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Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00
El Meco and Puerto Juarez Private Photography Tour
"Your 4  private photography tour of Cancun will begin with pickup from your hotel in an air conditioned vehicle which will take you to El Meco Ruins. Nestled in a small jungle area on the other side of Cancun El Meco is a less busy but a beautiful site with a rich history and always full of a number of species such as iguanas and squirrel monkeys. During your tour of the ruins you will have the opportunity to discuss your photography goals with your g don't worry instead of photography training you will get a professional photo session during your tour.  You will receive all the photos taken by your photography guide during your tour in high resolution at no extra cost.  Following the archaeolog your professional guide will take you on a combination driving and walking tour through Puerto Juarez. You will have the opportunity to meet some locals  see the original fishing village that was Cancun before the rise of tourism and take some great street photography shots.   Your tour will lead you into Cancun's city center where your guide will highlight some of the major hotpots before taking you back to your hotel."
From $49.00
Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00

Hotel Zone Tips (21)

The hotel zone

Favorite thing Zona hotelera or the hotel zone lies about 10 km from the downtown area. The best way to get around is by bus, as distances can be a bit long. This is were most of the hotels and generally most of the life is. It is a long and narrow reef stretched along the mainland. On one side you have the beach facing the caribbean sea and on the other side is the lagoon.

North in the zone is the "party zone" where most of the action is. Here you can find many malls, restaurants, bars and discos.

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Nov 16, 2004

The creation of a holiday resort

Favorite thing In the late 60's a commitee was doing massive research to find a good place to build a holiday resort. After a while the choice fell on Cancun. They meant it was a perfect place mainly because of it's location, beaches and weather. In the mid-70's they started building, and some of the first hotels was financed by the mexican government.

After a while the place got very popular and the infrastructure around the Yucatán peninsula started getting better. Before this the peninsula had very little contact with the rest of the country. Roads were in bad condition and communications between the areas were poor. But this started to change as Cancun got more and more popular.

Today it is one of the most visited places in all of Mexico. Tourists mainly come from USA but also from the rest of the world. Some thinks it is too overdeveloped and others love it. But it is also a good base for exploring many of the great places around the peninsula.

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Nov 16, 2004

Beachfront paradise in Cancun

Favorite thing The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the easternmost points in Mexico. Cancun – is about 25 km of pristine white beaches shaped like a number "7". There are two possible translations of Cancún, based on the Mayan pronunciation kaan kun. The first translation is "nest of snakes." The second version and less accepted is "place of the gold snake."
The history of Cancun dates back to 1967 when the Mexican government, recognizing the importance of tourism to the country’s economic future, began a detailed search to pinpoint ideal sites for tourism development.

You can watch my 3 min 23 sec Video Sunrise in Cancun Great Parnassus Hotel out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

You can watch my photo of Cancun on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 21° 6' 40.27" N 86° 45' 52.25" W or on my Google Earth Panoramio Cancun 2.

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Jan 04, 2014

Avoid All-Inclusives???

Favorite thing A word on Cancun... The trend over the last 10 years at this destination has been an overwhelming number of all inclusive packages being offered by Hotels in the Hotel Zone.
While these offers are very attractive, I would recommend two things:
...understand that the resorts in the Hotel Zone are NOT located in a dangerous area. Many people are quick to categorize Cancun as a place located in a culturally rich and economically poor area of Mexico. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Indeed the vast majority of development along the Hotel Zone has been completed since 1990. Having said that, there are many who buy into an all inclusive and remain couped up in their hotel/resort for the duration of their stay, when the majority of the exicitement, nightlife, restaurants and other attractions are just minutes down the boulevard by bus or cab.
Don't be afraid to take a bus. They are cheap, safe and plentiful. I prefer a cab, but if this is your first trip, be sure to check with your concierge regarding reasonable cab fare rates to your destination.
Restaurants are much cheaper in town (Cancun Centro) and a bit more "authentic".
But then again, if you're looking for authentic Mexican culture, odds are you're not going to find it in this area of Mexico.
...if you do insist on going AI, do some research. There are many hotels that have attractive deals, but many still that don't deliver on their promises.

Fondest memory uhhh...huh huh. huh.

Aug 31, 2005
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Hotels Near Cancún

Av. Tankah 69, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico
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KM.20.5 , 77500
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Av. Sunyaxchen Lote 46 y 47, Mza 2 Supermanzana 25 CP, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 77509, Mexico
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Av Uxmal #21, Cancun, Quintana Roo, SM23 MZA 3, Mexico
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Avenida Yaxchilan 41, SM22, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico
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Street Cedro No. 40, Supermanzana 23, 77500
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Excellent map of the hotel zone

Favorite thing If you need help in selecting a hotel, this is a great map of the hotel zone

The Cancun hotel zone is shaped like a 7, hotels with addresses on Kukulcan from km 0 to km 8 are at the top of the 7 closer to downtown Cancun and the ferries to Isla Mujeres, hotels from km 8 to km 20 are on the bottom part of the 7 are closer to the airport and the Riveria Maya activities.

