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Cliff Divers Tips (15)

Cliff Divers

We were fortunate enough to get the perfect seat for the show. The cliff Divers are neat to watch and the show was not too long. If you are in Acapulco and have a chance to see them I would not pass it up in a second. After the show the divers will be standing on the ramp that takes you to the street signing autographs and taking pictures. Do not be too scared to ask for one like I was. :(

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Sep 13, 2013


Just outside the town of Acapulco on the hillside sits the La Perla Restaurant at the El Mirador Acapulco Hotel. The buffet is decent, but the view is why you have come here. Below sits a cliff, with four brave men, lining up to dive into the churning ocean water below. These Clavadistas of La Quebrada put on a diving show 5 times a day: 12:45 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 10:30 pm.

The dive is into a narrow, rocky channel and they must time the dive with the incoming waves to have enough water to leap into without hitting the bottom. They make it look easy, but it is very scary. muy macho, these fellows. It all takes place at the El Mirador Acapulco Hotel/La Perla.

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Aug 25, 2011

Cliff divers at Acapulco

The divers perform at 1 pm and at 7 pm. Taxi are plentiful and reasonable. They can take you to the viewing balconies and it costs only 3.5 USD (which comes with a Pepsi) to see the cliff divers from the balconies. Doing it in style, would be to have lunch at the Mirador Hotel La Perla Restaurant. Take your pick.

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Dec 01, 2008

An Acapulco must see.

No first time trip to Acapulco would be complete without taking in the famous Cliff Divers Show. Entry fee was about $3.50/each and included one bottled drink. We went to the early evening show at 7:30PM. There are two others, at 8:30 and 9:30PM, as well as one afternoon show at 12:15PM.

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Nov 16, 2008
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The Cliff Divers

This was the reason that I went to Acapulco. These crazy guys jump from the cliffs at 136 feet and plunge into the water that is only 9 1/2 feet deep. That's fricken crazy! My favorite part is that they pray to this shrine on the cliffs before they dive. This is really quite amazing because they don't just dive, but they do spins and flips as well. One guy did flips with flaming torches all the way to the sea. I thought that diving itself was impressive. See this.

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Aug 26, 2005

Cliff Divers - Clavadistas

The "Clavadistas" are the guys that jump from those huge cliffs in Acapulco. They are the symbol of the city.
Their presentations happens the whole day long, from 10:00am (I guess) until 9:00 pm.
I do recommend watching their jumps AT NIGHT since they jump holding a torch. It's very interesting although you can't see them actually entering the water, but you realise it happens when the fire of the torch is extinguished!
If you want t good place to watch it, you may need to pay a little, speacially to watch it from restaurants, but if you want to watch it for free, you may just move a little further from the cliff, you'll see the clavadista entering the water just perfectly.
Since I was on a budget, I didn't even bother about asking the price to watch it from a closer place.

But be warned: the whole thing takes like 5 minutes only!

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Jul 17, 2005

La Quebrada

To see the cliff divers was one of the rasons I decided to make a stop in Acapulco. They are one of the main atractions in Acapulco.
So, one of the first things I checked in Acapulco were the times when clavadistas performe. The first show was at 11.30 the other 4 later in the evening, staring at 19.30 and later. I've been told that show is spectacular during sunset, but I had to catch my bus so I want to see the first show. Normaly 3-4 divers perform, but this time 5 of them appeared. First: they were late, secondly: they were total show-offs, walking around like gods, thirdly: it took them very long to get ready to start the show, which was over very quickly. You'll notice that before they jump, divers pray in front of one of the two small shrines.

The show didn't impress me that much. Sure, it takes lots of courage and skills to jump and I give them respect for that. But it's nothing special. If you want to see the show and don't want to pay for the ticket (although it isn't that expensive - 15 pesos), you can get a good view from the other side of the cliff.

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Jun 15, 2005

Cliff Divers

I have been to this event many times and it still amazes me. If you like sit at the La Perla for drinks while you watch the divers. The diving begins at 7:30pm and I think ends at 10:30pm with diving with torches. After each dive the divers will come up thru the crowd to collect tips. They are great divers. World famous. Usually the 7:30pm is about the time sunset is happening. It is gorgeous. Must see for Acapulco

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Apr 19, 2005

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Mexican Cliffdivers

You can not miss the traditional cliffdivers of Acapulco. "La Quebrada"
Various shows are given through the day but the show in the evening is the best one.
"la quebrada are the cliffs from where the daring cliff divers of La Quebrada risk their lives every night. The divers climb to a height of 30 meters, pray at the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and dive off the cliff at the precise moment when the tide brings in the large waves!

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Dec 30, 2004

Acapulco Cliff Divers

Of course no trip to Acapulco would be compete with witnessing the famous cliff divers. We took a taxi from the strip to the far south end of the city and then up a steep hill to the hotel and scenic lookout drive. The scene is breathtaking. Huge high cliffs and crashing white ocean spray at the bases. The ocean is deep blue and a bit rough that day. This truly is a must see!

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Sep 01, 2004

Cliff Divers at La Quebrada

Definitely a must-see, a tourist-trap, and opportunity to meet other travelers all wrapped up in one. The activity is self-explanatory: there are divers off cliffs here. The make what is potentially very dangerous look very easy. Apparently over time, their spinal cords shorten or become crushed because of the pressure their bodies encounter when they dive into the in-roaring waves from such heights. The cliff diving is one must-see activity that Acapulco is known for at least in the tourism aspect.

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Jun 24, 2004

La Quebrada (Acapulco Cliff Divers)

We went to the famous La Quebrada, a beautiful scenery of natural cliffs where you can see fearless men plunge into the sea from heights up to 136ft. This is an indescribable spectacle. The fearless divers plunge 136 feet into the crashing pacific below, landing on a 9 1/2 foot deep inlet, it has since the 1940's been one of Mexico's famous attractions. You can see these divers in 2 areas, 1 from a restaurant which you can buy drinks and food while watching the divers and another one is a like a deck where you can pay about 1 dollar a person or so to watch and take videos. Definitely a must see in Acapulco, how can they dive that high in shallow water???? AMAZING!!!

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Feb 03, 2004

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