1=1.5-hour+SUP+%28stand-up+paddle+boarding%29+lesson+in+Cabo+San+Lucas&2=Master+the+basic+techniques+of+SUP+under+the+guidance+of+an+instructor&3=Spend+the+second+half+of+the+lesson+paddling+along+the+beautiful+Medano+Bay&4=All+equipment+
From $55.00
Sunset Sightseeing Cruise in Los Cabos
"Your sunset cruise departs at 5:30pm from the luxurious marina in Cabo San Lucas. You will start your adventure at Pelican rock and then head to Medano Beach and also see Lover's Beach. As you sail into the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez to admire the m rum beer and margaritas while admiring the waters of the Pacific and the sun setting on the horizon. Then sail back to the marina to end a perfect day.Snacks and an open bar are included on this trip.""""Enjoy a delightfully wonderful 2.5 hour cruise in Los Cabos on this tour with the chance to see the sunset. A fabulous way to spend the afternoon delighting the senses in the majestic waters of Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach
From $60.00
Los Cabos Arch and Playa del Amor Tour by Glass-Bottom Kayak
"After minivan pickup from your Los Cabos hotel or cruise ship pier head to Médano Beach with the iconic El Arco (The Arch) in view also known as Land’s End a series of jagged rocks soaring out of the waters where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. On the beach receive a safety briefing from your expert guides. Learn basic paddling techniques slip on a life jacket and pick up snorkeling gear. Then hop aboard your glass-bottom kayak and paddle out to sea.Follow your guides’ lead as you kayak around Land’s End
From $70.00

Beach Tips (32)

Nice beach restaurant/bar

This is a good place to eat, drink and play at the beach. Away from the crowds of Medano Beach at the east end of the beach. When on the highway coming into Cabo turn left on Blvd. Constituyentes and you will see the free public parking area on the left at the end of the street. I like this place because the parking is easy, the have shaded tables, beach chairs and 2 for 1 drinks!

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Aug 30, 2013

The Arch.

The city icon and one of the most photograped places in the world. The only way to get there is by boat You can hire one at the Marina, ($10.00) , it will take you to visit the Arch, some interesting rock formations around and then a visit to the other side of the peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. Then you can stay at Love´s Beach for some time, the boat will wait for you.

euzkadi's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2009

Divorce Beach.

Located south of Playa del Amor, is a very small beach, very difficult to reach and with dangerous strong currents and crashing waves. It´s not a good place for swiming so my opinion is to stay in the nice Playa del Amor.

euzkadi's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2009

Playa del Amor (Love Beach).

A wonderfull beach located between the rocks with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Mar de Cortez, to get to this marvel you need to get a water taxi at the Marina. Once there you´re surrounded by towering rocks and the sea.

euzkadi's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2009
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Playa El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, 23410, Mexico
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Av. El Pescador S/N, Col. El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, 23453, Mexico
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Medano Beach.

The most popular beach of Cabo San Lucas, always crowded, and full of vendors, is located very close to the downtown marina. It begins in the east side of the harbour, extending for some miles until reach the small village of Villa del Palmar. A place to see and be seen between local and visitors, is where he action is.

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Jun 11, 2009

Beachfront Activities

*More PICTURES to see below the main picture, CLICK TAB

*A lot of the restaurants along the beach, provide opportunities for activities and fun you can join in on.

*It seemed that almost every hour they put on some show or participant type activities

*You can join-in or just watch

*Eileen, pictured here taking part in the beach dancing activities!

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Jul 31, 2007

The beach

The beach at Santa Maria is nice and calm with warm water. The sand is alittle coarse and rough on the feet. The snorkeling is average with a lot of colorful fish that hang around only because they are fed by every passing boat and snorkel tour. The big snorkel boats are noisy and bring quite a lot of chaos to an otherwise quiet area.

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Dec 13, 2006

Put in a little work at "The Office"

The Office is a great bar/restaurant located on the beach near the center of the city. If you are looking to party on the beach during the day, this is the place to be. When I was here in March 2006 it was packed full of college students. The margaritas are tasty, large, and very strong. If you are looking to go to the beach to relax this is not the place for you.

