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Private Cooking Master Class of Mexican Gourmet Cuisine and Markets Tour in Cancun
"After hotel pickup meet your professional guide and a personal chef Felipe Morales at Mercado 23 (Market 23) and start your tour by walking through the market and choosing the ingredients for a Mexican Gourmet lunch which you will prepare later in Felipe's restaurant ""Lu'um"".   As you explore Market 23 your guide will share with you the origin and history of the local ingredients you see around. After getting all the ingredients for lunch you will head to a restaurant where you will take part in a lunch cooking class. There
From $155.00
Private Cooking Master Class of Mexican Gourmet Cuisine and Markets Tour in Cancun
"After hotel pickup meet your professional guide and a personal chef Felipe Morales at Mercado 23 (Market 23) and start your tour by walking through the market and choosing the ingredients for a Mexican Gourmet lunch which you will prepare later in Felipe's restaurant ""Lu'um"".   As you explore Market 23 your guide will share with you the origin and history of the local ingredients you see around. After getting all the ingredients for lunch you will head to a restaurant where you will take part in a lunch cooking class. There
From $155.00
Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00

Beaches of Cancun Tips (19)

Cancún: umas férias dos sonhos

Cada vez que tenho a oportunidade, tento dar uma escapadinha para o Caribe, pois para mim não há lugar no mundo para se passar umas boas férias de frente para o mar. Já conheço os principais destinos mexicanos: Cancún, Playa del Carmen e Cozumel, também as ilhas de Aruba, Anguilla e San Andres e, mais recentemente, conheci, também na Colômbia, a cidade de Cartagena. Na maioria das vezes, fui com uma ou duas amigas sem nenhum pacote de viagem nem agências intermediando. Planejamos e compramos tudo pela internet, pois sempre gostei dessa independência.

Dessa vez, porém, fiz uma viagem inesperada, não com as mesmas amigas de sempre, mas com meu namorado que ainda não conhecia o Caribe. Como ele é mais tranquilo e a viagem era romântica, resolvemos fazer algo diferente do que eu estava acostumada e reservamos dez dias em um hotel all-inclusive em Cancún. Apesar de já conhecer a cidade e muitas outras do Caribe mexicano, foi uma experiência totalmente diferente e especial. Passamos esses dez dias totalmente relaxados sem preocupar onde, o que comer e, melhor ainda, aproveitando os melhores coquetéis de frutas tropicais que eram trazidos constantemente a nossa mesinha na praia. Nem precisávamos pisar na areia!

Confesso que tinha medo de ficar entediada, mas não tem como se sentir assim diante das águas cristalinas do Mar Caribe. Aproveitamos as férias para se conhecer e passar mais tempo juntos e também para relaxar, ler livros, curtir um spa e realmente esquecer dos problemas e das preocupações. Comemos as comidas mais diferentes possíveis e provamos novos sabores mexicanos que eu ainda não conhecia. Também tivemos a oportunidade de provar sucos, batidas e coquetéis de frutas cujos nomes eu nem lembro de tantas que eram, tudo isso sem se preocupar com nada. Umas verdadeiras férias dos sonhos!

andrecasabella88's Profile Photo
Nov 30, 2015

Small and crowded!

The majority of beaches in Cancun are long narrow strips filled with almost as many people as there is sand. There were more cigarette butts per square foot than a truck stop in Texas! Even though the beaches are tilled every night by the resorts the sand is still filled with things other than sand and shells. Granted I'm sure the beaches at the very upscale resorts may be nicer but for the most part this is an accurate description. Granted I have been spoiled by being able to have experienced many pristine beaches, but being that Playa Da Carmen and Tulum are just a hour and hour and half from Cancun its worth noting that their beaches are far nicer and less crowded. The farther you get away from Cancun the better the beaches are! However I will say the beaches of Cancun are a slight step above the public beaches of California, for whatever thats worth.

wilocrek's Profile Photo
Jan 05, 2008

They're soooo hot, yet not hot either....

Now, how could the beaches of Cancun be both hot and not hot at the same time? Very simple. You know one of the hottest things to do in Cancun is going to the beach. To swim, play in the surf, or just catch some rays. Where Cancun's beachs are not hot, is on your feet. You know how, when you walk on many beaches, you have to take baby steps while muttering "hot, hot, hot". You'll never do that in Cancun. Even under the hot Mexican sun, your tootsies stay nice and cool in the sand.

Cancun, and the entire Mayan Riviera, has plenty of good beaches. Most hotels on the "strip" have their own beaches right behind them, and they'll have plenty of beach chairs for you. The water's always nice and comfortable, though the undertow was kinda nasty when I was there (maybe because there was a tropical depression in Texas at the time). Watch the flags on the beach - if they're red or black, be careful out there.

If you're a beach person, get out there and enjoy - I'm sure you'll find a beach you'll love.

spgood301's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2007

Grab a cabana and enjoy the beach

With our room we were assigned a beach cabana for our personal use. The Cabanas are a great way to spend time on the beach without getting too much sun exposure. The cabanas were made from plastic believe it or not but they were made to look like rough hewn timbers. On this frame were muslin curtains that you could draw together for privacy while you relaxed on the thick pad and bolsters which were big enough for two people to share. We were ocean front and had a cabana attendant who brought us cold towels, cool drinks books and sunscreen if you needed it.