Hotels from km 8 to km 10 are on the bend of the 7, this is where many of the tourist oriented shops and restaurants are.

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Nov 21, 2004

...of the SUN! It...

Favorite thing DREAMING...

...of the SUN! It was an ON/OFF relationship with that golden disc and seemed each and everyone was someway under its power. When it came out of the cloud everyone rushed back to their sunbed in between rain-showers. I did that as well but it was real fun to watch people do it from my balcony.

Then one afternoon it started raining again - so it was back to the hotel room and shower. But it soon changed to a nasty tempest where the strong wind was throwing all sunbeds into the pool and surroundings. I didn't want to stay too close to the window in case some object should bump into it - I have never experienced such bad weather, it was extremely scary!

I was happy to go downstair to the lobby where happy-hour meant Frozen Strawberry Margaritas and many of them - at least today they were more than welcome *grin*!!

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Sep 12, 2002

A few nice buildings...

Favorite thing This is, according to me, a building that houses a few shops and a restaurant that will open till 2005 (called "ty-coz" or something like that)... I really liked it because it has a touch of typically Mexican colonial architecture, which isn't very common in Cancun!! I know it sounds ridiculous but the big and magnificent hotels you can find here usually have every kind of style except for Mexican. So I was glad to find a building that does look like Mexican, and which reminds you that you're in MEXICO!!!!

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Oct 06, 2006

The air was...

Favorite thing ALMOST RAINING...

The air was very warm and humid and due to that hurricane nearby very cloudy!

I only had a few days to spend in this very touristical resort (well, sometimes it's the easiest way that and wanted to use my time doing fairly nothing except sunbathing, some shopping, listening to some mariachis and tasting local delicacies!

Don't expect to see any pictures of pyramids, museums or other ancient vestiges - I didn't have the time nor the strenght to go this time :-)!!


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Sep 12, 2002
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"Paradise in the Carribean"
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"Spring Break 24/7/365"
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"Cancun Condo"
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"Cancun, Mexico"
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Caribbean Sea in Cancun

Favorite thing You can watch my 3 min 55 sec Video Cancun Great Parnassus Hotel Beach out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

You can watch my photo of Cancun on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 21° 4' 5.93" N 86° 46' 37.10" W or on my Google Earth Panoramio Great Parnassus Hotel Swimming Pool 3.

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Dec 31, 2013

You get the best deal out of...

Favorite thing You get the best deal out of doing an 'All-Inclusive' package with your hotel. With all the drinks and eats you can have included in the'll never have to leave the hotel!!

Fondest memory The Cabana boys!!

One can really know how to 'vacation' when you're staying at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Cancun.

You can sit poolside all day, and the staff caters to you! What other place can offer Tequila volleyball, beer guzzling contests, and Salsa lessons all in one area??

Rent a banana boat with some friends and see where the waves take you along the Yucatan coast!

Did I mention the Cabana boys???

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Aug 26, 2002

This was my first real trip in...

Favorite thing This was my first real trip in Mexico besides Tijuana or Rosarito, and I wasn't really impressed too much... Our hotel was beautiful and the water was nice, but it wasn't what I expected upon coming to Mexico: very touristy with huge hotels taking up all of the coastline. Most of the people we met there just seemed to be there for drinking ( a lot of young people) and were really pretty obnoxious. If you get out of the hotel zone though, you will find many other things to do: you can visit the Mayan ruins, or get to Cozumel and go scuba diving, or other water sports...

Sep 02, 2002

Map of Cancun

Fondest memory Cancun is divided into two areas - Downtown and the Hotel Zone (an island shaped like a '7'). The east side of the island has more waves than the north side, which is protected by Isla Mujeres...and during high tide some beaches may not be accessible. Staying at a hotel located in the northeast corner (near the convention center) will give you easy access within walking distance to some of the best clubs and restaurants in the area.
There are a number of shopping malls in the Hotel Zone, but you will find better prices downtown. Our favorite shopping mall in the hotel zone is the new La Isla Shopping Village.

Dec 09, 2002

Things to Do Near Cancún

Things to Do

Mercado 28

We arrived there by bus (Rte.2), and it took us some 10 minutes walk with sales guys along the way trying to sell us their stuff. The market itself was a huge disappointment, with products for sales...
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Things to Do


It was a package deal. The deal including cruising in a catamaran, snorkelling and half-day visits to Isla Mujeres plus lunch and drinks many as you want. At $70USD I thought it was worth it. We book...
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Things to Do

Swim with Dolphins

Are these tourists really that clueless about this dolphin swim? Guys, dolphin families are killed so you can swim with the left over prisoners. Get a clue and inform yourself before handing over...
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Things to Do

Coco Bongo

This place is a must visit, you'll find people from different ages, well from 18 yrs and up. there's no dress code so can wear anything you like jeans or dressit doesn't matter. This night club has...
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Things to Do

Playa Norte

This is a great beach for swimming. The water is calm and it seems like you can walk out forever in just waist deep water. The turquoise waters are unbelievable. There are many bars and restaurants...
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Getting to Cancún


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