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Jul 28, 2006

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Santa Maria bay

Probably my favorite beach there. You have to be on the lookout for this beach becuause it is not that highly advertised.
I only found out about this beach due to my whale watching tour. The tour started in cabo san lucas marina and they took us to this little cove called santa maria to snorkel for an hour or so. The water here is very very calm and so clear! You can see fish from your boat without any googles. Simply amazing.Getting there is simple if you k now what you're looking for. Once you get dropped off at the bus stop, walk down the hill toward the water.
You will find a parking lot where an old mexican man will be awaiting your arrival. If you do drive just park your car there and he'll take care of it for a small tip :)
He was a very nice guy. He even offered to drive me back to my hotel had it been on the way to his home in cabo san lucas.

Feb 17, 2006

Wave runners

Now don't get me wrong, you should never operate a vehicle of any sort while intoxicated.. but if you are dumb like me, and like to live on the edge.. you MIGHT want to try it in cabo lol.

After my whale watching tour I went to midano beach and found a place that rents wave runners. I've never been on one but I was on vacation so I thought why not.
You can take the wave runner anywhere on the bay area. You can even ride it to the lovers beach that I mentioned previously but you cannot dock there just ride by. It was so much fun especially when you're drunk lol.
The price is about $50 for 30 mins but its well worth it. Besides.. you're on vacation money well spent.
I was able to ride the waves but the waters are still pretty calm so no need to worry about much. It was great times.. might even top sex.. but not sure if it was as fun if I wasn't drunk.. but drunk sex is always fun too.. ok enough of that lol.

Feb 17, 2006

Beach Bumming

Depending on the type of person you are, you might prefer a crowded beach with lots of vendors, bars, etc. I'm not that type of person so I'll focus on the more peaceful beaches.
If you go into the marina in cabo, you can hire a boat to take you to playa de amor or "lovers beach" It is a very nice beach only accessable by boat. The beach itself is situated at the very tip of the peninsula of baja mexico. One side of the beach faces the sea of cortez, and the other side faces the pacific. It is really neat to see the contrast between the two waters. The pacific side is just for show. You shouldn't swim there because the waves and under currents are insane. On the sea of cortez side of the beach, the waters are calm and beautiful. The boat will drop you off on this side.
They don't serve any drinks on this beach so it is advised you bring your own beers or whatever you like. I stopped by a local store on the way and picked up 9 coronas and they threw them into a bag full of ice for me. Nothing like drinking some coronas on a peaceful beach.. hence the commercials :)
You can bring your snorkel gear wtih you although I didn't do that here. It is just so nice.. i can't really say it in words.. just go there and trust me.
The boat ride will cost you about 4 dollars or so.

Feb 17, 2006


I would highly recommend that you check out the atv tour. There are several different ATV tours you can take which take you through various types of terrain. Some focus on beach only, some focus on desert, mountains, etc. In my case, I lucked out and took one that focused on a little bit of everything. This was probably the most memorable part of the trip for me. I started off in the desert near the mountains on the western side of the peninsula. We took a route through some dry riverbeds, mountains, and finally reached the beach on the pacific side of cabo. It was really neat to see this type of terrain and experience it on an atv.
Don't worry if you have never ridden an ATV before, they are very easy to ride and for the most part safe. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that when you get done with your tour, you will be covered in dust.. lots and lots of it!
Although safe, the atv ride is by no means boring. You can go about 40mph if you take it pretty hard. Once we reached our destination, the tour guide allows you to hang out at the beach to do whatever you want.. you can ride in the sand dunes, or just cruise around the beach. There are no tourists here as the water is not good for swimming and there are really no facilities to speak of here either.
The beach is also home to sea turtles. They have parts of the beach sectioned off so that the turtles can come and lay their eggs at night. Very neat.
You can really feel the rough waves of the pacific once you reach the beach. I really enjoyed this.

Feb 17, 2006

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The Arch

This natural arch is Cabo's most famous landmark. It's only accesible by boat so you can either take a sightseeing or whale watching tour or rent a kayak and paddle out here. Right by the arch is a...
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