Not all rooms were assigned a cabana, but the resort was not terribly busy so guests were able to take advantage of the beach cabanas with out having to pay for the use of it.

The beaches are open to all people not just the guests. Many of the hotels try to discourage people who are not paying guests from using the beach. During the low season this does not seem to be a problem but I bet during the peak season this is a problem. The hotels must provided beach access to non paying guests.

keida84's Profile Photo
Jun 13, 2007
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best beach in cancun area: blue and calm

personally i like beaches with calm water, no waves. the beaches on top of the '7' around intercontinental, are the best ones, because of lady island blocks waves. they are a bit hard to get to since most of them seperateed by privated properties and hotels.

siver's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2007

The Cancun Beaches are Back!

Finally several months after Wilma, most of the beaches are back to normal or even better in the "hotel zone". If you are going to one of the "public beaches", just watch out for sharp shells & rocks that washed up after the huriccane. I think these beaches are some of the best in the world, and would recommend if you are staying at a hotel on the "bay side" definately take a trip to a beach on the east sea side. Playa Choc Mool is a nice, quiet beach located accross the street from Sr. Frogs. (Km 9.5 in hotel zone) Playa Del Fines, located next to the Caesar Park hotel is another beautiful beach (Km 17 Hotel zone). Have fun and enjoy this beautiful place!

fire00starter's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2006

The beach, of course!

Can Cun is most famous for its transparent waters, its soft sandy beaches, the warmth of its waters. Even if the hotel zone and its beaches are man made, they are truly spectacular... when there isn't a hurracaine passing by.

cfuentesm's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2005

Beautiful White sand beaches

OK, so even though I'm really not a fan of Cancun's hotel Zone and what it's been turned into, I'm forced to admit that the spot chosen to build this artificial city is beautiful..

So even if like me, the mere mention of Cancun makes you shudder, get up early, while all the AI are having breakfast, walk through a hotel lobby as if you were one of their guests and go down to the beach before the crowds.. and don't forget your swim suit.. I thought. just have a look, but when the crystal blue water laps up your legs, you really just want to dive in!

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Nov 03, 2005
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"Paradise in the Carribean"
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"Spring Break 24/7/365"
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"Cancun Condo"
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"Cancun, Mexico"
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Try something different: beach cricket

If you're from Australia, you'll know beach cricket is a sacred institution, played by the masses on hot summer days by large groups of people who don't even know each other. It's a great way to meet people and develop a sense of community.

What's this got to do with Cancun? Well, who says you can't do it here either?

After downing a few ales, we grabbed bat and ball and headed down to the beach to try to spark up a game of beach cricket. Unsurprisingly, we managed to attract a few curious onlookers, who - after being taught the rules - got stuck right in.

Its not something you'd typically think of doing in Mexico, but we met a few people and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes, thinking outside the box yields the greatest results.

Sep 29, 2005


If you're in Cancun, there are two things you need to do: check out the night life and check out the beaches. Mexican law states that all beaches are public property, so even if a section is attached to a hotel or resort, you have every right to stroll over to it and soak up the sun. If walking through hotel lobbies isn't your thing, there are a few stretches that are accessable from the road.

Once you're there, do whatever you do at the beach! Swim, sunbake, read, build a sand castle, whatever... go nuts!

Sep 29, 2005


The more boats and jet skis on the water the higher the waves get. Generally the waters here are still calmer than on the other side of Mexico. Don't be surprised if you see your self swimming amongst other fish.

iam1wthee's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2005

Go Topless

I was really nervous to go topless for the first time, but hey everyone else was doing it. I almost looked silly wearing a top. It was really weird at first but after the intial shock it was wonderful and refreshing. Well all except for the nasty old amercian guy walking up and down the beach asking if he could takes pictures. Everyone should try it at least once

Moustique's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2005

Things to Do Near Cancún

Things to Do

Mercado 28

We arrived there by bus (Rte.2), and it took us some 10 minutes walk with sales guys along the way trying to sell us their stuff. The market itself was a huge disappointment, with products for sales...
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It was a package deal. The deal including cruising in a catamaran, snorkelling and half-day visits to Isla Mujeres plus lunch and drinks many as you want. At $70USD I thought it was worth it. We book...
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Swim with Dolphins

Are these tourists really that clueless about this dolphin swim? Guys, dolphin families are killed so you can swim with the left over prisoners. Get a clue and inform yourself before handing over...
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Coco Bongo

This place is a must visit, you'll find people from different ages, well from 18 yrs and up. there's no dress code so can wear anything you like jeans or dressit doesn't matter. This night club has...
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Playa Norte

This is a great beach for swimming. The water is calm and it seems like you can walk out forever in just waist deep water. The turquoise waters are unbelievable. There are many bars and restaurants...
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